Funny Things that Parrots Say

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One of the most iconic attributes of Parrots is the fact that they can seemingly talk! If you have spent any time on the internet, or own a Parrot yourself, you may have seen some hilarious video clips of the funny things that Parrots can get up to and what a great time they can be.

Within this article, we will go over some of the funniest things you might hear from your Parrot as well as a little information on why they say the things they say.

Imitating Ambient Noises

If you have a noisy household, as many people do, you may have noticed that your Parrot has started to copy some of these noises and repeat them, much to everyone’s amusement!

This could be anything from the sound of your coffee maker to the sounds of water dripping, to the creak your doors make when they are opened.

A Parrot will hear these noises and mimic them which can be very confusing when you suddenly hear the phone ring, only to find out that the source of the noise is in fact your pet!

Making the sound of an alarm and shouting ‘ STOP, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED’ is one line from a Macaw featured on Youtube recently.

Repeating Lines from Movies and TV Shows

For people who like to chill out and watch shows or movies on their favorite streaming services in their living room, one unexpected outcome from this could be that you have noticed your pet Parrot has started to repeat some of the lines or even the theme songs from your favorite shows!

This can be an extremely funny thing to have to happen and will certainly give anyone a chuckle. Gone are the days when you needed to record your TV for later, just have your Parrot do it for you!

Tricking you with an Alarm tone

One thing that can make for an unwelcome surprise is to have your Parrot mimic your alarm tones from your phone or alarm clock that go off every morning.

The notorious alarm tone you have grown accustomed to can strike fear into the hearts of many people, but we are sure you’ll see the funnier side of things when you come to realize that it was your precious Parrot all along.

” Time to wake up” is a common saying. Combined with an alarm clock buzzer sound

Pretending to be your Smart Device

With Smart Devices becoming ever more popular, such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home, many people are now relying on these devices the manage their daily lives.

But imagine if you had not in fact been communicating with your Alexa and it was instead your Parrot!

This is a story that many Parrot owners are familiar with nowadays and can make for some of the most hilarious antics with your pet.

Some have even found their Parrots talking to their Smart Devices which can cause some frustrating, but ultimately entertaining, scenarios.

My favorite saying is in the video below. The owner goes to stroke the bird and he moves away and says ” Don’t touch me ”

Watch for the line ” Don’t touch me ” Hilarious

Why do Parrots do this?

The reason for the mimicking that Parrots perform is that they are social animals and will try and communicate with their surroundings and the things and people in them.

If your Parrot is very trusting of you then they will try and talk to you by repeating things they have heard either from you or maybe even your television, as they see you as part of their flock.

They may not understand what they are saying all of the time, but with positive reinforcement and training, you can train your Parrot to turn these mimicked words and sounds into proper communication so they can tell you when they are hungry or want to play!

Final Thoughts

As you will know, Parrots are intelligent and curious animals that can give you some great laughs and fun times. Whether they are pretending to be your Alexa device, or are repeating a line they heard on the last episode of the Simpsons you watched, Parrots can provide excellent entertainment.

Hopefully, this article has been useful in showcasing some of the funny things that parrots can say as well as why they happen to do this.

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