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prevue 528 cage

Prevue 528 Hamster Cage Review 2021

If you’re thinking of buying or making a new home for your beloved Hamster or Gerbil there are a few options for you to consider …

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parrots flying

How Far Can a Parrot Fly? ( Distances and Timescales )

If you have an interest in the environment and animals, you will have probably seen some of the popular nature documentaries that showcase things like …

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chicken and fat balls

Can chickens eat fat balls? ( Is it good for them )

If you are wondering whether your chickens can eat the traditional fat ball treats that are fed to birds and poultry, the answer is yes, …

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friendly guinea pig

What Breed of Guinea Pig is the Friendliest?

Guinea pigs are perhaps the ultimate pet due to their shape, habits, and disposition. And just like dogs, different breeds of guinea pigs have their …

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Do Rabbits Get Depressed? 7 Common Reasons Why

Rabbits are an incredibly special pet. They build bonds with their owners and bring a lot of happiness. This is not just due to their …

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rabbit playing with toys

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings

Toys for rabbits are a thing? You bet! Bored bunnies are often bad bunnies. Most rabbit owners do understand that rabbits can be a handful. …

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is aspen beeding safe for mice

Aspen Bedding For Mice: Is it Safe and Easy to Clean

Getting a cage ready for your mouse is a pretty big deal. You will want to keep them warm, clean, and give them somewhere to …

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rabbit in snow

Do rabbits hibernate in winter | How to prepare for it!

Rabbits are animals that do not tolerate extreme temperatures; whether that be the cold of the winter or the heat of summer, if it’s extreme, …

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can hamsters eat grapes

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes? ( Do they provide goodness? )

Hamsters are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plants. Grapes are a fruit that is high in sugar content, which may be harmful to …

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