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guinea pig eating green beans

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Beans? Are they beneficial

If you own a guinea pig you know that they enjoy being given occasional tasty treats. These treats are key to ensuring that they always …

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Hutch and Cage 1

9 Best Birds to keep in a Small Apartment

If you live alone or are a small family looking for an affordable and easy to manage first pet, owning one in a smaller property …

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stressed parakeet

Can a Parakeet Die of Stress? Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

As a parakeet owner, one of the heartbreaking things to endure in this beautiful journey is your beloved pet’s sudden, overnight death. Now that may …

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parrot destroying it's cage

Top 5 Most Destructive Pet Birds

While most pet birds do have fairly tame tempers, some can become very irritable and even destructive when they don’t receive the right amount of …

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backyard chicken

Keeping Backyard Chickens | 7 Pros & Cons to consider

Getting some chickens sounds like an amazing idea and can provide a real slice of the agrarian lifestyle in even the most urban of environments. …

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rabbit jumping

How High Can Rabbits Jump? (Stop them escaping!)

Have you ever wondered, how high can rabbits jump? They can jump a whopping four feet high, though most of the time they’ll jump no …

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cute hamster

Can Hamsters Sneeze? ( Why do they sneeze )

Hamsters do sneeze and it’s actually something you should keep an eye on. It can be a sign that things are not well and your …

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parakeet with owner

7 Best Parakeets for a First-Time Keepers

A sight for sore eyes! Why parakeets are a delightful pet. If you are looking for a pet that is great company, easy to care …

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mouse eating strawberries

Can pet mice eat strawberries?

If you have a pet mouse or pet mice, then you probably want to know what to feed them. You can and should purchase pet …

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