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gerbil lifespan

How Long Do Gerbils Live ( Lifespan Factors )

When owning a pet, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is how long the pet is expected to live in …

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Christmas Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Rabbit Lovers | 11 Best Gift ideas

If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a friend or family member that’s mad about bunny rabbits, then we have you covered. This …

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smelly hamster

Do Hamsters Smell? (The truth about the smell)

When considering owning a pet, even one as small and low maintenance as a hamster, one of the most important factors that many people consider …

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Hamster eating

Can You Overfeed a Hamster? Quantity | Portion Size | Feeding times

When it comes to owning furry little pets, diet is one of the most important factors that you need to get right to ensure they …

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hamster care

Do Hamsters Need Sunlight? ( Any health Benefits )

When getting a pet hamster, it’s easy to cover essential requirements like diet, sleep, and exercise as there is plenty of information available online for …

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Black rabbit

Black Rabbit Breeds | 11 Black Pet Rabbit Breeds

Buying a new pet rabbit is so much fun. Looking at all those cute and fluffy bunnies and hoping to spot one that attracts your …

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raven bird as a pet

Can You Have a Raven as a Pet? 7 Things to Consider

Do you know anyone that has a raven for a pet? These strangely beautiful birds have a very split reputation, with some people admiring their …

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pair of Lovebirds

Types of Lovebirds | 9 Amazing Lovebird Species

Lovebirds are often referred to as pocket-sized parrots and their vibrant colors, sociable natures, and reputation for being great companions means that Lovebirds are one …

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pair of love birds

Lovebird Lifespan – How Long Do Lovebirds Live?

If you are considering getting the sociable, affectionate, and widely popular lovebird as a pet (or perhaps you already own one of these loveable creatures) …

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