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How much does a parrot cost? ( 2021 USA and UK prices)

The color, vivacity, character, and flair of parrots mean that they will always be in demand as aspirational pets. These engaging creatures, from the psittacine family, come in a range of sizes with a kaleidoscope of color and temperaments to suit most owners.  However, buying a parrot to keep is a significant investment with ongoing […]

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2 baby parrots

How to Raise and Care for a Baby Parrot ( 2021 )

Perhaps you are looking to breed parrots or have just received a juvenile parrot to keep as a pet.  Whatever the reason, familiarity with how to raise and care for a baby parrot will ensure success in raising a parrot that thrives.  In this concise guide, we will provide an overview of the techniques, pitfalls, […]

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ring neck parakeet

Rose-Ringed Parakeet Complete Care Guide

Having a pet is one of the most significant commitments that you could undertake. It requires a lot of time, dedication, and care, regardless of the type of pet you have.  And although caring for pets can be time-consuming and expensive, you will have a life-long companion. Bird keeping has become very popular in modern-day […]

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parrot eating cucumber

Can parrots eat cucumber?

Cucumbers are a great go-to food for parrots because they are not only completely safe but are also low in sugar which means they can be eaten liberally by your bird. This means, unlike many fruits you can serve up cucumbers with confidence.  This originally South Asian native vine fruit may well have been part […]

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Best Family Parrots

Best Family Parrots – 5 Parrots that love large families

Parrots can be wonderful additions to your family. But not all breeds have the same temperament. Some birds tend to be more affectionate, and others need a lot more attention and training before they can become great pets. Before you get a new parrot, it’s important to know all about the parrot’s temperament and care […]

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group of rabbits

What Do You Call a Group of Rabbits?

Rabbits are sociable creatures, and they tend to hang out in groups of around 20. A group of rabbits is most often referred to as a colony, although they may also be known as a herd or even a ‘fluffle’ (a fitting term that is relatively new). In the wild, rabbit colonies will forage together, […]

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wild parakeets eating

What do Wild Parakeets Eat?

They prefer the green seedheads of grass and secondarily the dried seed. They will also eat vegetation too including tender roots, shoots, plant buds, and eucalypt leaves. You might think the life of a caged parakeet is positively pampered compared to its wild counterpart, but, as you’ll find, wild parakeets are living the good life […]

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Group of Guinea Pigs Called

What is a Group of Guinea Pigs Called?

A group of Guinea Pigs is called a ‘Herd’. However many people give Guinea Pigs their own names like ‘a muddle of guinea pigs’ and even ‘ a blessing ‘ of Guinea pigs. In the past, guinea pigs lived primarily in the wild, and they would travel in groups called ‘herds.’ These adorably tiny herds […]

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trimming parrots claws

How Long Should A Parrot’s Claws Be?

If you are wondering how long a parrot’s claws should be, you may be seeking to evade an important task that many parrot owners dread. Trimming your parrot’s nails is not for the fainthearted but it is necessary for a parrot’s health.  In their natural habitats, the active lifestyle of wild parrots including foraging, climbing […]

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rabbit binking

What Is A Rabbit Binky? (Rabbit Binky Explained)

If you own a pet rabbit, you have probably seen her do some rather questionable things. These are very unique creatures that have some equally unique traits, albeit incredibly cute. If you have ever seen your rabbit jump into the air and twist her body in a very strange fashion, you’ve just seen a rabbit […]

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cockatiel at night

Should Cockatiels Be Covered At Night?

Cockatiels are naturally diurnal, which means that they are active during the day. While they may appreciate a cover for a brief, hour or so-long nap, it should never be left on during the day for any longer. At nighttime, on the other hand, some Cockatiels will prefer a cover. It typically depends on the […]

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guinea pig

Can Guinea pigs get fleas? ( You have to know this )

Is your guinea pig scratching just that little bit too often? You may think that fleas are a problem for cats and dogs and your fluffy pristine little friend could never be a target for those bloodthirsty suckers!  However, (you have to know this) fleas can and will go for anything warm-blooded and that will […]

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