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chicken eating blackberries

Can Chickens Eat Blackberries? Here’s What You Need to Know

Unlike most pets, chickens are not picky about what they eat. In fact, it’s entirely the other way round in most cases. While layer feed …

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Can Birds See Through Glass? ( There’s a Simple answer )

One thing you may have encountered during your life is the unfortunate event of a bird colliding with a glass window. Obviously, with glass being …

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Baby guinea pig pup

Raising and Caring for Young Guinea Pigs

You may have already been taking care of an adult guinea pig. That experience will come in handy, but you will need to learn to …

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guinea pig eating grass

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass Clippings?

Have you wondered, ‘can guinea pigs eat grass clippings?’ They eat hay, which is a type of grass, after all. Actually, guinea pigs can’t eat …

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Friendly Pet Birds

7 Friendly Pet Birds | Most Affectionate Pet Birds

Nobody wants an aggressive pet birds, Right? So , I can see why you would want to search and look for the most Friendly Pet …

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rabbit in a hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2021 | TOP 7 Reviewed

As a pet rabbit owner, getting one of the best outdoor rabbit hutches is essential. Unlike the indoor cage, outdoor hutches allow the rabbits to …

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Best Guinea Pig Hay

Best Guinea Pig Hay 2021 (Is There a Difference? )

Do you have a guinea pig and you’re unsure which type of hay is best to feed them? Guinea pigs are cute, small animals that …

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rabbit sitting in a hutch

Can Rabbits Eat Newspaper? (Why or Why Not?)

Newspaper is a popular material used to line rabbit hutches because it’s inexpensive and readily available in large quantities. Some people also enjoy the idea …

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ducks and rabbits

Ducks And Bunnies (Can They Live Together?)

If you’re an avid animal lover, it is likely that you will want more than one pet. That’s great; there should be more people who …

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