Eglu Cube is a large chicken coop

Eglu Cube chicken coop Review 2022

A major innovation is uncommon when it comes to pet and animal housing as the basics have stood the test of time, so it is a welcome surprise when something new and distinctive hits the market, and for poultry too! You can put down the chicken wire and tacks and get a look at the […]

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best chicken coop review 2020

Best Chicken Coop Review – Top 5 chicken coops 2022

There’s never been a better time to take the plunge and keep your own hens! If you are looking for a satisfying and sustainable way of feeding your household, why not keep chickens? Backyard chickens are great fun and your TLC is always rewarded with a clutch of fresh and nutritious eggs. Looking after hens […]

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chicken coop with the owner

Best Chicken Coop for 6 Chickens 2022 review

Many backyard chicken owners keep their chickens as pets with an added bonus… Eggs! With a flock of 6 hens, you will have enough eggs each morning for all the family. This will allow for the odd day where one or two birds do not lay. With the average household having two adults and two […]

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automatic chicken coop door

Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door by Omlet

Keepers of backyard hens are very familiar with the well-worn routine of rising early to open the coop and hitting the backyard at twilight to ensure everybody’s in and the roost is properly secured. For the humble backyard chicken, predators abound so you must be confident that your roost security is up to the task […]

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group of chickens

What is a Group of Chickens Called?

A group of chickens is called a brood, and a group of baby chickens is called a clutch. Females are known as hens, and the male chicken is known as a rooster! Are Chickens Sociable in a brood? Chickens can indeed be sociable and friendly with each other. In fact, they will become quite lonely […]

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transport backyard chickens

How to transport backyard chickens ( Safely )

Transporting your backyard chickens is not a task that owners look forward to, but with the right approach and some helpful strategies you can be road-tripping with your feathered friends in total comfort. In this short article, we will run through how to transport backyard chickens safely with all the tips and tricks need to […]

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backyard chickens

How long do Backyard Chickens live? ( Chicken Lifespan )

When you buy some backyard hens it is important to know exactly what you are getting into. Just like buying a cat, dog, or other pet, owning backyard chickens requires commitment especially as chickens can be remarkably long-lived. The life expectancy of backyard hens If you are wondering “how long do backyard chickens live?”, you […]

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Backyard chickens vs ducks

Backyard chickens vs ducks? ( Key Comparisons )

Chickens versus ducks for your backyard – which way to go? An aspiring domestic poultry owner has literally hundreds of species of chicken, ducks, and other fowl to choose from. One of the early decisions to make if you are set on keeping a flock of your own is whether chickens or ducks will be […]

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chickens and ant

Do Chickens Eat Ants? ( The Facts )

If you know anything about chickens, you’ll know they love to peck around on the ground for tasty morsels. For them this could be a seed, to a bug, to a worm, but does this extend to ants, and should they be eating them if so? Within this article, we will answer the question of […]

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Straight run chickens vs pullets

Straight run chickens vs pullets ( All you need to know)

Populating your yard space with some backyard hens has never been easier, with so many options available for acquiring chickens to raise for meat or eggs. In this short article, we are going to look at buying straight-run chickens versus pullets. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and we hope our breakdown of this issue […]

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straight-run chicken

What is a straight-run chicken?

Looking to fill your coop with a new brood of chicks? Both newbie hen keepers and veterans getting back in the saddle will need to populate their backyard with a suitable number of fluffy friends. Your options for buying backyard chickens range from anything between a clutch of eggs and retired caged hens from a […]

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eagles eat or attack backyard chickens

Do eagles eat or attack backyard chickens?

Just when you thought that you have finished securing the coop from snakes, badgers, bobcats, and other predators, the worry of overhead attacks becomes apparent.  If you live in an area where eagles or other raptors make their home, your chickens could be at risk of being taken or ripped apart.  Eagles are opportunistic predators […]

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