Do cockatiels miss their owners?

cockatiel and owner

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If you are wondering if cockatiels miss their owners, the answer is that these lovely birds certainly do! Relationships are a big thing for these little parrots with big hearts and loads of antipodean charm.

Cockatiels form strong bonds with other birds in the wild and will certainly form a strong bond with their owners if treated with kindness and shown love and affection. They recognize your voice, footsteps, and body motions before you have even entered the room. When you leave they will miss you so remember not to leave them for long periods of time or they will get lonely.

Read on to learn more about how cockatiels make great companions and why it’s important that you provide them with the care and attention they crave. 

Looking for a characterful pet that will make a faithful friend?

Cockatiels are friendly and engaging little birds with distinctive plumage and bags of personality that make them a great pet for owners of any age.

They are known for their intelligent and inquisitive nature and are well known for their ability to talk and perform tricks.

Caring for a cockatiel definitely makes a satisfying pastime and you will be amazed at how much you both learn about each other. 


Cockatiels attach strongly to their owners

If you are away from your little friend for a few hours, you will be delighted with the exciting reception you will receive on your return. Flapping with their crest stood on end, hopping across the cage, and climbing the bars is typical, along with joyful chirping that holds nothing back!

They will recognize your sounds, your face, and your voice and will be listening out for you even when you are not in the room.

A cockatiel is not shy about letting you know that they appreciate your company and are very much like puppies in their affection and need for proximity and closeness. 

Cockatiels provide companionship

Elderly people often love the company of a cockatiel as they can be and provide hours of entertainment as they learn tricks and respond to light-hearted conversation.

They will be more than happy to hang out with you outside of the cage and perch on your finger or shoulder while chattering away. If you have the quality time to invest in the daily interaction they need you will be delighted with how they thrive.

Also if you are receiving a cocktail that had a previous owner, you need not necessarily worry about being able to build a good relationship as they are able to adjust and bond to new owners well. 

Make sure you are ready to be a faithful friend to your pet cockatiel!

Because cockatiels are so sociable, it is really important that you do your best effort to provide them with the company they need. If you have a lone bird that is by itself for long periods it will eventually become listless and lonely.

A sad cockatiel can stop eating and even starve. It’s no surprise as in the Australian outback these birds live in large and lively flocks. Therefore it is a good idea to purchase a pair so they always have the company they need. 

Rounding up

Cockatiels are a great choice for a pet that you can build a great relationship with. Yes, they will miss you when you are away, but with a commitment and investment of time spent with your bird you will have years of fun with these quirky and cute parrots. 

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