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talking to a parrot

Birds that can Learn to Talk | 7 Best Talking birds

There are many birds that like to mimic sounds, and even talk. Some are more chatty than others or have a bigger vocabulary, however. You …

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best small talking birds

Small Talking Birds | 9 Best small birds that talk

Small birds are inarguably extra-cute. What’s more, some of them can mimic words and even phrases. Just know that any bird must have heaps of …

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10 Things you should know before buying a Pet Mouse

Mummy I want a pet mouse! Is probably the words most parents don’t want to hear when they ask their child what pet would they …

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pet mouse

How long do pet mice live? Lifespan | Life expectancy

A small and cute pet mouse can be a highly entertaining pet, and you can spend hours watching them play if you create a wonderful …

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Hutch and Cage 1

Top 7 Most Expensive Pet Birds ( Which do you want?)

Our round-up of the world’s top-flight pets! Have you ever wondered what kinds of pet birds are kept by the rich and famous? The acquisition …

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parakeet with owner

7 Best Parakeets for a First-Time Keepers

A sight for sore eyes! Why parakeets are a delightful pet. If you are looking for a pet that is great company, easy to care …

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Hutch and Cage 2

9 Best Birds to keep in a Small Apartment

If you live alone or are a small family looking for an affordable and easy to manage first pet, owning one in a smaller property …

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protecting chicken eggs from snakes

How to protect your chickens and their eggs from snakes

Chickens have many predators, and that can be a problem. One of them is the snake, which is a very unexpected and stealthy animal and …

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silver fox

9 Unusual Backyard Pets (Very Uncommon Pets)

Did you know that you can have a pet Silver Fox?  There are also certain part-wildcats you can adopt, like the Savannah or the Bengal. …

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