Can chickens eat peppers

Can chickens eat peppers? Bell Peppers and all types

Whether chickens eat peppers or not all depends on the type of pepper you are talking about. There are so many different types of pepper available to eat. At least 25 can be found in your local store or farm shop. Not all of them are tasty and sweet. Many are hot and not suitable…

feeding chickens oyster grit

How much to feed chickens per day

Are you wondering how much to feed chickens per day? While much will depend on the breed of chicken and its age, there are a few basic estimates and guidelines that you can follow to get an idea of how much chickens eat. The amount of food will be determined by a number of things…

How to protect your chickens from predators

How to protect your chickens from predators

If you are a backyard chicken owner, you are probably wondering about how to protect your chickens from predators? Depending on where you live and the number of chickens you have, there are several different things that you can do to protect them. In this article we’ll look at some simple and effective ways to…

how can you tell if chickens have worms

How To Tell If Chickens Have Worms

Poor health is stressful for both you and your hens and any issues that crop up need to be tackled early.  Parasitic worms are a common problem that you may encounter while keeping hens at home. These internal parasites are not only contagious but recurrent and can rapidly overtake your flock, so it is important…

living next door to chickens

Living Next Door To Chickens

So, if you’re living next door to chickens, what do you need to know? A lot of this will depend on how many chickens your neighbor has and where you live. Chickens are not the worst pets or animals you could live next door to be any means but there are some things to consider….

what is a male chicken called?

What is a Male Chicken Called? Glossary of Chickens

If you want to know what a male chicken is called, you actually have a menu of names to choose from. Not ‘Jeff’ or ‘Bill’ but rooster, cock or cockerel!  Poultry comes with its own vocab and a range of terms that can help owners describe their feathered friends with pinpoint precision. If you are…

chicken egg yolk

Egg Yolk Color: What makes egg yolks yellow and healthy?

Whether boiled or fried, you surely will be looking for a dense and delicious yolk (or two), one of the best parts of eating fresh eggs from your own hens. But what exactly is an egg yolk, and how does it get its vivid hue? Read on to learn more and how you can keep…

kids feeding chickens

Chicken Food: Complete Guide to feeding Backyard Chickens

Feeding backyard chickens properly is essential to keeping chickens at home successfully. If adequate feeding of your fluffy friends is neglected in any way, it shows up quickly in your bounty of eggs and the hens themselves. A sound understanding of poultry diet will help you when keeping chickens as pets as you can really…

hatching egg

How do I know if my chicken eggs are fertile?

If you are getting into the swing of things when it comes to keeping backyard chickens, you may be considering whether or not your supply of eggs is fertile. The fertility of eggs is a topic that is often shrouded in myths, rumor, and speculation. Let’s blow off the cobwebs and get some daylight on…

What to feed chickens naturally?

What to feed chickens naturally?

If you are keeping pet hens, you will be well aware that feed is one of the biggest costs you will encounter. Great nutrition produces great eggs and with chicken, there are no corners that can be cut when it comes to providing your birds with a wholesome and balanced diet.  Many hen owners are…

chicken eggs

Can a chicken produce eggs without a rooster?

Chickens and eggs go together but can a hen lay eggs without a rooster?  Thankfully this riddle has a very simple answer. Yes, a chicken will produce eggs without a rooster on the scene. If you want to know how this is possible, read on for our explanation of how your daily ration of eggs…

wire chicken run

Best wire chicken runs | Top 3 Walk-in chicken runs

Keep your chickens moving with a fantastic chicken run! If you are new to keeping chickens or setting up new accommodations for your hens, it’s vital to ensure that your housing or coop offers adequate room to meet their care needs. Your chickens need space to roam, forage, and exercise innate behaviors like scratching and…