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As a pet rabbit owner, getting one of the best outdoor rabbit hutches is essential. Unlike the indoor cage, outdoor hutches allow the rabbits to enjoy the fresh air. Many owners consider building their hutches. Though it is a good idea, considering the pre-made hutches is a better one. These hutches are a safe sleeping area from predators and the weather. Also, they are easy to set up and come with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

However, space is vital for the rabbit’s wellbeing. The rabbits need free-roaming space and grass to play on. Rabbits like to jump and need height. So, these hutches are only suitable for sleeping, and the rabbit must be let out daily to exercise and play. Hence, you should consider getting a rabbit run as an addition to your outdoor hutch.

In this regard, we researched and tested most of the rabbit hutches and developed a detailed review of our top picks.

Here are the TOP 7 we reviewed

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Why buy an outdoor rabbit hutch?

For some people, staying with your bunny inside is the best idea. While this is so, it denies the rabbit an awesome outdoor experience. Rabbits love jumping, hopping, and running. These activities enhance their health and relaxation.

While you might have an indoor cage, your interior space may limit such activities. In this case, buying an outdoor rabbit hutch will be a perfect idea. Most outdoor pens feature lockable and easy to open doors. So, you’ll have adequate time with your bunny when you need a close friend.

Besides, the outdoor hutch comes with additional space for your rabbit. The hutch provides an opportunity for the rabbit to enjoy fresh and clean air. As you may know, keeping the rabbit indoors for a long duration comes with a handful of health issues.

rabbit in a hutch

Apart from this, rabbits live in grassland and other ecosystems. To keep them in a sassy and comfortable mood, you need to create a similar or equivalent habitat. Your interior space may not be enough for this purpose. For this reason, buying an outdoor hutch for your rabbits is an excellent idea. The cage enables you to create a cozy habitat for them. This way, you guarantee them freedom and opportunity to exercise.

Sometimes, you may consider a DIY hutch. While it might sound like a good idea, it might be costly in the long run. The person you hire might not have the right skills to design a perfect outdoor hutch. Buying a cage comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of its quality and durability.

Also, it saves you time from engaging an unskilled workforce who have zero knowledge of pets. So, purchasing an outdoor rabbit hutch offers a cozy habitat for your bunny and saves you money while delivering value for it.

What size should you buy?

The outdoor rabbit hutches are available in different sizes. The size of the hutch you should buy will depend on several aspects. The first thing is the size of the rabbits you want to house in it. As you know, there are different types of rabbit breeds. Some breeds such as Dwarf Lops are small.

Other breeds such as the Flemish Giant and Lionheads are large. The large breeds will require more space compared to the small ones. So, the rabbit size will replicate the size of the hutch you should buy.

The second aspect is the number of rabbits that you will keep in it. Certainly, you cannot keep 3 to 4 rabbits in a hutch suitable for one. The cage should offer adequate space for each rabbit to run and jump around effectively.

eglu rabbit hutch
This is the Eglu Rabbit hutch by Omlet- Click here for the latest prices

Also, the adequate space for 4 dwarf lops will not be fit for the same number of Flemish giants. As such, consider the number and breed of the rabbits you will house in a hutch when determining the right size to purchase.

Another thing to determine the size of the hutch you should buy is the installation site. If you have a small space in your backyard, you cannot go for a giant size hutch. Your hutch should be equivalent to the installation space.

Nonetheless, if you have adequate space, the larger the hutch, the better. A large-sized cage will always make your bunny happier by providing them with a spacious area for roaming and hoping.

Types of material for outdoor hutch

When purchasing an outdoor hutch, it is crucial to consider the material used in crafting it. The kind of content for the cage determines its durability. Generally, hutch construction uses different types of materials on its frames, roofing, bottom, and walls. The basic materials you will find in a hutch are:


Wood is the primary material in many hutches. In particular, a large number of cages use Pine, Fir, Cypress or Finnish wood as the crafting material. These types of wood are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The manufacturers use paint to make the wood pest resistant and reduce/eliminate fungus.

