Baby Rabbit Pellets (Buyers Guide) 2022

Baby Rabbit Pellets

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Are you looking for the best pellet food for young rabbits?

The best pellets to feed a baby rabbit are ones that have been specially formulated with their needs in mind. These pellets should be high in fiber, low in protein, and contain plenty of calcium and other minerals.

They should also not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Baby rabbits need more than just hay, so make sure they get all the nutrients they need from their diet as well!

Feeding your bunny a good quality pellet will help them grow up strong and healthy – which is why it’s important to choose wisely when picking out what kind of pellets to buy.

Make sure you’re feeding your bunny something nutritious by choosing one of these top-rated brands below!

Our Top 5 Recommended Pellets

Best Online Seller

[amazon box=”B00494HWUE” button_text=”Find price on Amazon” title=”Oxbow Essentials Rabbit Food” description=”Oxbow Essentials provides young rabbits with high-quality, vital nutrients to aid in physical development and healthy digestion. Young rabbit pellets have a consistent size that promotes good dental hygiene and an even distribution of nutrients to promote optimum health. Fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimum health, this feed also includes balanced protein sources for gradual transition from nursing to adult food or as supplemental nourishment between meals”]

Timothy Based Pellets

[amazon box=”B00ID70IFY” button_text=”Find price on Amazon” title=”Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets” description=”Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets are the top choice of many veterinarians and caring rabbit owners across the country. They cater to all levels of bunny owners with a high fiber, timothy hay-based food that is fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals your rabbit needs to thrive. Milled in small batches in Southern California and shipped directly from Amazon to ensure freshness, you can be sure that our pellets will always be perfect for young rabbits. This family has been producing quality rabbit produce for over 60 years!”]

All Natural Rabbit Pellets

[amazon box=”B074J6ZT54″ button_text=”Find price on Amazon” title=”Modesto Milling Organic Rabbit Pellets” description=”For the youngest members of your rabbit family, these pellets from Modesto Milling are the perfect diet. These evenly sized morsels make for an effective complete and balanced diet for rabbits one month old or under. They consist of protein-rich organic materials, healthy fruits and vegetables as well as a mixture of superfoods to keep even the most finicky bunny satisfied!”]

Editors Choice

[amazon box=”B07QD5X7WY” button_text=”Find price on Amazon” title=”SCIENCE Selective Supreme Junior Rabbit Food” description=”SCIENCE Selective Supreme has been designed to promote health & vigor for your small pet. It is a complete dietary food with all the required macro and micronutrients proven necessary for achieving optimum health. SCIENCE SELECTIVE SUPREME contains only premium animal proteins, natural flavors, and ingredients like fresh fruit & vegetables, wheat germ meal, rice bran & oat bran. Providing your small pet with an optimum diet will help ensure that they are at their best- any time of year.”]

High Fiber Pellets

[amazon box=”B00176GGNG” button_text=” Find price on Amazon” title=”Sunseed Vita Prima Young Rabbit Formula” description=” Sunseed Vita Prima is specially formulated to provide the nutrients your young rabbit needs. Sunseed Vita Prima contains natural ingredients beneficial for a healthy diet and supplements vitamins and minerals that are not normally present in rabbits’ food, encouraging digestive health in young rabbits.
Sunseed Vita Prima Young Rabbit Formula also features anti-caking agents designed to help minimize selective feeding”]

Buyers Guide

Nothing is as exciting as posting pictures of your baby rabbit on photo-centric social networks, such as Instagram or Pinterest.

To do this, however, you need to ensure that your pet gets an adequate and balanced diet. 

Baby Rabbit Pellets

Owning a pet rabbit is a rewarding experience. Bunnies are exciting and friendly, and more importantly, easy to pet.

Also, rabbits are safe and get along well with other pets like cats and dogs. 

That said, taking care of rabbits is not an easy task. Besides food, you need to ensure that they have a comfortable home and give attention to them. 

Rabbits are fragile and have overly sensitive digestive systems, which is why you need to book regular vet appointments. 

How to Choose the Best Rabbit Pellets

You have to research extensively before settling for a bag of pellets for your baby rabbit. 

The internet has multiple options, and it can be quite confusing for a layperson to choose the right one. 

