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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes_

Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?

Guinea pigs are herbivorous rodents that can eat grapes, but they can’t eat a lot at a time. It should be in moderation. Eating too much is bad for the guinea pigs teeth and stomach. In this article, we will look at how grapes can be beneficial to guinea pigs. Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?…

guinea pig eating a tomatoe

Can Guinea Pigs eat tomatoes?

Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes? This simple vegetable is one of the main ingredients of all our culinary preparations and accompaniments, becoming the most consumed food in the world only behind the potatoes. That is when the doubt arises: if it is so delicious and healthy for human beings, it can also become so for…

guinea pigs eat cucumber

Can guinea pigs eat cucumber?

If you own guinea pigs, you already know they like eating hay, greens, pellets, grass, and fruits. But can guinea pigs eat cucumber? Yes. Cucumbers are among the safest vegetables and these little creatures will love them. They can eat the fresh skin and seeds. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers? Cucumbers have a rich nutritional…

feeding chickens oyster grit

How much to feed chickens per day

Are you wondering how much to feed chickens per day? While much will depend on the breed of chicken and its age, there are a few basic estimates and guidelines that you can follow to get an idea of how much chickens eat. The amount of food will be determined by a number of things…

Can guinea pigs eat celery

Can Guinea Pigs eat celery? ( Surely they can, Right)

Why would anyone even think that celery could be harmful to their Guinea Pig? Well, not all vegetables and fruits are safe for you Piggy. Usually, it’s the quantity that makes the fruit or veg harmful. Not so much the item itself. Feeding celery to your guinea pigs is usually safe and good. It comprises…

how can you tell if chickens have worms

How To Tell If Chickens Have Worms

Poor health is stressful for both you and your hens and any issues that crop up need to be tackled early.  Parasitic worms are a common problem that you may encounter while keeping hens at home. These internal parasites are not only contagious but recurrent and can rapidly overtake your flock, so it is important…

living next door to chickens

Living Next Door To Chickens

So, if you’re living next door to chickens, what do you need to know? A lot of this will depend on how many chickens your neighbor has and where you live. Chickens are not the worst pets or animals you could live next door to be any means but there are some things to consider….

what is a male chicken called?

What is a Male Chicken Called? Glossary of Chickens

If you want to know what a male chicken is called, you actually have a menu of names to choose from. Not ‘Jeff’ or ‘Bill’ but rooster, cock or cockerel!  Poultry comes with its own vocab and a range of terms that can help owners describe their feathered friends with pinpoint precision. If you are…

do hamsters bit

Do Hamsters Bite? How To Avoid Being Bitten By Your Hamster

Sadly, hamsters do sometimes bite; but this is only when they are feeling stressed, scared, or territorial. Biting is a defense mechanism, and hamsters are actually quite gentle by nature. To avoid being bitten by your hamster, you must make sure that they feel content, and safe. This is easy enough… all you need is…

How Long Can A Hamster Go Without Food and Water

How Long Can A Hamster Go Without Food and Water?

Hamsters are not any more capable of going without food and water than your average animal, contrary to popular belief. They can only go 1-3 days total. When forced to go without, they will quickly become distressed, and then sick. Actually, hamsters are fairly active and need plenty of sustenance, and water, as fuel. Deprived…

hatching egg

How do I know if my chicken eggs are fertile?

If you are getting into the swing of things when it comes to keeping backyard chickens, you may be considering whether or not your supply of eggs is fertile. The fertility of eggs is a topic that is often shrouded in myths, rumor, and speculation. Let’s blow off the cobwebs and get some daylight on…

wire chicken run

Best wire chicken runs | Top 3 Walk-in chicken runs

Keep your chickens moving with a fantastic chicken run! If you are new to keeping chickens or setting up new accommodations for your hens, it’s vital to ensure that your housing or coop offers adequate room to meet their care needs. Your chickens need space to roam, forage, and exercise innate behaviors like scratching and…