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rabbit eating bananas

Can rabbits eat bananas? Good or Bad for them!

There is no doubt that one of the most popular fruits in the world is banana. Besides having a special sweetness and exquisite taste, it …

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Can rabbits eat celery? Give celery to bunnies or not!

Are you considering introducing celery into your rabbit’s diet? Great. Remember that whenever a vegetable or new food is given to an animal, it is …

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brushing a guinea pig

Do Guinea Pigs Shed? Stop Shedding Fast!

Guinea pigs make for some truly lovely pets, with their cute faces, and their thick, pretty hair. You may wonder, looking at all of that …

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lady smelling a pet mouse

Do pet mice smell? Control Odor in a mouse cage

As a first-time pet owner, learning your pet’s habits can be an uphill task. Whether you are a cat parent or you keep a dog, …

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Do Chickens Eat Their Own Eggs? Why? What does it Mean?

Scientists have successfully decoded the mystery of ‘Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” riddle. The answer is an egg! But there’s an …

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a rabbit eating popcorn

Can rabbits eat popcorn? Treat or Harmful

Popcorn is a popular snack known for its rich in fiber, low in calories, and contain more iron than spinach, eggs, and even peanuts. But …

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guinea pig eating a tomatoe

Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes? Benefits & Risks

Tomatoes are vegetables full of many valuable vitamins and minerals. There are endless recipes for tomato dishes, and it’s no wonder that they are some …

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rabbit eating lettuce

What’s The Best Type Of Lettuce For Rabbits?

When it comes to lettuce, your rabbit is probably a fan. This is a tender green that they are known to find quite tasty. However, …

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rabbit in a cage

What To Put In The Bottom Of A Rabbit Cage |5 Best Solutions

When it comes to what to put in the bottom of a rabbit cage, there is something you will want to be aware of. This …

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