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chicken coop with the owner

Best Chicken Coop for 6 Chickens 2022 review

Many backyard chicken owners keep their chickens as pets with an added bonus… Eggs! With a flock of 6 hens, you will have enough eggs each morning for all the family. This will allow for the odd day where one or two birds do not lay. With the average household having two adults and two…


Best Wooden Guinea Pig Hutch 2022 | Top 7 Reviewed

If you are considering keeping your guinea pig outside, you will need a hutch! A good hutch will protect them from predators and the elements, and keep them safe and comfortable. Of course, not just any hutch will do! For example, wooden guinea pig hutches are superior. Wood is a naturally weather-resistant and toxin-free material,…

prevue parrot cage

Prevue Parrot Cage Review 2022

A market-leading parrot cage with superb craftsmanship and performance Parrot owners who want to invest in a high-quality cage for their Macaw or another large parrot can purchase the Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage, by birdcage manufacturers Prevue Pet Products. This is one of the largest parrot cages on the market and designed to…

three rabbits eating

7 Best Rabbit Foods | 2022 Buyer Guide

There are so many different brand of rabbit food on the market today it’s easy to get a little confused and overwhelmed. Oxbow, Vitacraft, Kaytee all claim to be the perfect food for your rabbit. But which one is really the best and is there actually a difference between them all? In this review, we…

parakeet toys

7 Best Parakeet Toys (2022 Picks)

Parakeets or budgerigars are enchanting little birds, full of character and great company. To provide the very best environment for these colorful little creatures you need to provide suitable activities and entertainments that will fill their hours productively.  If you are not sure where to start in selecting suitable toys for your parakeet, were here…


How much does a parrot cost? (2022 USA and UK prices)

The color, vivacity, character, and flair of parrots mean that they will always be in demand as aspirational pets. These engaging creatures, from the psittacine family, come in a range of sizes with a kaleidoscope of color and temperaments to suit most owners.  However, buying a parrot to keep is a significant investment with ongoing…

What Attracts Groundhogs to My Yard?

Do Groundhogs Come Out In the Rain? (Groundhog Behavior)

Let’s take a look at groundhog behavior especially when it rains.

Do Groundhogs Climb Trees?

Do Groundhogs Climb Trees?

Groundhogs are pretty skilled climbers. They will climb a tree, but did you know why? Find out the main reasons why groundhogs climb the trees here.

3 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Armadillos from your Backyard

3 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Armadillos from your Backyard

Click here to discover 3 quick ways to get rid of armadillos from your yard and stop their pesky digging, including odor deterrents, fences, and more.

Do Groundhogs Eat Snakes?

Do Groundhogs Eat Snakes?

Find out what do groundhogs eat. We are going to cover all the favorite food of groundhogs and why they are actually afraid of snakes.

How to Get Rid of Prairie Dogs

How to Get Rid of Prairie Dogs from your Backyard 

Prairie dogs can be a hazard to any backyard. Here’s how to get rid of these unwanted guests from your backyard and prevent prairie dog families from arriving in the first place.

Do Robins and Cardinals Get Along?

Do Robins and Cardinals Get Along?

Do robins and cardinals get along? Find out how these two types of birds interact and how their personalities affect their relationship.