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chickens in snow

Do Chicken Coops Need Heat? ( Temperatures & Heater Options )

Chickens are generally quite well adapted to deal with varying temperatures and can cope with colder temperatures much easier than a human can.  In fact, …

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guinea pig

Why is My Guinea Pig Scared of Me?

Perhaps you just got a new guinea pig and you’ve noticed they can get skittish and timid around you. You may be wondering if it’s …

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pet mice

Pet Mice Facts: 11 Facts Why You Should Keep Pet Mice

Mice make popular pets for many reasons. They are cute to look at, soft to pet, fun to play with, and, when they feel safe, …

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Chickens eating

Can Chickens Eat Raspberries? ( Healthy diet option )

Raspberries can be commonly found in many home gardens, but is it okay for your chickens to eat them? In short, the answer is yes! …

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hamster in a cage

Why Do Hamsters Throw Their Poop?

Hamsters will throw their own poop for several reasons, with poop throwing a common behavior for their species. Some of the most common reasons for …

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What is a Group of Ferrets Called?

Fittingly, a group of ferrets is called a business. This is because they are so very busy, hunting, playing, or exploring new territory. Ferrets are …

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hamster on a book

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hamsters: #4 Is Interesting!

You may be surprised to know a few things about hamsters. We have all seen them, either at pet stores or at friends’ homes. They …

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hamster eating an apple

Can Hamsters Eat Apples? ( Any risks to be aware of )

If you’ve got a hamster or have ever looked after one, you’re probably already aware of how much they love fruit, but what about apples? …

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gerbil sitting on a hand

How Big Do Gerbils Get? Size | Growth Rate | Lifespan | Time Scales

Interested in getting a new small and furry pet, like a gerbil? Or perhaps you already have one, but are just interested to see how …

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