wet rabbit

Can Rabbits Get Wet | What can happen if your bunny gets wet?

When I first started to keep rabbits I was told never to get him wet – Mr Nibbles, that’s his name. I was never really told why and I always thought that they could die if they do get wet. Is this true, Can rabbits get wet and will they really die if they do?…

rabbit in a bath

Do Pet Rabbits Need Bathing | Should You Bathe Them?

Do pet rabbits need bathing? We look into this and ask if you should bathe them. Rabbits are, in fact, very tidy creatures naturally. Thanks to this, they do not require baths very frequently. Still, there are times that you should indeed bathe your bunny.  Usually, this will be if your rabbit has become obese…

sad rabbit

Do Rabbits Cry? Do Pet Rabbits Cry Tears And Why

As pet owners, we loathe to see our beloved pets cry. It’s absolutely heart-breaking, seeing your baby crying and not being able to do anything about it. Rabbit owners out there may be wondering, do rabbits cry? Rabbits cry, but not usually in a way that we humans see it. They are capable of crying…

cute grey rabbit

Why Do Rabbits Thump | Fear | Stress | Anger ?

You’ve been noticing your pet rabbit thumping his feet more often than usual these days, and you’re concerned. Should you take him to the vet? What’s happening? Is he alright? We explore the reasons why rabbits thump and come up with some suggestions for you. There are many different reasons why, but for the most…

rabbit sat on straw

Do Rabbits Need Bedding? Which Is Best And Why

While bedding, for rabbits is not a strict necessity, it has a lot to offer as far as comfort and hygiene. This means that, when it comes to the question, ‘do rabbits need bedding?’ the answer is basically ‘yes’.  Do rabbits need bedding? In the wild, rabbits live in dens, also known as warrens. This…

hay rack

Do indoor Rabbits Need Bedding? What’s Suitable And What’s Not!

In the wild, rabbits live in what are known as warrens, or dens. These are holes that they find or dig in the ground. They line the dens with leaves, fur and other natural materials that are soft, warm and springy.  But what about indoor rabbits, do they need bedding? Yes, indoor bedding serves to…

two rabbits drinking milk

Can Rabbits Drink Cows Milk? What Are the Implications?

For many pet owners, their pets are their absolute pride and joy. That means giving their pets only the very best: the best foods, the best toys, the best beddings. And then it comes to what to feed their pets, many owners swear by one of the most common types of milk: cow’s milk. If…

rabbit on a lawn

How To Stop Pet Rabbits From Digging Up The Lawn

How do you stop your pet rabbits from digging up the lawn? In this article, we’ll tell you how to determine the root problem and figure out a good method to stop them from digging.

rabbit eating strawberries

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

Rabbits are well-known to enjoy a variety of produce. There are also some fruits, veggies and other plants that will affect them harmfully. So, checking whether strawberries, in particular, are safe for rabbits to consume is a wise move. The answer to your question, Can rabbits eat strawberries? Rabbits can indeed eat strawberries – in…

cup of tea

Can Rabbits Drink Tea | Is It Safe Or Harmful?

For many people, drinking tea is a quiet, pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Add some biscuits to the mix, and it’s surely a very relaxing afternoon indeed. The answer to this question is not so straightforward. While tea does provide some health benefits to rabbits, there are some ingredients in certain teas that can…

two rabbits eating spinach

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach? | How Much | How Often | Benefits

Spinach is a leafy green that few rabbits would say ‘no’ to. It may seem to be a fine and natural thing to feed to your bunny. But can rabbits eat spinach without any consequences? Rabbits can indeed eat spinach. There is a catch, though, spinach contains high amounts of oxalates. These are toxins that…

pet food storage container

Best Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Review 2019

Keeping pets isn’t cheap and pet food prices have risen over the past few years. So, ensuring the pet food you buy stays fresh for longer we suggest using an Airtight Pet Food Storage Container. Most pet food, as you will know, has a strong odor and can attract insects and flies. These will quickly…