Do Guinea Pigs Bite? ( Why And How To Stop It )

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That cute fluffy Guinea piggy you have can sometimes nibble on your fingers. It shouldn’t hurt as they normally don’t use their teeth. If it starts, and if this happens often, take it as a sign that something is wrong.

So, do guinea pigs bite (how to train them not to)?

The first part is clear. Guinea pigs, although rarely, might bite you. The training process is fairly simple. Letting them know you’re a friend followed by treats, will convince them they probably shouldn’t chomp down on your fingers.

And we answer the main questions about why they would do so and what to do about it.

Is my guinea pig biting me?

First, you should make sure that your guinea pig is actually using its teeth. What often happens is called ‘mouthing’. This means your guinea pig is just curious about your taste. And this is nothing to worry about.

Mouthing may also happen when you’re hand feeding your fluffy little friend. You can write it away as excitement, however, when teeth become involved, and the biting becomes more frequent, your guinea pig is trying to tell you something.

Why is my guinea pig biting me?

There are several reasons that may cause this type of behavior in your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are naturally docile creatures. They are friendly and generally easy-going, but each guinea pig has its own personality features that make it special.

The best way to learn the basics about your guinea pig is to ask the person you adopted the animal from. And doing some research online or talking to people who also have these cuties, can help you get a clearer picture of what type of behavior to expect.

Of course, nothing works like spending time with your guinea pig and seeing how it interacts with you, other animals, and the world around it.

And to learn what is causing your guinea pig to bite you, you can ask yourself a couple of questions.

Is my guinea pig afraid?

Fear is a strong factor that affects behavior in all animals. So, make sure your guinea pig has no cause for alarm.

There are several things that may scare your pet.

Most often, it is the smell of other pets, more precisely cats and dogs. If you had contact with a cat or a dog prior to handling your guinea pig, it can become anxious due to the lingering scent of these naturally predatory animals.

And it can bite you to defend itself or to escape.

Washing your hands after petting a sweet dog on the street or your friend’s kitty is the best way to ensure your guinea pig doesn’t become frightened.

Another reason that may cause a nervous behavior that leads to biting can be a noisy environment. Or, if you have other pets, your guinea pig may feel threatened by them.

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In most of these cases, you don’t need to train your guinea pig, but take precautions and limit or eliminate possible causes of fear.

If your guinea pig seems afraid of you, it may be because it’s young and unaccustomed to people handling it, but it may also be because of the way you’re treating it. Always make sure your pet has enough space, don’t interrupt their feeding and potty time, and be on the lookout for noisy elements in your home.  

Is my guinea pig in pain?

Your guinea pig has a limited number of ways to communicate with you. And when it’s in pain, there is no faster way to let you know than by showing you how it feels with its teeth.

Make sure you’re not squeezing it so much to cause discomfort. If it’s not because of the way you’re holding your pet, then it may have hurt itself or developed an illness. When biting becomes frequent, with no other possible causes, take your guinea pig to the vet immediately.

Is my guinea pig happy?

Most guinea pigs are social animals, so having two of them is the best way to ensure your pets are having the best time.

Sure, spending time with you is great, and for some guinea pigs, it may be enough. But if you notice your pet showing signs of loneliness, by biting the bars of its living area for example, then this means it wants a friend. And this type of behavior is all the more prevalent if your pet isn’t neutered.

Providing lots of space should be a given. But don’t forget enrichment, like toys and puzzle treats. All the things that will make your pet happier.

How to train your guinea pig not to bite?

Training comes into play when your guinea pig is biting because it’s scared of you. For other causes, we have covered the most probable solutions.

The best way to ensure your guinea pig is not afraid of you is to show it affection and be kind. Following this with treats will let them know they can trust you.

Controlling your own behavior will in turn help with a seemingly feisty guinea pig. Wash your hands, refrain from sticking your fingers inside their cage, and think about all we covered above to make sure you know the reason for your pet’s behavior.

How bad does a guinea pig bite hurt?

First you need to understand the difference of mouthing, which is just tasting you, and biting, which uses teeth. If a guinea pig is mouthing you, it is painless. If a guinea pig bites you, their teeth are probably going to break skin and you may even need stitches.

Are guinea pig bites common?

No, guinea pigs rarely bite. If they are biting, you should take a look at how they are being handled and if they appear to be well taken care of. Guinea pigs will normally only bite out of fear or stress.

Where should you not pet a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs love a scratch behind the ears, but they don’t like it when you pet the opposite direction their fur is growing, and many guinea pigs don’t like their stomachs exposed so you can pet them. Putting your guinea pig on their back to rub their belly might end up with a bite.

How often should I hold my guinea pig?

Once your guinea pig is comfortable with you, you can decide how long you want to hold your guinea pig for. Guinea pigs love attention, so you can hold them for hours until they need to eat or poop.

Can you train a guinea pig not to bite?

Yes, you can train your guinea pig not to bite by teaching them they don’t need to be afraid of you. You’re a lot bigger than a guinea pig, so if they are new to your home they might feel a little threatened by you. Give them treats, talk to them, and let them warm up to you.

Final Thoughts

If any animal or pet bites in anger then there must be a reason for this and Guinea Pigs are not different.

Knowing the reasons behind your guinea pig’s bites and acting accordingly will ensure you both live in a happy and stress-free environment.

A happy Guinea pig will not use their teeth to bite your hard.

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