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hamster in a blue cage

7 Items That Must Be On Your Hamster Supply List

Hamsters are distinguished from other rodents by their little ears, stubby legs and short tails. Adorably, when they eat, they stuff their cheeks, much like …

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parakeet in a nest box

Do Parakeets need a nest box? ( Rest, Sleep, Breeding )

If you’re preparing to get a pet parakeet, you may be pondering over whether or not your parakeet needs a nest or nest box. Knowing …

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Smartest Pet Birds | Top 7 Most Intelligent Birds

Bigger isn’t always smarter! Some of the most intelligent birds are very small and even kept as pets. Birds show their intelligence in lots of …

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Do Macaws Need Cuttlebone?

Do Macaws Need Cuttlebone? ( Benefits of cuttlebone for Macaws)

Figuring out exactly what macaws need in their diet can be tricky. While seeds contain lots of nutrients, they are lacking in a very important …

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chicken eggs

Can a chicken produce eggs without a rooster?

Chickens and eggs go together but can a hen lay eggs without a rooster?  Thankfully this riddle has a very simple answer. Yes, a chicken …

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chicken on a nest of hay

Can You Use Hay for Chicken Bedding | Is it food or bedding?

If you’re a first-time chicken owner, deciding what bedding to use for your chickens can be a daunting task. For even the experienced ones, switching …

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rabbit sat on straw

Do Rabbits Need Bedding? Which Is Best And Why

While bedding, for rabbits is not a strict necessity, it has a lot to offer as far as comfort and hygiene. This means that, when …

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Can Parrots Eat Meat

Can Parrots Eat Meat (Unnatural diet?)

This is probably going to come as a shock to most, but parrots – the more than 350 different species of birds classified as parrots …

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night time mice scene

Are Pet Mice Nocturnal? Will they just sleep all day!

Pet mice are shy creatures that make fun pets once they get used to you. Mice exhibit behaviors that almost mimic human social dynamics. Their …

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