feeding chickens

Can chickens eat frozen peas? ( Facts you should know )

You’ll be relieved to know that frozen peas are completely safe for chickens to eat. In fact, a serving of frozen peas will be a refreshing treat for your hens on a hot day.    It can be hard to keep up with what chickens can and can’t eat. Read on for a quick and handy […]

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chicken and fat balls

Can chickens eat fat balls? ( Is it good for them )

If you are wondering whether your chickens can eat the traditional fat ball treats that are fed to birds and poultry, the answer is yes, but as with all matters of a hens diet, moderation is key! What are fat balls? Fat balls like Feldy High Energy Chicken Pecker Balls are a high-energy treat for […]

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can chickens eat flies

Do chickens eat flies ( What about other insects as well? )

So, do chickens eat flies? Flies are generally fine for your backyard hens. Chickens love to tuck into crunchy protein-rich insects like flies. A backyard with fragrant hens and lots of poo in the summer is likely to attract a tasty winged snack or two, and your girls are probably eating all sorts of flies without […]

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Wooden Chicken Coop ( FULL REVIEW Lenham Coops )

This large chicken coop from Omlet, is easy to assemble, easy to clean, and hands-down the best pre-made chicken coop we’ve encountered. In this article we’ll cover each of the Lenham Chicken Coop’s features so you can decide whether or not it’s a good fit for your backyard flock.  🇬🇧 Availability is from Omlet’s Warehouse […]

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backyard chicken

Keeping Backyard Chickens | 7 Pros & Cons to consider

Getting some chickens sounds like an amazing idea and can provide a real slice of the agrarian lifestyle in even the most urban of environments. However, before you take the plunge and get your muck boots and grain bucket, it is well worth pausing considering whether keeping backyard chickens are a good fit for your […]

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chickens in snow

Do Chicken Coops Need Heat? ( Temperatures & Heater Options )

Chickens are generally quite well adapted to deal with varying temperatures and can cope with colder temperatures much easier than a human can.  In fact, chickens are better suited to dealing with cold weather than they are warm temperatures, however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider their wellbeing over the cold winter months.  This then […]

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chicken farmer with a chicken run

Cheap Chicken Runs | Top 3 Backyard chicken runs

Chicken runs are a crucial item needed to ensure that your chickens have enough room to roam around and exercise but also so that they can do so safely.  We appreciate not all backyard chicken owners have the option to let their chickens roam freely, this can either be the result of a lack of […]

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metal chicken run

Metal Chicken Run | Top 3 Chicken Runs

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing a chicken run is how suitable the materials are.  Ideally, a chicken run will be a solid structure that not only gives your chickens space to roam around freely without the possibility of them escaping but also one that stops anything else […]

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Chickens Roosting

Chicken Roost Spacing (How Much Space Do Each Bird Need?)

A roost is an essential living requirement for your chicken’s environment and providing a roost that gives your chickens enough space to feel safe and comfortable is a task that should not be overlooked.  A chicken needs roost space off the ground so that they can feel safe from predators and also have a comfortable […]

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chickens roosting

What size dowel is best for a chicken roost?

The size of a chicken roost greatly influences the health and well-being of your chickens. While it may seem like a simple choice to make, it’s important to know how the dowel size could end up affecting your chickens while roosting. A proper roost should provide the right amount of space for your chickens to […]

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chickens roosting

Should chicken roosts be round or square?

All chickens need a place to perch during the day and especially at night while they are sleeping. It may seem like a small aspect of owning chickens, however, a proper roost is vital for their health and well being. If you’re confused about whether a round or square roost is best, you’re not the […]

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Chickens eating

Can Chickens Eat Raspberries? ( Healthy diet option )

Raspberries can be commonly found in many home gardens, but is it okay for your chickens to eat them? In short, the answer is yes! If you like keeping your chickens on an all-natural diet, you’ll love all the nutritious benefits that raspberries have to offer your egg-laying friends. Raspberries contain many nutritious benefits and […]

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