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Will Groundhogs Eat Cat Food?

Cat food isn’t recommended for groundhogs, as it’s very high in carbs (from fillers). To attract groundhogs, there are some much more suitable food options.

Types Of Hawks Found Living In The US

Types Of Hawks Found Living In The US (With Images)

Here are listed 15 types of hawks you can see in the United States. These are well-known wild birds across America. Which one do you like the most?

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Can Foxes Climb Trees ( And Get Inside Your Backyard?)

Foxes have been known to have the ability to adapt to various challenging situations due to their ingenuity and agility.

mourning doves

Where Do Mourning Doves Sleep At Night?

Where do mourning doves sleep at night? Is it in their nests? Let’s take a closer look.

wild bird eating nuts

Can Wild Birds Eat Almonds?

Almonds are also made up of trace elements and minerals that birds require as a healthy diet. That is why they are considered one of the healthiest foods birds can consume.

feeding birds

Can Birds Eat Chocolate? (Read Before Serving!)

Should you feed birds chocolate? What are the risks and pitfalls of feeding the treat to wild birds.

bird eating

Can Birds Eat Raisins?

Birds have an expansive diet that consists of small insects, seeds, worms, nuts, and small fruits. Birds can eat raisins as well. They eat raisins the same way they eat similar dried fruits like currants and sultanas. If anything, wild birds are known to be very fond of raisins. Raisins are grapes that have been […]

fox looking at a rabbit

Do Foxes Eat Rabbits? (Wild and Pets)

Foxes have an incredibly diverse diet, as they are omnivorous, meaning they can eat anything they can get their paws on.Let’s see if theu eat rabbits.