However, you should ensure that the paint used is non-toxic. Anything toxic can kill your bunny, considering that they will chew the wood if they lack something to eat.    

Wire mesh or netted wire

Ventilation is crucial for rabbits. These small pets need to enjoy clean and fresh air. Also, you need an opportunity to view your pet. The manufacturers understand this aspect. For this reason, most hutches come with a wire mesh screen.

Nonetheless, you should ensure that the wire mesh is of high-quality. A premium and galvanized wire is the perfect choice for enhancing the security of your bunny. Alternatively, you can use a netted wire. But, you will need to add extra security elements to protect your rabbit from the predators. Always ensure the mesh is sturdy and has zero flimsy.  

Plastic or metal tray

The hutch trays are essential components. As such, the material used to make them is crucial to consider. Some hutches use plastic as the tray pan material while others opt for metallic ones. Plastic is a good idea as it is durable and non-corrosive. However, it can crack easily, particularly when you house large rabbits in your cage. Also, it can pose some cleaning challenges.

The metal trays are easy to clean and can last longer. However, they can easily rust. Also, the rabbit urine is acidic and can damage the metal. Another thing is that they can be a bad idea for cold areas.  

Asphalt for roofing

Since your hutches will remain outdoors, the roofing material is crucial. One of the common roofing material is the asphalt composite. This material is durable, weather resistant, and waterproof. So, your rabbits will be safe from rain and hot sun. Also, it is UV resistant, meaning your bunnies will not suffer the effects of UV rays.

TOP 7 Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

7. Lovupet 2 Story

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2023 | TOP 7 Reviewed 1

This hutch stands out as one of the most durable and sturdy hutches in the market. Lovupet features a premium natural fir wood and steel construction. Also, it is anti-corrosion, and waterproof thanks to the non-toxic and eco-friendly vanish paint. With this, you can be sure that it will serve you for a longer duration and stand the harsh weather conditions.

Besides, it is spacious. The hutch has two stores, each with a living and sleeping area. So, your rabbit will have enough space for resting and privacy. The hutch also has removable trays for easy cleaning and multiple doors that allow easy access to your pet.

✅ What we liked

  • Sturdy and durable construction that makes it safe for your rabbit
  • Easy to clean due to the removable trays
  • Multiple doors and separate living and sleeping spaces
  • Allows easy access to your pet

❌ What could be better

  • Hard to assemble due to lack of pre-drilled screw holes
  • It has a terrible smell. So, it requires sometime before you put your rabbit in it.

6. Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2023 | TOP 7 Reviewed 2

Certainly, your rabbit needs enough space to play and refresh. This hutch provides what your rabbit needs to be happy and healthy. It’s two-storied: the lower one for playing and the upper one for sleeping. The cage has a run that allows your rabbit to jump up and down.  

The unique aspect of this hutch is the removable feature. You can separate it into two cages. So, it can serve as an indoor and outdoor hutches. Furthermore, it is spacious, allowing you to keep two or more bunnies. Apart from this, the cages come with chewing toys and a metal feeder. These elements relieve your pets from boredom.  

✅ What we liked

  • Spacious and large allowing rabbits to play
  • Multipurpose thanks to the removable ability
  • UV proof panel and a waterproof roof that keeps away rain and UV rays
  • Made of high quality and sturdy materials

❌ What could be better

  • It is hard to clean due to small doors.
  • The wood is very soft. So, the bunny can easily chew them.

5. PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2023 | TOP 7 Reviewed 3

If you’re seeking to enhance your rabbits’ comfort, PURLOVE is an excellent choice. This hutch features a cottage-style design offering adequate space for your pet to explore and roam.

The first floor has a rabbit-safe powder coated wire mesh panels with borders made of Cypress Fir wood. This construction provides superb and well-ventilated space as well as fresh air to your pet. Also, it allows you to view your pet without disturbing it.

