Best Wooden Guinea Pig Hutch 2022 | Top 7 Reviewed

If you are considering keeping your guinea pig outside, you will need a hutch! A good hutch will protect them from predators and the elements, and keep them safe and comfortable. Of course, not just any hutch will do! For example, wooden guinea pig hutches are superior. Wood is a naturally weather-resistant and toxin-free material, […]

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outdoor guinea pig runs

Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Runs | Buyers Guide

Due to the guinea pig having similar characteristics to a hamster, many often assume that an enclosed hutch or cage is a sufficient living space and mistakenly neglects the amount of exercise that guinea pigs actually need.  Guinea pigs are an incredibly energetic breed and plenty of exercise and most importantly, space to roam around […]

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indoor guinea pig cages

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages

Your home can be the perfect place for your guinea pig to live! A house will provide them shelter from extreme temperatures and the elements, as well as predators, poisonous plants, and the like.  When they live indoors with you, your guinea pig will be around to interact with frequently. This will effectively socialize them, […]

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image of a guinea pig in a cage

What Size Cage Do Guinea Pigs Need? Dimensions | Shapes | Sizes

Guinea pigs are small rodents renowned for their chattering and social nature. They make great pets for children as long as an adult is prepared to be responsible for the majority of their care. They do, however, have certain specific needs which are essential to their wellbeing. One of the most important of these being […]

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