7 Amazing Macaw Facts

They chew a lot


Macaws chew on about anything, just like some dogs but one that can fly. Ensure you provide lots of chew toys for this bird.

They are Loud


Macaws are extremely loud and use screams and squawks for communication. You need to pay attention to what they say.

They Fly Fast


Macaws can reach flying speeds of up to 40 Mph or 64 Kph They can go for flights of up to 15 miles a day in search of food.

Can be Territorial


Although they are friendly, Macaws can get territorial or dominant towards other pets at home. 

Macaws are different


No two Macaws are the same. Each bird has a unique facial pattern and other features that make them different.

Eye color can change


The color on Macaws' eyes change over their lifetime. They start as dark gray of black, gain more color, turn brownish and finally yellow.

Have Bone tongues


Macaws have a unique feature, their tongues have bones. These tongues are also hard and scaly externally to help get the most of what they eat.

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