7 Most Talkative Birds

Some birds can mimic sounds, and even talk. Some are chattier than others with varying vocabulary, However. plenty of patience, and heaps of interaction are required to train a bird to talk.

2. Raven

Ravens are known for accomplishing unimaginable feats.  But they are also good at mimicing and understanding human speech. They can also mimic other sounds such as sirens. Impressive, right?

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3. Cockatoo

Cockatoos are known for their affection but there is something else they are good at, talking.  Although slower when compared to to the African Grey or Parakeet, they can learn an average of about 30 words.

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4. Parakeet

Parakeets are highly food motivated and using treats is the best way to teach them to speak.  However, they tend to mimic what they hear other than speaking from comprehension.

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5. Amazon parrot

Thanks to their intelligence, Amazon parrots can learn to sing, whistle and talk.  They have great vocals and are more prone to singing when happy

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6. Indian Ring-Neck Parakeet

This incredible bird can mimic sounds just like any other bird in this list.  In fact, this bird has been said to repeat overheard prayers in the gardens of India.

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7. Macaw

The Macaw is a highly colorful bird that can also learn to talk.  In fact, getting a Maca w to stop mimicking voices, making noise or talk is trickier than the vice versa. Whether it is actual words jibberish or squawking, they can do it all.

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