Guinea Pigs

Best Guinea Pig Pellets

Best Guinea Pig Pellets 2022 ( Top 5 Popular Brands )

So, You’re looking for the best food for your guinea pig? Pellets or Flake food. I know I was always unsure when I bought my first Guinea Pig several years ago now. Guinea pigs are herbivores and need a diet that is high in fiber. They also need to be fed at least twice a […]

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Holding a guinea pig

How to Pick Up a Skittish Guinea Pig

So you have a cute and cuddly little guinea pig and you want to play with it. There’s only one problem, it doesn’t like being touched, let alone held. Every time you reach for it, it runs off to hide. This is totally normal guinea pig behavior. Being small rodents, they are prey to many […]

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Guinea pig at night

Can Guinea Pigs See in the dark? ( Vision at night )

Can guinea pigs see in the dark? The truth is that no one is certain how well guinea pigs can see in the dark, but we do know that they do have some degree of night vision. Guinea pigs have very limited vision at night, which is why they use a combination of their whiskers […]

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guinea pig litter box

What do you Put in a Guinea Pig Litter Box?

Guinea pigs are more intelligent than we give them credit for and with a little perseverance, it’s absolutely possible to get your little pet to use a litter box. It’s not as simple a process for guinea pigs as it is for cats, and it can be a balancing act between finding out exactly what […]

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guinea pig in the wild

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat in the Wild?

With all the dry, processed pellet pet foods available in pet stores, it leaves many of us wondering- what do our guinea pigs actually eat in the natural wild? It’s very important to know what they eat in the wild so that we can recreate their natural diet as best as possible in order to […]

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holding a guinea pig

How To Tame A Guinea Pig ( Step by Step Guide )

Guinea pigs are a great and rewarding pet to have. They are personable and friendly little creatures that enjoy time spent with their owners. However, in order to make sure your guinea pig is comfortable and happy around you, you will need to tame it. Taming is the process of introducing your guinea pig to […]

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guinea pg being held

Do Guinea Pigs Bite? ( Why And How To Stop It )

That cute fluffy Guinea piggy you have can sometimes nibble on your fingers. It shouldn’t hurt as they normally don’t use their teeth. If it starts, and if this happens often, take it as a sign that something is wrong. So, do guinea pigs bite (how to train them not to)? The first part is […]

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Complete Vitamin C Food List for Guinea Pigs

Complete Vitamin C Food List for Guinea Pigs

We never have to worry about making sure our dog or cat has enough vitamin C in their diet. This is because most animals are able to make their own vitamin C, although the ones who can’t include most primates, and humans. Surprisingly, guinea pigs are also on the list of animals who cannot make […]

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guinea pig

Why is My Guinea Pig Scared of Me?

Perhaps you just got a new guinea pig and you’ve noticed they can get skittish and timid around you. You may be wondering if it’s something you did, or if your guinea pig simply has a shy personality.  There are several reasons your guinea could be afraid of you, including that you pick them up […]

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friendly guinea pig

What Breed of Guinea Pig is the Friendliest?

Guinea pigs are perhaps the ultimate pet due to their shape, habits, and disposition. And just like dogs, different breeds of guinea pigs have their own personalities and qualities that make them unique. If you’re in the market for a guinea pig and are wondering which breeds of guinea pig are the friendliest, you’ve come […]

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Guinea Pigs Get Diabetes

Can Guinea Pigs Get Diabetes from too many carrots?

Carrots are a tasty treat that guinea pigs love. However, can feeding your guinea pig too many carrots lead to diabetes? Feeding your guinea too many carrots can lead to them developing diabetes.  How Do Carrots Cause Diabetes In Guinea Pigs? Carrots are packed full of natural sugars. Just like how humans can develop diabetes […]

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guinea pig esting cherries

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherries? (Hazard Concerns)

Although guinea pigs should not eat certain parts of a cherry, the meat of the cherry itself is safe for them to eat in moderation. Guinea pigs should not be given the stem, any attached leaves, or the pit of the cherry as they are harmful to their health. As is with most food, cherries […]

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