The second floor is spacious and well-insulated for enhanced comfort and privacy for your pet. Besides, it comes with removable metal pans for easy cleaning. The sturdy ramp that connects first and second story provides an excellent run for your rabbits.

✅ What we liked

  • Well-ventilated for fresh and clean air to your pets
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious and enhanced comfort
  • Double roof designed

❌ What could be better

  • The pan trays are not deep enough.
  • No mesh at the bottom, which would be a good thing for the rabbits

4. PawHut 48″ 2-Story Elevated Hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2023 | TOP 7 Reviewed 4

If you’re looking for a rabbit starter kit, PawHut 48-inch is a perfect pick. This 2 story hutch provides sleeping and play space in each store. Your rabbit will have an open area that features a meshed panel and a resting place that is enclosed.

Besides, it has an asphalt roof and is made of fir wood. This aspect makes it weather resistant, waterproof, and durable. The cage has multiple doors for easy access to your pet and removable trays for easy cleaning of the interior space. It is also compact, making it an ideal choice for you if you have limited space.

✅ What we liked

  • Compact design for small backyard spaces
  • Durable, water and weather resistant
  • Mesh panel for fresh air and easy viewing of your pet

❌ What could be better

  • The wood is soft, and the rabbit can chew it.
  • Lacks guiding holes for screws.

3. PawHut 62″ Outdoor Hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2023 | TOP 7 Reviewed 5

Is portability and keeping your rabbit safe while outdoor your priority? If so, PawHut 62 is your ultimate solution. The outdoor hutch features a compact design and wired screens that make it lightweight. Also, these elements provide adequate ventilation and protection for your pet while outdoors. 

Good to note is that it comes with a detachable outdoor run. So, your pet will enjoy climbing up and down. Besides, it has an enclosed space for your pet resting and sleeping. Fir wood construction makes it sturdy and durable. Plus, the non-toxic water-based painting makes this cage a safe habitat for your bunny.

✅ What we liked

  • Suitable for people with compact backyard space
  • Detachable outdoor run that enhances the rabbit playing experience
  • Mesh wire screens that boost ventilation and flow of fresh and clean air

❌ What could be better

  • It lacks wire over the bottom drawers. So, the rabbit has to stand on their waste.

2. Tangkula Large 58‘’ Outdoor Hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2023 | TOP 7 Reviewed 6

This hutch is stable and sturdy thanks to the solid fir wood construction. It is one of the best outdoor rabbit hutches that can house poultry and other pets. The cage is spacious with adequate sleeping and running area. For enhanced comfort and freedom, this playpen has a waterproof roofing and green asphalt composite on the upper part. The sides feature high-quality galvanized wire assuring complete protection of your bunnies from predators.

Also, this element ensures excellent ventilation for superb circulation of fresh air in the cage. So, your rabbit will enjoy a cozy environment that promotes its wellbeing. Plus, it comes with a strong ladder enabling the rabbits to move up and down without any issues.

✅ What we liked

  • Spacious and cozy running and sleeping areas
  • Sturdy and durable due to high-quality construction material.
  • Suitable for multipurpose uses

❌ What could be better

  • Only suitable for small size bunnies

1. Lovupet 43″ Hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2023 | TOP 7 Reviewed 7

This hutch stood out as the overall best outdoor rabbit hutch in our list. The hutch is made to last. It has a solid fir wood construction and weather and waterproof asphalt roofing. It features a 2-floor design with a spacious lower floor and elevated living room. Plus, it has a ramp ladder that allows the rabbits to jump up and down easily. So, your bunny will have adequate space to play and exercise.

With in-built sliding trays and openable rooftop, this hutch is easy to clean. Also, it has lockable doors and sprays wire on the downstairs areas. Hence, your bunnies are always safe from any predictors.    

✅ What we liked

  • The sturdy construction
  • Superb two-floor design
  • Lockable doors that enhance the bunnies safety

❌ What could be better

  • Lacks insulation making it unsuitable for cold weather.

