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Do Gerbils Have Tails?

Do Gerbils Have Tails? Yes, depending on the species, these lovely rodents have either a long-furred tail or a long bald tail. The number of …

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owner bonding with her parrot

How to get your parrot to trust you? ( Build a strong bond )

Parrots are easy pets with a great personality. However, it breaks your heart when your parrot doesn’t return you with the same affection you shower …

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Guinea Pig Bed

Best Guinea Pig Bed 2021

Do guinea pigs need a cozy bed? Guinea pigs are social animals and enjoy living in groups. They also like to be warm, so they …

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Colorful Parrot

Colorful Parrot Species | 7 Most Colorful Parrots

Some of the most popular parrots are actually some of the most colorful pet birds often kept in captivity. Hence the popularity of owning these …

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Can Gerbils Eat Dandelions? How to Feed Your Gerbils Dandelions

Mostly, gerbils should eat pellets from the pet store. These are well-balanced nutritionally. This is not to say that your gerbil cannot have a snack. …

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pet mice bedding

What bedding is safe for pet mice?

With so many different options for bedding material available it’s often a little confusing. Trying to balance cost against the best product for your mouse …

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can guinea pigs and rabbits live together

Can Guinea Pigs And Rabbits Live Together?

If you’ve ever had both of these cute and cuddly creatures at the same time, you’ll know just how tempting it is to make guinea …

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a pair of finches

How Many Finches Can You Put in a Cage?

Finches of all kinds make fantastic pets, but you do have to be careful about how you keep multiple birds not only in one home …

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How do you know if your rabbit is sleeping?

If you’re peeking into the hutch (again) and want to be absolutely sure that your bunny is sleeping check for these 5 key signs that …

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