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canary and finch

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together?

As long as they are similar in size, canaries and finches can indeed live together. If any birds are larger than the others, however, fighting becomes a real risk. It’s also important to provide multiple, species-specific sources of food and water! About Canaries Like Finches, canaries are quite small, at only 3-5 inches in size […]

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Do Toucans Have Predators?

Unfortunately, despite their size and fearsome-looking beaks, toucans do have predators. These are not just on land, but also crawling through the trees, and in the sky. Some of them are the forest eagle, the owl, the boa constrictor, and the hawk.  So, in the rainforest, a Toucan has to watch its back. These clever […]

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toucan eating

What Do Toucans Eat? ( I was shocked at some foods )

Toucans are exotically colored birds, each with an enormous, striking beak. Though they may look fearsome, these beaks are mainly used to forage fruit from the treetops. They also frequently eat insects, and may sometimes eat small rodents, lizards, amphibians, birds, and even fish. Their diet is a bit different as pets, however! A Little […]

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7 Symptoms That Might indicate Your Budgie Is Dying

Pets like budgies play such a big role in our lives that it can be a real shock if something unexpected happens to them. Pet health challenges or the death of a budgie can take owners by surprise as these little creatures often do not display any obvious signs of illness before a disease or […]

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toys for macaws

7 Awesome Toys for Macaws

Magnificent creatures like Macaws need the very best conditions and care to reach their full potential. A big part of maintaining their wellbeing and keeping them active and content is the provision of toys that provide them with sufficient occupation and challenge.  As an owner, you need to provide your parrot with enrichment of their […]

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Birdcage Cleaning Hacks

10 Birdcage Cleaning Hacks ( #2 Is my Favorite)

When you have a pet, you naturally want to do everything possible to keep it happy, healthy, and comfortable. You have probably invested a pretty penny in buying your pet, toys, and other accessories and spent countless hours researching all things relating to your pet.  You want to do right by your bird, but whether […]

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Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiels

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiels ( Beginners Guide )

The Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel is named for its gorgeous and unique patterning and color. While Cockatiels were being bred as pets, a mutation that occurred, preventing their genes from creating gray or black. Instead, they are a lovely cinnamon-gray color! Cinnamon Cockatiels are affectionate, friendly, and sweet. They can make great pets for any bird-lover […]

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parakeet toys

7 Best Parakeet Toys ( 2021 Picks )

Parakeets or budgerigars are enchanting little birds, full of character and great company. To provide the very best environment for these colorful little creatures you need to provide suitable activities and entertainments that will fill their hours productively.  If you are not sure where to start in selecting suitable toys for your parakeet, were here […]

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macaw cages

3 Best Macaw Cages ( Our Favorites in 2021 )

Finding the right cage for your Macaw may be hard work, but it is an important purchase that has a massive impact on the wellbeing of your bird.  As a large parrot cage is a significant investment you need to get it right. To help you in your search we have searched high and low […]

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prevue parrot cage

Prevue XL Parrot Cage Review 2021

A market-leading parrot cage with superb craftsmanship and performance Parrot owners who want to invest in a high-quality cage for their Macaw or another large parrot can purchase the Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage, by birdcage manufacturers Prevue Pet Products. This is one of the largest parrot cages on the market and designed to […]

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parrot at the vets

Is My Bird Suffering From A Bird Cough?

Birds tend to hide it when they are sick. So you’d be right to worry if your bird was coughing. Thankfully, if a bird is coughing, it doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong. There are many reasons why birds would cough. Let’s explore some of the main reasons why birds cough so you can figure […]

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two budgies

Budgies fighting or playing? ( Key signs )

If it is getting a little too noisy in the cage, you may be wondering whether those squawks and flapping are a healthy thing. It’s important to understand your budgerigar behavior and knowing whether the budgies are playing or fighting makes all the difference in meeting their needs. In this short article, we will take […]

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