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Can Hamsters Eat Almonds

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds ( Safe Nut for Hamsters?)

Nuts seem the sort of food hamsters should be able to safely enjoy, so can you feed your hamster almonds? Yes! You can. Hamsters enjoy …

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smelly hamster

Do Hamsters Smell? (The truth about the smell)

When considering owning a pet, even one as small and low maintenance as a hamster, one of the most important factors that many people consider …

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Do Toucans Have Predators?

Unfortunately, despite their size and fearsome-looking beaks, toucans do have predators. These are not just on land, but also crawling through the trees, and in …

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Hamster keeping warm

How to Keep a Hamster Warm? (Protect & Prepare for winter)

The winter months are finally here. This means we all need to get our cozy sweaters and warm blankets out for the chilly days and …

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two guinea pigs

How To Get Your Guinea Pig To Love You: 7 Easy Steps

We all love our little critters – that’s why we take care of them, after all. But unfortunately, not all guinea pigs are affectionate towards …

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Holding a guinea pig

How to Pick Up a Skittish Guinea Pig

So you have a cute and cuddly little guinea pig and you want to play with it. There’s only one problem, it doesn’t like being …

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chicken farmer with a chicken run

Cheap Chicken Runs | Top 3 Backyard chicken runs

Chicken runs are a crucial item needed to ensure that your chickens have enough room to roam around and exercise but also so that they …

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lots of guinea pigs

Should Guinea Pigs Live Alone? ( No one likes loneliness )

Guinea pigs are extremely cute pets that have great personalities and behaviors. Watching your guinea pigs play and interact with each other can provide hours …

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geo birdcage

Dome Birdcage | Geo Birdcage Review From Omlet

There is no denying that when you think of bird cages you automatically picture a standard wire cage with no noticeable design or functional features …

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