Pet Mice

Pet mice eating

Can Mice Eat Hamster Food | Good and Bad foods for pet mice

Pet mice are such lovely little friends, aren’t they? It is such a delight watching them nibble on their food. However, mice have sensitive digestive systems. It is crucial that as a pet owner, you be watchful of what you feed your pet mouse.  Mice are omnivorous. Meats and plants are both fair game in […]

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mouse eating strawberries

Can pet mice eat strawberries?

If you have a pet mouse or pet mice, then you probably want to know what to feed them. You can and should purchase pet food in order to meet their nutritional needs. However, many pet owners also like providing a variable diet to their mice. This often brings up the question about which foods […]

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pet mice eating

What do pet mice eat? Mice Diet Guide

What do pet mice eat? Check out this complete guide to pet mice food and diet for the answers to all of your questions. Mice are omnivorous. What that means is that they eat both meat and vegetation much the same way that people do.  Your pet mice should have a diet that includes store-bought […]

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can mice eat spinach

Can Mice Eat Spinach? Is it Good For Them?

One of the most adorable pets to have in your home from the rodent family is a mouse. If you’re an admirer of rodents, a mouse will be your best buddy. Friendly, active, and intelligent, pet mice can become great members of families. Can mice eat spinach? Similar to humans, mice are primarily omnivores. Mice […]

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Do pet mice attract wild mice into your home

Do Pet Mice Attract Wild Mice Into Your Home?

There is plenty of company out of doors for wild mice. They have no reason to come inside looking for more. Rather, wild mice are attracted to homes in their quest for shelter, food, and somewhere safe from predators, where they can live. So we ask the question… Do pet mice attract wild mice into […]

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bar spacing

Bar Spacing For Mice: What Size Spacing Should My Cage Be?

One of the most important aspects of a mouse cage is the spacing between the bars.  To keep your mouse secure, the bar spacing should be no more than ¼ inch. This is just enough to allow them to see and breathe freely. When the bars are placed too far apart, mice find themselves able […]

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what is torpor in mice

What Is Torpor In Mice?

You doubtless know that some animals hibernate. Lesser-known is the ability of some animals to go into torpor. This is a ‘deep-sleep,’ much like hibernation, but short-term. What is torpor in mice? We’ll explain! Some animals will go into torpor as much as a few times today. The purpose of torpor is to allow animals […]

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do pet mice hibernate

Do Pet Mice Hibernate? Reasons | How | Why | Where | Pet Mouse

Many animals hibernate: bees, bats, bears, skunks, and more. Mice are not one of them. They are energetic year-round! In fact, the activities of mice don’t change much in the wintertime at all. They still forage for food, explore, find mates, and raise young. To warm up, they return frequently to a special, warmly-made burrow.  […]

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mice and water bowl

Can Mice Drink From A Bowl? Should They Use A Bottle

Some larger animals, like cats and dogs, can use a water bowl effectively. When it comes to small animals, like mice, this is not so often the case. In fact, can mice drink from a bowl? Yes, But mice should not drink from a bowl, ideally.  Mice absorb water from their food and therefore don’t […]

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pet food storage container

Best Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Review 2019

Keeping pets isn’t cheap and pet food prices have risen over the past few years. So, ensuring the pet food you buy stays fresh for longer we suggest using an Airtight Pet Food Storage Container. Most pet food, as you will know, has a strong odor and can attract insects and flies. These will quickly […]

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Father And Son Watching Pet Hamster

What Do Mice Need In Their Cage? 5 Things Mice Needs

Mice are tiny animals with a lot of personality. Some may be uncomfortable with the idea of mice, due to their association with wild mice, as pests.  Pet mice are actually a different breed altogether; one created for both beauty and their sociable, docile nature. These are aptly named Fancy Mice. While wild mice tend […]

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pet mice

Mice As Pets Pros And Cons: 7 Reasons You Should Buy A Pet Mouse

You have probably seen mice at pet stores before and wondered if mice as pets are a good idea?. A lot of these are what are called “feeder mice”, which means they are bred to feed other animals at the store. These mice, while still cute, do not compare to Fancy Mice, which are bred […]

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