hamster in a wheel

Why is my Hamster Frantically Running?

Have you recently gotten a pet hamster and noticed that it keeps running in circles, often excessively? For new hamster owners, some activities of their pets can often worry them. If you have noticed your pet hammy being a little extra active and frantic in their running, don’t worry. This is often completely normal as […]

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cage rage hamster

Complete Guide To Hamster Cage Rage

Pet hamsters are so much fun! But what happens when these furry little friends start to display frenzied cage behaviors like biting and lunging?  Take a look at this complete guide to hamster cage rage so you can understand the causes and the best ways to avoid them. What is Cage Rage? Cage Rage or […]

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Is My Hamster Overweight? ( Signs to look out for )

It might be that your pet has really fluffy fur, but this has its limits. Another possibility is that your hamster may be getting fatter. So, is my hamster overweight? ( Should he go on a diet ) The best way to know for sure is to talk to a vet, but sometimes this is […]

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hamster and child

Why Do Hamsters Die So Fast? ( Can you prolong their life )

Hamsters are absolutely adorable and oh, so fragile. If you have owned many hamsters then you know, it seems that they can sick at the drop of the hat. With a lifespan of 18 months to 3 years, it seems mind-boggling and tragic. Why do hamsters die so fast? The answer is complicated but we’ll […]

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hamster in bedding

How to Keep a Hamster Happy?

It’s hard to know for sure what your little ball of joy is feeling. Hamsters even baffled scientists, until a recent study helped them get a closer idea about this animal’s inner life.   So, how to keep a hamster happy? We may not know exactly what hamsters are feeling, but there is one thing […]

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smelly hamster

Do Hamsters Smell? (The truth about the smell)

When considering owning a pet, even one as small and low maintenance as a hamster, one of the most important factors that many people consider is how much of a mess will they make and whether or not they smell.  Bad odors are not pleasant or welcome in most households and a frequent question that […]

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Hamster eating

Can You Overfeed a Hamster? Quantity | Portion Size | Feeding times

When it comes to owning furry little pets, diet is one of the most important factors that you need to get right to ensure they are happy and healthy.  While it’s natural to want to ensure your hamster is always sufficiently fed as well as also allowing them the occasional treat, an important point to […]

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hamster care

Do Hamsters Need Sunlight? ( Any health Benefits )

When getting a pet hamster, it’s easy to cover essential requirements like diet, sleep, and exercise as there is plenty of information available online for these topics. Something you might not have considered in depth though is whether or not hamsters need sunlight.  This is because hamsters are nocturnal and while you might have noticed […]

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can hamsters eat strawberroes

Can Hamsters Eat Strawberries? | Treats or to be Avoided!

Most hamster lovers know well that Hamsters love fresh vegetables and fruits. In fact, there are many more foods that hamsters tolerate, others they adore, and some they need to avoid. If your main goal is to give long life to your hamster then it is essential to know all of its eating habits. Here […]

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hamster eating lettuce

Can hamsters eat lettuce? Are all types of lettuce suitable

Many people like to occasionally give their pet a treat. This can be a well-prepared salad or any type of vegetable. If you own a hamster, I know you have always had this question; can hamsters eat lettuce? Though hamsters eat lettuce, a common misconception among people is that lettuce can be toxic. But is […]

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How long do hamsters live?

Hamsters are small and cute little animals that are great fun for young and old. There are 19 species of hamsters in the world, but only about 4 or 5 can be adopted as pets. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of a hamster is not high.  The general genetics, over breeding, and housing conditions determine the […]

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Can Hamsters eat bread?

Hamsters are picky rodents; they eat with pleasure what the owner gives them. They like to gnaw dried bread to sharpen their teeth. Fresh white bread is delicious, brown has a pleasant acidity, cookies are sweet and attractive, and pasta is a great lunch option. But despite the hamster’s taste and preferences, it’s important to […]

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