Important Features to Consider

With many manufacturers offering playpens, getting the best outdoor rabbit hutches is not an easy task. There are both genuine dealers who keep their promises by providing high-quality hutches. Similarly, you will come along rogue sellers whose objective is to make a profit. These sellers offer low-quality hutches but won’t disclose such information to you.

For this reason, you need to be conscious while buying a hutch for your bunny. Otherwise, you can end up with a handful of regrets and losses.

The best way to pick a perfect outdoor rabbit hutch is by considering its features. Here are some of the crucial elements to look for:

Protect against bad weather

Your bunnies need protection against bad weather. Thus, the hutch needs covering or positioning out of wind and rain and extreme cold. The protection starts with the construction material used to craft the hutch.

Most outdoor cages use a thin plastic sheet on the front to protect the rabbits at night. Ensure your hutch has a weatherproof roofing that is water-resistant. Hutches made from painted woods such as pine, Finnish, and fir will always come in handy in protecting your pet.

Some of the best outdoor rabbit hutches feature an asphalt roofing. This material is not only waterproof and weather resistant but also protects your bunny from UV rays.

So, ensure the construction of the hutch can withstand harsh weather conditions before ordering one. Plus, consider cages with interior insulators. These hutches make an excellent outdoor habitat for the rabbit even in cold climate areas.

Rabbit Runs & Free Roaming

As you know, space is vital for rabbits. They enjoy hopping and jumping from one level to the other. Your outdoor hutches of choice should provide adequate space for this purpose. In other words, they should feature rabbit runs and roaming area.

Remember that free-roaming is great, but predators can swoop down from the sky. So, only free roam if you’re watching them. However, you can consider hutches that feature rabbit runs with wire mesh panels. Such hutches guarantee freedom and comfort for your rabbits while keeping the predators at bay. The runs also ensure your rabbit gets clean air that enhances its growth.

So, do not be blind when choosing a hutch. Always ensure it has an adequate roaming area and one that keeps your bunnies safe all the time.

outdoor rabbit run
This is the incredible and safe rabbit run by Omlet – Latest Prices

Best Rabbit Runs

As stated many times above, space is critical for rabbits. They need space to run up and down. While your backyard space may be adequate for them, you need to keep a keen eye on the rabbits. Otherwise, they will run away and become prey for the predators. Here is where the rabbit runs become important.

Rabbit runs are extra outdoor spaces for your bunnies to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. The runs provide rabbits with adequate space to hop, jump and run. When searching for the best rabbit runs, consider secure ones. These runs should feature wire-styled screens for the proper flow of fresh air.

Also, they should be extendable in all areas (length, width, and height) to accommodate any rabbit breed. A detachable run will also add an extra advantage to you. Plus, a hutch with mesh on the floor is an excellent idea as it prevents diggers from making tunnels. So, check these aspects when picking a rabbit run for your bunny.  

Editors Choice

The Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch is perfect for keeping pet bunnies in the garden safely. With a plastic rabbit house and secure rabbit run in one, this Eglu is ideal for housing two medium-sized rabbits.

The hutch is easy to clean and insulated, making it perfect for all-year use and rabbits will love being able to hop in and out of the fox-resistant run as they please.

rabbit hutch
This is the Eglu Hutch. Easy to assemble and easy to clean

Final thoughs

Keeping a rabbit as a pet requires you to offer it a cozy and habitable home. A rabbit’s cage should allow it to enjoy innate exercises which involve jumping, hopping, and running. In addition, you will need to protect your furry friend from predators since it’s a prey animal.

Our favorite pick is the Tangkula Large 58‘’ Outdoor Hutch. It offers a great balance of privacy and running area. Not only that, but it is also versatile and can be used for other pets should you decide to do so. And it looks great! It will perfectly fit in your backyard.

Your rabbit deserves the best. Whatever you choose, we hope it serves you and your furry friend just right.

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