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common mistakes new bird keepers make

11 Common Mistakes New Bird Keepers Make

Getting a bird as a pet can be extremely exciting, buying their environment, making space for them, then bringing then home to live with you. But, pet birds can be difficult to look after. They need the right environment, plenty of space, and the right kind of food in order to thrive. Here are some…

zebra finch

7 Pet Birds Perfect For Outdoors

Keeping pet birds outdoors is an option for anyone with limited space indoors. Just as pet birds can be kept and bonded with indoors, keeping them outside will be just the same. The only difference will be how exposed the birds are to weather and sunlight. You will need an aviary which is essentially a…

a pair of finches

How Many Finches Can You Put in a Cage?

Finches of all kinds make fantastic pets, but you do have to be careful about how you keep multiple birds not only in one home but also in one cage! Plenty of first-time finch owners fall head over heels in love with zebra finches, goldfinches, Galapagos finches, and grass finches but aren’t sure of how…

Types of finches

Types Of Finches | Top 5 Popular Pet Finches

Finches are a popular pet bird kept and loved by thousands of pet lovers all around the world. Yes, they may not be able to talk or sit on your hand or even do tricks. But they are beautiful to look at, fast and mesmerizing to watch. And all this for a few bucks! There…

macaw facts

25 Amazing Macaw Facts | Some even shocked us!

The Macaw, a popular species of New World Parrot (a group of around 150 species of parrots that are found in South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean) is a colorful bird both in appearance and personality and makes an awesome pet for bird lovers of all kinds. They are not only an extremely…

pet owl

Do Owls Make Good Pets ( Can you legally own one?)

Ever since owls were romanticized as the perfect pet thanks to the Harry Potter series, the number of people wanting to keep them as a pet has increased. With their big eyes, fluffy feathers, and pleasant demeanor, who wouldn’t be interested? But while Harry Potter certainly paints a pretty picture, is keeping an owl as…

pair of Lovebirds

Types of Lovebirds | 9 Amazing Lovebird Species

Lovebirds are often referred to as pocket-sized parrots and their vibrant colors, sociable natures, and reputation for being great companions means that Lovebirds are one of the world’s most popular small birds to keep as a pet.  If you are looking to get your own lovebird as a pet then you might wonder how many…

mynah bird

7 Lesser-Known Pet Bird Species | Be different!

We’re all formiliar with the more common pet birds like Budgies, finches and canaries. But what birds can we keep as pets that no one else has or at least not many people. There are many species of pets birds that are suitable to keep as pets but are lesser-known than the ones just mentioned….

raven bird as a pet

Can You Have a Raven as a Pet? 7 Things to Consider

Do you know anyone that has a raven for a pet? These strangely beautiful birds have a very split reputation, with some people admiring their gothic and pagan associations, whereas others are actually scared of crows as a result of horror literature and films portraying them to be bad omens and sinister birds.  Regardless of…

pair of love birds

Lovebird Lifespan – How Long Do Lovebirds Live?

If you are considering getting the sociable, affectionate, and widely popular lovebird as a pet (or perhaps you already own one of these loveable creatures) one of the most important questions that you will want to know is how long do lovebirds live? Lovebirds of all species tend to have similar lifespans and these will…

Friendly Pet Birds

7 Friendly Pet Birds | Most Affectionate Pet Birds

Nobody wants an aggressive pet birds, Right? So , I can see why you would want to search and look for the most Friendly Pet Birds that you can buy and keep as pets. Owning a pet bird is fun if you can teach it to talk, make it sit on your hand and generally…

aviary heaters

Aviary Heaters | How to heat an Aviary in Winter

In this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about heating your outdoor bird aviary. More importantly, we’ll also explore the methods you’ll find useful for maintaining that heat instead of letting it leak out.