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carl broadbent

Thanks for visiting our pet website Hutch & Cage. My name is Carl and I’m Dad to 3 lovely children who are all crazy mad pet lovers.

We love all sorts of animals but have a passion for two types. Smaller pets that live in hutches and cages and tropical fish.

This website has been created to help anyone thinking of buying a small pet or anyone needing some advice for their current pet. We have assembled a very experienced team of authors from within the pet industry. Some are vets, we also have some pet breeders and others are experienced pet owners.

Myself Carl: I have kept pets all my life and owned my own tropical fish store for many years. I don’t have the shop anymore due to family commitments ( 3 Children, say no more ) but still own and run a very popular tropical fish website. Fishkeeping forever.com Feel free to check it out.

My love for pets is growing stronger and I decided to write about them after one of my youngest boys asked me a question about an animal and I gave him the answer straight away He replied ‘ You know everything about pets’ No, I replied but I do know a lot of pet information. Hence, Hutch and Cage came about.

Here is an example of my writing.

Joanne: Jo, is a fantastic pet writer/blogger and writes professionally for many websites and magazines. She is currently building a pond in her front garden and is looking forward to owning a Gerbil after writing some recent articles on them which get her hooked!

Here is an example of Jo’s writing skills.

Jean: Jean is an up and coming young pet blogger who has a passion for writing about pets. She has been featured in many pet publications and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team. She’s also a chocolate fan!

Here is an example of her work.

Stephanie: Steph is a writer of both non-fiction and fantasy. She also loves to spend time out in nature, lift at the gym/box, draw, write poetry, and bake. This wonderful young blogger is making a name for herself in the pet blogging world!

Read an example of her work here.

Sara: Sara is a small pet vet and has a fantastic pet knowledge both in the care sector and medical sector. She writes most of our pet care guides and medical information and is our goto writer for all pet health questions.

Now that you have met our team. We hope you enjoy our pet website dedicated to all pets that live in Hutches and Cages.

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