Pet Mice

Learn more about keeping mice as pets. Pet mice can be a wonderful choice of pet for people with small spaces and children who love them.

Small Pets
Small Pets
what is a group of pet mice called

What is a Group of Mice Called?

Adorably enough, a group of mice is called a ‘mischief.’ Mice are group animals, and will groom, play, etc. You’re unlikely to find one that doesn’t belong to its own, and there are about a dozen to two dozen mice in each mischief. Are Mice Sociable With Each Other? Mice are highly sociable creatures, with…

buying a pet mouse

Cost To Buy Pet Mice? ( Monthly Cost Breakdown )

If you have a small space but you’re looking for a pet, mice are great. They are social, easy to train and don’t make big messes. Before you buy a mouse, you should know how much you’ll be spending on them. How much does it cost to buy a mouse? The upfront costs and monthly…

pet mice

Do Pet Mice Bite? ( Should you be worried )

Mice have large front teeth, and they look like they can do quite a bit of damage. You know you should be taking your mouse out of their cage every so often, but can you risk it? Do pet mice bite? No, a pet mouse will not bite. They are incredibly friendly animals and want…

is aspen beeding safe for mice

Aspen Bedding For Mice: Is it Safe and Easy to Clean

Getting a cage ready for your mouse is a pretty big deal. You will want to keep them warm, clean, and give them somewhere to nestle into. Let’s take a look at aspen bedding. Is aspen bedding safe for mice, and it is easy to clean? Aspen bedding is safe for mice and is relatively…

can pet mice eat amlonds

Are Almonds Safe for mice? (Food & Nutrition for Mice)

Ludo is a beige pet mouse. You can find him nibbling away on a whole roasted almond on YouTube. He’s a cute little guy who’s happy and content to munch away on his almond that appears roasted. I came across this video when I was looking for more information on the types of nuts that…

pet mice bedding

What bedding is safe for pet mice?

With so many different options for bedding material available it’s often a little confusing. Trying to balance cost against the best product for your mouse can be tricky. We all want the best for our pets but also need to work within a budget for the cost of their care. So, is there a cheap…

Things You’ll Need When You Buy Pet Mice

10 Things You’ll Need When You Buy Pet Mice

Mice can make great pets. They are friendly, social, and active little creatures. With proper attention, they can be with you for about 3 years. Let’s look at 10 things that you’ll need when you buy pet mice. Balanced Diet Your mice will need food Your mice will need a variety of food to stay…


10 Things you should know before buying a Pet Mouse

Mummy I want a pet mouse! Is probably the words most parents don’t want to hear when they ask their child what pet would they like to have. But over the past few years pet mice have become a very popular choice when it somes to small pets. Possible made popular by one or two…

pet mouse

How long do pet mice live? Lifespan | Life expectancy

A small and cute pet mouse can be a highly entertaining pet, and you can spend hours watching them play if you create a wonderful place for them to live. These little rodents are not loved by everyone but find a place in many peoples hearts. Pet mice very sociable pets and love to be…

night time mice scene

Are Pet Mice Nocturnal? Will they just sleep all day!

Pet mice are shy creatures that make fun pets once they get used to you. Mice exhibit behaviors that almost mimic human social dynamics. Their bodily reactions to different stimuli are also almost similar to humans. That may be one of the reasons they make great pets.  If you’re going to keep mice as pets…

lady smelling a pet mouse

Do pet mice smell? Control Odor in a mouse cage

As a first-time pet owner, learning your pet’s habits can be an uphill task. Whether you are a cat parent or you keep a dog, pet care is a learning curve. Some pet owners deal with excess fur while others have to deal with pungent smells. Pet mice are big culprits when it comes to…

lady buying a mouse cage

Mouse Cage Size | Best cage size | Type | Make |Model

Are you a cat person or a dog person? That’s the question most people ask when they ask about pets. But if you really want to set up an interesting conversation about pets, ask somebody what they think about having a pet mouse.  Pet mice are fun little creatures when they’re kept as pets. They’re…