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talking parrot

Funny Things that Parrots Say

One of the most iconic attributes of Parrots is the fact that they can seemingly talk! If you have spent any time on the internet, or own a Parrot yourself, you may have seen some hilarious video clips of the funny things that Parrots can get up to and what a great time they can…

lovebird vs parakeet

Differences Between Lovebirds and Parakeets

When looking for a new pet to love and care for, a choice many people decide upon is to get a bird. These creatures can be great companions and give a whole heap of fun over their lifetimes. Of the types of birds that are available, Parrots are extremely popular and both Lovebirds and Parakeets…

parakeet on a mans shoulder

Do Parakeets Urinate? (Ultimate Parakeet Excretion Guide)

Parakeets do not urinate in the way we do but they definitely produce urinary waste as they have a pair of kidneys in place. The main waste produced is uric acid which is excreted out along with feces through a common opening. As a result, a semi-liquid white material along with a darker material is…

macaw cages

3 Best Macaw Cages ( Our Favorites in 2022 )

Finding the right cage for your Macaw may be hard work, but it is an important purchase that has a massive impact on the wellbeing of your bird.  As a large parrot cage is a significant investment you need to get it right. To help you in your search we have searched high and low…

2 baby parrots

How to Raise and Care for a Baby Parrot ( 2022 )

Perhaps you are looking to breed parrots or have just received a juvenile parrot to keep as a pet.  Whatever the reason, familiarity with how to raise and care for a baby parrot will ensure success in raising a parrot that thrives.  In this concise guide, we will provide an overview of the techniques, pitfalls,…

Quaker Parrot Facts

11 Quaker Parrot Facts & FAQ’s

Quaker parrots are energetic, beautiful, and interesting birds. Their fun personalities and ability to talk makes them a common choice for a house pet and companion. These colorful birds have a lot of intriguing qualities and characters. To further your interest in quaker parrots, here are 11 interesting facts about this unique bird species. 1….

7 Quietest Pet Birds

7 Quietest Pet Birds | Don’t upset the neighbors

Pet birds can be noisy, there’s no denying that. Most of them are known for talking and/or singing. However, there are actually some types of pet bird that make little noise. This can be a good option if you live in an apartment with noise regulations, but still want a pet bird. Deciding which bird…

how do parrots mate

How do parrots mate? ( Mating behaviors & Body Language )

Parrots are animals. Like all animals, they have needs biological, physical and sometimes reproductive. There are several factors that lead to a parrot becoming attracted to a mate, including plumage and personality. When parrots mate, it is slightly different to most animals of their kind. Male parrots will deposit ejaculate into their mate by an…

parrot destroying it's cage

Top 5 Most Destructive Pet Birds

While most pet birds do have fairly tame tempers, some can become very irritable and even destructive when they don’t receive the right amount of care or attention. If you’re looking into adopting a feathered friend in the nearby future, it’s important to know what birds are notorious for having destructive habits, especially if you…

exotic pet birds

7 Exotic Pet Birds | Expensive and Exotic

When thinking of an exotic pet bird, the frist thing that comes to mind for most people will be a brightly colored and long tailed parrot. Parrots can come in may different colors, with some being as many as 4 different colors along with markings around their eyes. However, there are other pet birds than…

gentle pet birds

7 Most Gentle Pet Birds

You may be thinking of getting a bird as a companion pet. It is true that pet birds can be very affectionate with their owners building long lasting and close bonds. However, some types of pet birds are far more gentle than others.  Having a more gentle pet bird will be important if you have…

Largest Birds To Keep As Pets

7 Largest Birds To Keep As Pets

Keeping a large and impressive bird can be very rewarding. As well as their size, they are known for their ability to bond with their owner and for their longevity. In fact, some large birds can live as long as 80 years. Large birds also have more capacity for learning tricks and talking. If you…