group of gerbils

Why Do Gerbils Kill Each Other?

Yes, that teeny-tiny tidbit of information your pet store employee dropped while you’re picking out a gerbil is true. Gerbils can kill each other. But why do gerbils kill each other? In short, gerbils can kill each other because there is nowhere for the victim to escape a fight. Fights happen all the time with […]

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Where do Gerbils Come From? 1

Where do Gerbils Come From?

It’s pretty interesting learning about how your pets became a domesticated animal that was once only a wild animal. We’re all familiar with the idea that household dogs are domesticated wolves, but where do gerbils come from? Gerbils originated in Asia and Africa. The most popular gerbil was found in a steppe in Mongolia, was […]

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Why Do Gerbils Thump Their Feet? 2

Why Do Gerbils Thump Their Feet?

It can be pretty scary watching your gerbil stand on their back legs and make loud sounds when they jump. It can get scarier when the entire cage starts doing it, but you don’t understand why. Why do gerbils thump their feet? The main reason gerbils thump their feet is to warn other gerbils about […]

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Do Gerbils Need A Wheel?

Do Gerbils Need A Wheel? ( Read before buying one )

Setting up an enclosure for a new pet is exciting! You probably already know the basics; food dish, water bottle, bedding, and shelters, but what about a wheel? Do gerbils need a wheel? Yes, gerbils need a lot of exercise, and a wheel is an easy way to get them active. It’s important to buy […]

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Gerbil Size vs Hamster Size

Gerbil Size vs Hamster Size ( List of Rodent Sizes )

Knowing the size of a pet is a very important piece of information before you adopt a new friend. So many people buy dogs based on a size that suits their lifestyle, but what about on a smaller scale? What is the size difference between a hamster and a gerbil? Hamsters, in general, are larger […]

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gerbil vs mouse

Gerbil vs Mouse: Which is the Best Pet?

Choosing the right pet is hard, and it becomes a harder choice when you aren’t sure what the difference is between animals. Gerbils and mice, for example, seem like they’d be the same sort of pet. Here we’ll help you decide which is the best pet, a gerbil or a mouse? It’s not an answer […]

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pet store

How Much Do Gerbils Cost? ( Complete breakdown )

Gerbils are relatively cheap pets. Even with all of their shelters, bedding,  toys, and food they are still much cheaper than a dog, cat, bird, or serpent. Well, how much do gerbils cost? Gerbils themselves cost between $5 and $40 each. The initial cost for everything you need can be anywhere from $200 to $250, […]

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two gerbils

Common Gerbil Allergy Symptoms

Keeping your pet gerbils healthy and safe is the number one responsibility you have as a pet owner. Knowing what symptoms to look for is a great place to start. What are the common gerbil allergy symptoms? Gerbils have allergies just like humans. Signs of allergies can include a runny nose, coughing, and sneezing. While […]

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buying a pet mouse

Cost To Buy Pet Mice? ( Monthly Cost Breakdown )

If you have a small space but you’re looking for a pet, mice are great. They are social, easy to train and don’t make big messes. Before you buy a mouse, you should know how much you’ll be spending on them. How much does it cost to buy a mouse? The upfront costs and monthly […]

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cockatiel sleeping on a perch

Can Cockatiels Sleep On Their Perch?

The most common questions new bird owners have are about the sleeping positions of cockatiels. It’s completely natural to question the peculiar sleeping positions of these little birds.  They seem to like their perches, but can cockatiels sleep on their perch? Yes! In fact, many cockatiels prefer to sleep on a perch because their instincts […]

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pet mice

Do Pet Mice Bite? ( Should you be worried )

Mice have large front teeth, and they look like they can do quite a bit of damage. You know you should be taking your mouse out of their cage every so often, but can you risk it? Do pet mice bite? No, a pet mouse will not bite. They are incredibly friendly animals and want […]

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two cockatiels

Do Cockatiels Need a Companion?

All pets need different levels of companionship. Some need constant attention, some prefer to not have any. Do birds need a companion, or more precisely, do cockatiels need a companion? Cockatiels are very social birds and they need a companion. That companion can either be the pet owner or another bird. If a cockatiel is […]

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