Can rabbits eat tomatoes? Vital Nutritional Information

rabbit eating a tomatoe

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If you like tomatoes, then you may want to share a little bit with your pet rabbit.

But can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes are safe for rabbits. However, rabbits should eat fruits in moderation, and despite the long-standing debate about whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, they are fruit enough to be harmful to rabbits.

Rabbits should have very little sugar in their diet, and even natural sugar in fruits should be fed on a limited basis. Your rabbit should only have a small number of tomatoes a couple of times a week.


Can rabbits eat tomato?

Yes, rabbits can eat a tomato, they like it, and it suits them.

However, we recommend that you do not give it to them if the rabbit is still too young. It is best to wait until they are half a year old before trying fresh fruits and vegetables.

Remember that the tomato is not a vegetable, but a fruit, that’s why you have to think of this food as such when feeding it.

Tomatoes provide a rabbit with benefits similar to those it gives humans. Tomato helps you relieve yourself and is good for the heart.

Also, having vitamins and lots of water, it is great for the skin and contains many antioxidants.

You can give rabbits all the tomato varieties that exist in the market, but try those that are never too green or very ripe.

This advice is common to all animals.

The fruit has to be at its optimum point, and if it is organic, it will be much better. Organic tomatoes will save from ingesting pesticides or chemical products.


Nutrients acquired by rabbits after eating tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients that are beneficial to rabbits.

They contain about 8.5% organic acids, up to 4.5% sugars (fructose, glucose), and about 1.7% fiber.

The fruits are rich in minerals, as well as proteins (about 1.1%), pectin, starch, trace elements (potassium, iron, manganese, sulfur, etc.).

Most tomato varieties contain carotenoid substances, as well as vitamins B, ascorbic and folic acids.

Choline, which is part of the fetal tissue, can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system and stimulates the hematopoietic system.

It is possible to feed rabbits with tomatoes, but it is important to watch how they will react to such a treat. In some cases, rabbits can get digestive system upset if they eat it.

An adult rabbit should be given no more than 300 g of tomato per day, and once a day in the morning.

It is better not to give a tomato to a very small rabbit. It is recommended to include it in the menu no earlier than when the rabbit turns three months old.

Even after reaching this age, a rabbit should be given tomatoes in small portions as you monitor how they react to them. Typically, tomatoes are given to rabbits with mixed feed. 

can rabbits eat tomatoes
You need to be extra careful with baby rabbits and some fruits and vegetables

It is worth remembering that fruits purchased in stores can be dangerous for pets, as they often absorb various substances that negatively affect their body.

Tomatoes grown in early spring are especially harmful to them.

How to feed ripe tomatoes to rabbits?

Rabbits’ diets should be high in fiber, but low in sugar and fat.

Tomatoes are high in fiber but very sugary and acidic. Accordingly, only feed the red fruits as treats in between.

In general, it can be said that rabbits can eat a maximum of one or two slices of tomato per day. Under no circumstances should they be fed tomatoes too often.

The following rules apply.

  • only feed ripe and fresh tomatoes
  • remove any greens
  • Wash tomatoes before feeding
  • Chop the tomatoes
  • feed raw

Why only feed a small amount?

It’s not just the high acid and sugar content from tomatoes that can make rabbits ill; high water content can lead to health problems too.

If rabbits eat too many tomatoes, this can affect the firmness of the feces. 

If your rabbit has diarrhea while eating tomatoes, you should not feed them with tomatoes again.

The following procedure is also recommended:

  • Adjust nutrition
  • Avoid dehydration by giving the water
  • in case of persistent diarrhea consult a veterinarian

Are rabbits allowed to eat tomato leaves?

Although rabbits mainly feed on green parts of plants, tomato leaves should not be on the menu.

This is mainly because the greens contain solanine, which is toxic to rabbits.

It acts as a poisonous component and is dangerous for the digestive system of rabbits and their body as a whole.

If the rabbit only consumes a small number of tomato leaves, this is usually not a danger.

However, for the sake of rabbit health, feeding green tomato plant parts should be avoided. The poison is dangerous for the nervous system of the rabbit.

rabbit and tomatoe plant

Are tomato tubers dangerous for a rabbit?

Yes! The actual tomato plant is toxic to rabbits, and if they eat large quantities, the rabbit may die.

There is no minimum amount that causes toxicity in rabbits; some eat large quantities well, while others may suffer even after eating a small amount.

The problem is the weak toxicity of alkaloids on leaves and stems. Its weak toxicity doesn’t mean that something will happen right after eating, but eating it will harm the liver and kidneys.

Wild rabbits are said to be able to identify and avoid toxic ones. 

Precautions when feeding tomatoes to rabbits

Tomato toxicity is an Arkanoid system that tomatoes themselves create for self-defense.

This natural pesticide-like substance is also contained in leaves, stems, and unripe fruits.

While feeding the rabbits, remove the unripe part and give only the ripe red fruit part. 


Amounts Per 149gAmount%DV
Vitamin A1241IU25%
Vitamin C18.9mg32%
Vitamin D
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)0.8mg4%
Vitamin K11.8mcg15%
Vitamin B60.1mg6%
Vitamin B120.0mcg0%
Pantothenic Acid0.1mg1%

Final thought: Can rabbits eat Tomatoes?

It seems that many rabbits love tomatoes, but always mix them with several kinds of vegetables and don’t let them eat tomatoes alone. Get healthy tomato nutrition into your rabbit diet.

Unfortunately, unlike other pets, you cannot help your rabbits vomit.

So if they eat something toxic to them, the treatment process is a bit more complicated than other pets.

If something is not right with your rabbit, get in touch with a vet, and avoid feeding it with tomatoes in the future. 

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