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rabbit in a cage

What To Put In The Bottom Of A Rabbit Cage |5 Best Solutions

When it comes to what to put in the bottom of a rabbit cage, there is something you will want to be aware of. This is that rabbit feet are extraordinarily sensitive. To protect their delicate feet from undue strain, the proper flooring is imperative. Otherwise, your rabbit is sure to experience discomfort and pain….

rabbit hutch and run

How Big Should A Rabbit Cage Be? ( Size and Dimensions )

In days gone by, people kept rabbits in a small hutch in the garden and only allowed them out to exercise during the day when it suited the owner. However, we now realize, that keeping rabbits locked in a small environment can be detrimental to their physical and mental well-being. A rabbit cage should be…

rabbit jumping

How High Can Rabbits Jump? (Stop them escaping!)

Have you ever wondered, how high can rabbits jump? They can jump a whopping four feet high, though most of the time they’ll jump no higher than two. They simply need the proper motivation to jump the entire four. Perhaps they’ll see something that could make a nice snack. Or, maybe they’ll simply become bored…

outdoor rabbit run

Best Outdoor Rabbit Run | Buyers Guide and Review

Rabbits can be kept indoors or outdoors and will be happy enough in either situation, the key thing to keep in mind however is that rabbits need plenty of exercise on a daily basis.  If you give your rabbit the run of the house then that is perfectly fine, there is no issue with a…

rabbit in a hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2022 | TOP 7 Reviewed

As a pet rabbit owner, getting one of the best outdoor rabbit hutches is essential. Unlike the indoor cage, outdoor hutches allow the rabbits to enjoy the fresh air. Many owners consider building their hutches. Though it is a good idea, considering the pre-made hutches is a better one. These hutches are a safe sleeping…