Learn more about keeping rabbits as pets in your home. Rabbits make wonderful pets if you know how to care for them correctly. Learn more about pet rabbits by reading our care guides.

angry rabbit image

Why Do Rabbits Grunt? What Do All Those Rabbit Noises Mean?

Learn why rabbits grunt and what the different noises mean

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How To Safely Clean Your Rabbit's Feet

How To Safely Clean Your Rabbit’s Feet

Rabbits are incredibly clean animals and you will find that they maintain themselves most of the time. However, for whatever reason, you may find that your rabbits feet sometimes become stained and dirty and your pet can’t manage the clean themselves. It is essential to keep in mind that rabbits are very delicate animals and […]

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can rabbits eat walnuts

Can Rabbits Eat Walnuts?

The diet of a rabbit is pretty simple; plenty of fresh hay and a few choice veggies as a treat. In truth, rabbits don’t even need these vegetables since they can quite healthily survive on hay alone. However, pet owners like to offer their bunnies a varied diet and this is fine as long as […]

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Can Rabbits Eat Dried Cranberries

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Cranberries? ( High acid levels )

One of the great things about being a rabbit owner is that you have something of a little vacuum cleaner for all your leftover fruits and veggies. Rabbits are herbivores and love to get their teeth into a variety of plant-based foods. While their diet should consist mainly of hay, offering them a treat of […]

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rabbit being stroked

Why Do My Rabbit’s Teeth Chatter When I Stroke It?

As rabbit owners, it is important to understand the things that you pet is trying to tell you through it’s subtle body language. The thing about rabbits is that they cannot communicate in the way that other animals, like dogs can. But once you get to know your bunny, you will learn to understand how […]

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rabbits drinking milk

Can Rabbits Drink Almond Milk?

For humans that cannot or do not wish to drink cow’s milk, almond milk is a great substitute. It is vegan friendly and very sweet. Since rabbits are herbivores, you might think that this vegetarian option is a good drink to offer your bunny as a treat; but can rabbits drink almond milk? Rabbits have […]

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ducks and rabbits

Ducks And Bunnies (Can They Live Together?)

If you’re an avid animal lover, it is likely that you will want more than one pet. That’s great; there should be more people who are willing to take on animals and provide them with a happy home. However, there are some animals that will live together better than others, for example rabbits and ducks. […]

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rabbit looking at water

Can Rabbits Swim? (Is Wet Fur Safe For Rabbits)

Rabbits are wild animals and as such, you may think that they would have the ability to survive in any way they need to. This might include swimming to get from point A to point B. However, it isn’t very often that you would see a rabbit taking to the water and you have to […]

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group of rabbits

What Do You Call a Group of Rabbits?

Rabbits are sociable creatures, and they tend to hang out in groups of around 20. A group of rabbits is most often referred to as a colony, although they may also be known as a herd or even a ‘fluffle’ (a fitting term that is relatively new). In the wild, rabbit colonies will forage together, […]

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rabbit binking

What Is A Rabbit Binky? (Rabbit Binky Explained)

If you own a pet rabbit, you have probably seen her do some rather questionable things. These are very unique creatures that have some equally unique traits, albeit incredibly cute. If you have ever seen your rabbit jump into the air and twist her body in a very strange fashion, you’ve just seen a rabbit […]

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brushing a rabbit

What Is Rabbit Moult? ( Symptoms & Treatments)

When you initially take on your adorable baby bunny, he will have thick soft coat that is incredibly pleasing to touch. However, as your rabbit gets a little older, this baby coat will shed and his adult fur will replace it. But for new bunny owners, the sudden moulting of their pet can be a […]

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rabbit hutch and run

How Big Should A Rabbit Cage Be? ( Size and Dimensions )

In days gone by, people kept rabbits in a small hutch in the garden and only allowed them out to exercise during the day when it suited the owner. However, we now realize, that keeping rabbits locked in a small environment can be detrimental to their physical and mental well-being. A rabbit cage should be […]

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