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When thinking of an exotic pet bird, the frist thing that comes to mind for most people will be a brightly colored and long tailed parrot. Parrots can come in may different colors, with some being as many as 4 different colors along with markings around their eyes.

However, there are other pet birds than can be considered exotic. Whether for their song, their appearance, or their behavior, many birds can be considered exotic when compared to wild birds.

Exotic birds are a great conversation starter, as well as a closely bonded pet.

#1 Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Possibly the most striking bird for its appearance, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon has thin feathers that come out from its head that then expand at the end.

The feather resembles mini versions of a peacocks feathers, and are used in the same way—for showing off to the females.

The fanned feathers give the effect of a crown that sits atop the head of this large bird. This is sure to be an exotic addition to a home.

Many people seldom see a bird as interesting as this. They are hard to come across and will be quite expensive to buy.

They prefer to spend time on the floor rather than on a perch.

For this reason it is important to give the Victoria Crowned pigeon an area of floor space to run around in.

Whether it is a room in your house or an outside enclosure, be sure that they have solid footing. They will only fly up to perches when they are frightened or disturbed.

#2 Hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth Macaws

What makes this bird exotic is its size and rarity. At 3ft long from head to tail feather, the Hyacinth Macaw is a favorite for avid bird keepers and collectors.

They can cost up to 10,000 dollars and have to be kept in an aviary due to their large size. 

The Hyacinth Macaw has dark blue feathers with yellow markings around its eyes and beak.

They stand out against most backgrounds and are an imposing sight to look at. Despite their size, they are very gentle birds, that will form strong bonds with owners.

#3 Golden Conure / Golden Parakeet 

Golden Conure

This strikingly yellow and green bird is beautiful. They are large birds that are actually endangered. While procuring them from the wild is prohibited, you can buy one bred in captivity.

These birds are deemed exotic because of their striking coloring and rarity. 

They are social birds that will need some interaction from their owners. They can be trained to perform tricks such as certain movements or vocalizations.

These birds are a favorite because of their goofy personalities and their beautiful color.

#4 Owl

pet owl

Believe it or not, some people actually keep owls as pets. This worrying trend is not good for the owls who have adapted to living out in the wild.

Because owls are nocturnal, keeping them as pets to view during the daytime can really mess with their body clock.

Owls kept in captivity in zoos and menageries are monitored to make sure their welfare is paramount. Keeping an owl yourself will be extremely difficult to maintain, as they need live food, a high perch, and a sleeping arrangement for day time.

You will not be able to see your owl during the day, without causing real distress to it.

Although owls are beautiful and interesting animals, please don’t try and keep one as an exotic pet.

#5 Cockatoo


Cockatoos are a type of exotic bird that is recognised for its feathers that stick out from its head. These feather can come in many different colors.

The most exotic or rare variety of cockatoo is the Black Palm Cockatoo, which is mostly grey, with black feathers sticking up from its head.

These birds are considered exotic because of their unique feather patterns. They are kept for their appearance around the world.

The Salmon Crested Cockatoo is an example that is a light pink color with dark orange plumage protruding from their head like a quiff.

Cockatoos are highly intelligent but may struggle to replicate human speech rather than other noises they hear.

This repeating of noises is a form of audial camouflage that birds use to confuse potential predators. The habit can be trained using positive reinforcement. 

#6 Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

This is probably the type of bird you would expect to be sitting on a pirate’s shoulder. Typically they come in a glorious red color, accented with green and blue feathers.

Different varieties of macaws exist with the Red And Green Macaw being the heaviest, at around 2.5 lbs. 

These birds are large as well as colorful. They need ample space and a good amount of exercise.

Because of their large size they will also need more food than your average bird. Before you consider getting a macaw, make sure you have read up on their needs.

#7 Emu


The Australian Emu, standing at as much as 6 ft is becoming more and more popular to keep as a pet. Experts advise that you allow them an area for running around such as a paddock, that is fenced off to avoid them escaping. An Emu can tun as fast as 31 miles an hour!

Keeping an Emu as a pet will require a license in most countries around the world. Keeping them as pet may feel more like a full time job rather than a hobby.

This is because they need an enclosure that is large enough, that contains dust, mud, and water for them to clean themselves.

Emus are no doubt one of the most exotic birds out there. They are the second-largest bird alive today, just behind the ostrich.

They will no doubt get people interested, but remember to check on the legality of keeping them, and whether you really have the time or means to do so.

Final Thoughts

Getting a pet bird just for how exotic it is might come with some problems. Birds each have their own characteristics that will shine through anyway. Don’t just get a bird for its looks or rarity, think about what is best for the birds as well.

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