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hamster sleeping

Do hamsters play dead?

Your pet hamster is a fluffy, golden furball of happy energy. He loves to play and he provides you with hours of delight as you …

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hamster in a cage

Why Do Hamsters Throw Their Poop?

Hamsters will throw their own poop for several reasons, with poop throwing a common behavior for their species. Some of the most common reasons for …

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can pet mice eat amlonds

Are Almonds Safe for mice? (Food & Nutrition for Mice)

Ludo is a beige pet mouse. You can find him nibbling away on a whole roasted almond on YouTube. He’s a cute little guy who’s …

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pet mice bedding

What bedding is safe for pet mice?

With so many different options for bedding material available it’s often a little confusing. Trying to balance cost against the best product for your mouse …

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cute hamster

Can Hamsters Sneeze? ( Why do they sneeze )

Hamsters do sneeze and it’s actually something you should keep an eye on. It can be a sign that things are not well and your …

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Holding a guinea pig

How to Pick Up a Skittish Guinea Pig

So you have a cute and cuddly little guinea pig and you want to play with it. There’s only one problem, it doesn’t like being …

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Guinea pig at night

Can Guinea Pigs See in the dark? ( Vision at night )

Can guinea pigs see in the dark? The truth is that no one is certain how well guinea pigs can see in the dark, but …

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Hamster keeping warm

How to Keep a Hamster Warm? (Protect & Prepare for winter)

The winter months are finally here. This means we all need to get our cozy sweaters and warm blankets out for the chilly days and …

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Quaker Parrot Facts

11 Quaker Parrot Facts & FAQ’s

Quaker parrots are energetic, beautiful, and interesting birds. Their fun personalities and ability to talk makes them a common choice for a house pet and …

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