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chickens in snow

Can Chickens Freeze to Death? (Cold-Weather Guide)

Winter can be a difficult time to care for outdoor animals. When looking after backyard chickens, these colder months can cause problems to arise that …

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rabbit in ahutch

Is Rabbit Urine Harmful to Humans?

Without any doubt, Rabbits are one of my favorite pet animals. Their tenderness and affection are remarkable. But, when dealing with animals, you have to …

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lionhead rabbit

Lionhead Rabbit: Diet | Size | Breeding | Housing

What adjectives would you use to describe a rabbit? Cute, adorable, and angelic? What about ‘majestic’? No? Perhaps you haven’t met a Lionhead rabbit. Lionhead …

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budgie in a cage

What’s The Average Lifespan of a Budgie?

Before anyone commits to the responsibility of owning a pet, they will want to know just how long they are going to have to spend …

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Can Rabbits Eat Parsnips | Cooked or Raw

Rabbits are obligate herbivores, which means that they should only strictly consume plant-based food. But it’s not as simple as it sounds—not all greens and …

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chickens eating a tomatoe

Can chickens eat tomatoes | Tasty Treat or Staple diet?

You’ve likely noticed that chickens are notaries for eating just about anything you give them, or more commonly, anything they happen to find for themselves …

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chickens pecking a hole in an egg

Why do chickens peck holes in their eggs?

Chickens pecking holes in their eggs might at first seem like an innocent action by a curious creature, they are natural foragers and will, therefore, …

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rabbit in a hutch

Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 2020 | TOP 7 Reviewed

As a pet rabbit owner, getting one of the best outdoor rabbit hutches is essential. Unlike the indoor cage, outdoor hutches allow the rabbits to …

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hen eating out of someones hand

Can Chickens Eat Cheese? | Cheese & Dairy Products

When we think of who should be eating cheese, chickens are mostly not on that list. Cheese is a typical delicacy among other animals, particularly …

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