This article discusses the factors you need to consider when shopping for rabbit pellets.

purchasing rabbit food


Before anything, you need to consider the quality of pellets. The quality of a pellet mostly depends on its nutrient composition. 

If you want to know what a particular packet of pellets contains, look at its packaging.

Moreover, all pellets should have a similar appearance, size, and shape.

Age of the Rabbit

The age of your bunny is an essential factor when purchasing pellets.

As expected, younger rabbits, also known as kittens, cannot consume the same food as mature rabbits

This is because their dental formula doesn’t allow them to chew as efficiently as their older counterparts.

As a result, they are more susceptible to tooth damage.

The best meal for baby rabbits is milk. If you have to introduce something different, give them foods that contain broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, chard, spinach, radish, and tomato, etc. the objective is to give them veggies with a high percentage of water.

Breed of the Rabbit

Rabbit breeds vary in behaviour and size: this is why their diet requirements often differ. 

For instance, more active bunnies need more food than the less active ones.

Besides this, you also need to consult your vet before finding the best food for your pet.

rabbit flakes

All rabbits need food and water, regardless of the breed.

That said, it is wise to adapt the foods you buy to your pet’s preferences to reduce the risk of digestive and morphological issues. 

Generally, if your rabbit is overly active or thin, it requires more hay. If it is old and inactive, the best resort is feeding it less hay.


The smartest way of determining how much your bunny eats daily is by providing one tablespoon per two pounds (one kilogram) of weight.  

Notably, this doesn’t apply to every breed – there are some variants that need you to consult a vet, especially if your bunny is experiencing some health issues.

Rabbits are delicate in nature, meaning that you should treat them with care.

Although you can occasionally avoid giving your cats and dogs their dose, the same doesn’t apply to rabbits. 

If you fail to get the right dosage, your furry friend is likely to experience complications.

Keep in mind that the recommendations on food packages are not always accurate.

Size and Consistency

The type of rabbit you have also determines the right size of pellet it needs.

Precisely, a young rabbit doesn’t have the same biting power as an adult. 

rabbit food

For this reason, you also need to consider the texture of the pellets and how fast your pet can break them down. 

It is also wise to purchase a bag that has consistent pellet size, such that your kittens don’t have a hard time when chewing.


Like other animal supplies, it is vital to assess the constituents of your pet’s feed before you purchase it. 

Ensure that the ingredients in the product you buy are not potentially harmful to your pet. 

For a layperson, it can be challenging to identify a product with the right ingredients. If you find yourself in such a situation, please talk to your vet.

User Reviews

It is always important to look at the opinions of previous clients before purchasing any product, including rabbit pellets. 

A lot of positive reviews is an indicator that the product is reliable, while negative comments show that a product isn’t great.

That said, it is always commendable to buy pellets that suit your pet’s health.

Proper Nutrition

Unlike wild hares, pet rabbits usually have limited roaming space.

Consequently, they don’t get adequate nutrients and are more likely to suffer from malnutrition. 

When shopping for rabbit pellets, ensure that they meet the minimum nutritional requirements. 

More specifically, the feeds should have carbs for energy and proteins for muscle building.


Rabbit pellets are usually inexpensive, but vets recommend considering this factor when shopping. This particularly applies to commercial farmers.

It is worth noting that the cost of rabbit pellets depends on multiple factors, such as nutrient composition, brand reputation, product quality, etc.

To avoid overspending, always look at reviews from previous clients.


Packaging is perhaps the most overlooked factor when purchasing rabbit pellets, and this is understandable. 

The box that contains your pet’s food should be easy to open and use.

Final Thoughts

Baby rabbits are adorable, but finding the right food for them can be quite challenging. You need to consider the breed and the unique taste of your pet. 

As described in this article, every bunny has its needs and preferences.

This is why you need to monitor the physical appearance of your pet and ensure that it remains active by exercising it frequently.

Rabbits are not excellent at weight control – if you don’t regulate how much they eat, they always end up being obese. 

Moreover, their fast tooth growth also leads to conditions like dental malocclusion, dislocation, and infections by bad bite. 

Congenital defects are also common among bunnies, which is why you need to book regular appointments with your vet.

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