What is a Group of Parrots Called?

group of parrots

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A group of parrots creates a lot of noise and color. Doubtless, for this reason, a group of parrots is called a ‘pandemonium’ as well as a flock!

Are Parrots Sociable With Each Other?

Parrots are some of the most sociable birds out there. They’re sociable not only with each other but with people with whom they’re familiar. This is why, as pets, they’re incredibly popular (along with their color, which also makes them highly sought-after).

In fact, parrots bond deeply with friends and mates and are monogamous (which means they generally have one mate for life).

To communicate with each other, parrots will wiggle their tail feathers and squawk.

What is a Group of Parrots Called?

The specific name for a group of parrots is a ‘pandemonium,’ although you may also refer to them as a flock. This name aptly describes the pandemonium that a group of parrots can create, with flapping, squawking and a veritable rainbow of color! 

There are typically 10-30 birds in a parrot pandemonium or flock. As pets, parrots may or may not get along, so be careful how you pair.

It’s best to give the most compatible breeds, genders, ages, etc. a double check. For example, young birds are more likely to learn to get along with each other!

What is a Female Parrot Called?

Female parrots, like chickens, are called ‘hens.’ This is a very common name for female birds, in general. Among female parrots, territorial fighting, squawking, and even beaking can be an issue. Use care when you pair. 

How to tell male and female parrots apart depends on the species, as some will require a DNA test while others are sexually dimorphic.

This means that the physical difference between the two is clear. For example, the rings on male Ringneck Parrots are much darker!

What is a Male Parrot Called?

Like male chickens, a male parrot may also be called a cock. With most parrot breeds, you won’t be able to visually tell the difference between a parrot hen and a parrot cock.

Many are quite similar in markings and color. For this reason, a DNA test is often called for.

There are exceptions, such as the Eclectus Parrot, however! These look so different, they were long thought to be a different species altogether. Eclectus parrot females are red, and the males are a bright green color. 

What is a Baby Parrot Called?

A baby parrot is simply referred to as a ‘chick.’ In the wild, baby parrots are typically born in a classic tree nest. Some parrots also nest underground, or in the hole of a tree (like screech owls).

Parrot hens typically lay 2-8 eggs at a time, several times a year. The chicks are fluffy, scrawny, and not too pretty, embodying the story of the ugly duckling. In time, they will gain the beauty and vibrant color parrots are known for!

So, the next time you see a group of parrots, you’ll know to call them a ‘pandemonium’ as well as a flock. The females are referred to as hens, the males as cocks, and the young as chicks.

Parrots are quite sociable and hang out in sizable, rowdy pandemoniums together!

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