Learn more about keeping rabbits as pets in your home. Rabbits make wonderful pets if you know how to care for them correctly. Learn more about pet rabbits by reading our care guides.

my rabbit

Why Does My Rabbit Have Cold Ears?

Rabbits have very unique ears and while humans ears may serve only the purpose of hearing, rabbits ears do so much more. However, without understanding their many functions, it can be worrying to touch your rabbit and discover that this ears are very cold; but is this normal? In the main, a rabbit with cold […]

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Do all rabbits have white tails?

The classic image of a bunny rabbit is only complete with a fluffy cotton-white tail bobbing about as it frolics across a field. But, does every rabbit have a white tail, and if so why? Read on for the intriguing answer and insights about this key rabbit adaptation that makes rabbits excellent survivors. So, do […]

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rabbit whiskers

Do rabbits have whiskers? ( What are they used for )

If you are wondering if rabbits have whiskers, yes they do! Rabbits do indeed have whiskers. These whiskers, more formally termed vibrissae, are hairs that protrude from the nose, mouthparts, and cheeks of the rabbit. Vibrissae are a special type of hair found in mammals that are distinguished by their length and highly developed follicles. […]

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When do baby rabbits get teeth?

If you are wondering when do baby rabbits get teeth, you won’t have to wait long at all. Though these incredibly cute kittens are born without teeth, most will have grown them within two to three weeks after birth (19 to 21 days). It’s exciting to handle and look after babby rabbits. They are incredibly […]

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wild baby rabbit

What to feed a wild baby rabbit

Have you found a wild rabbit that needs to be fed? It is not uncommon to encounter a lone litter or single baby rabbit when walking the dog out in the country or hiking your favorite nature trail.  If you do find a wild baby rabbit, your first thoughts are likely to be how you […]

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How do you know if your rabbit is sleeping?

If you’re peeking into the hutch (again) and want to be absolutely sure that your bunny is sleeping check for these 5 key signs that a rabbit is sleeping: Your rabbit will be well and truly sprawled out. When your rabbit feels safe and secure they can unwind and let everything go! These sleeping rabbits […]

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baby rabbits

When Do Baby Rabbits Leave The Nest In The Wild?

Rabbits are incredibly interesting animals and while many are kept as pets, there are thought to be around 37,500 wild rabbits in the UK alone. In China, the rabbit population is at almost a quarter of a million making this the most populated country for wild rabbits. We can tell a lot from the behaviour […]

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rabbit with owner

How Good Is A Rabbit’s Memory? ( You’ll be surprised )

Most people see a rabbit and imagine that these are rather simple creatures that don’t have much going on upstairs. If you have recently adopted a bunny, you might be wondering whether your pet will remember you and how good her memory is and you may be surprised at just how well rabbit’s minds work. […]

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Best Rabbit Hair Clippers

Rabbit Hair Clippers (Buyers Information)

If you have a long haired rabbit like an Angora Rabbit or a fuzzy lop rabbit then you’ll understand the need for electric hair clippers. Our rabbits are free-roaming rabbits in a secure grassed area safe from predators. Which is lovely for them, However, it’s not so good for their fur. You will often see […]

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rabbit paw pads

Do Rabbits Have Paw Pads? (Potential Paw Problems & Solutions)

Rabbits have paws that are completely devoid of any pads. Owing to the absence of pads, their paws need an extra bit of protection as they are extremely susceptible to injuries and infection. However, most breeds of rabbits contain a furry covering on their paws that fulfills the need for paw pads to some extent. […]

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rabbit per carrier

Rabbit Carriers (Top 5 Reviewed 2021)

Looking to buy a rabbit carrier? You might be wondering what to look for when buying a rabbit carrier. There are many different types of carriers and they can vary in price, size, and material. It’s important to know which type you need before making your purchase! Rabbits are fragile creatures that require special care. […]

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Holland Lops

Best Rabbit Food for Holland Lops

Holland Lops are a type of rabbit that is bred for its small size and large ears. They have been around since the 1800s, but they are still relatively new to many pet owners. Holland lop rabbits need special care because their diet can be different than other breeds of rabbits. If you want to […]

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