Other Animals

Let’s take a look at some other animals and pets found in your backyard or garden.

pets for people with allergies

Best Pets for Allergy Sufferers | Hypoallergenic Pets

Suffering from allergies is no laughing matter but it should not stop you from doing the things you love and enjoying life experiences like keeping pets. My son suffers from allergies and he’s especially sensitive around cats and dogs. However, that hasn’t stopped us having pets. Keeping pets as a young child builds and shapes…

depressed man holding a guinea pig

Small Pets to Help Treat Depression (9 Pets That Make You Feel Happy)

Small pets are excellent companions. They improve emotional well-being and help their owners deal better with trauma. Pets can help calm people with severe depression and drive them towards better social interactions. Small pets, emotionally connect with their owners, warding off loneliness. This emotional bond becomes support, giving people with depression an effective method of…

pets in college

Easy Pets To Take Care Of In College (7 Perfect College Student Pets)

The grand adventure that is college is calling. For the first time, you will be away from your family, friends and home for long periods. It could also be your first separation from a beloved long time pet and companion. Let us face it; going to college can be a stressful ordeal. It is not…

Top 7 Most Expensive Pet Birds ( Which do you want?) 1

Top 7 Most Expensive Pet Birds ( Which do you want?)

Our round-up of the world’s top-flight pets! Have you ever wondered what kinds of pet birds are kept by the rich and famous? The acquisition of rare, unusual, or ornamental birds is the preserve of the world’s wealthiest, with many of these beautiful creatures housed in palaces, estates, and mansions across the globe. Procuring expensive…

silver fox

9 Unusual Backyard Pets (Very Uncommon Pets)

Did you know that you can have a pet Silver Fox?  There are also certain part-wildcats you can adopt, like the Savannah or the Bengal. Or maybe you’d like a sweet dove. Just remember that these unique animals have some unique requirements, as well. Take a look at our top 9 unusual backyard pets, below!…


11 Low Maintenance Pets for Apartments and Small Homes

The bond between humans and pets has always been strong. But often there are times when we have to give up or let go of our favorite family pets. Maybe you’re moving into a small apartment or home and simply don’t have the room for a larger pet. Or your new landlord simply won’t allow…