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Sparrow As Pets
Sparrow As Pets
wild bird eating nuts

Can Wild Birds Eat Almonds?

Almonds are also made up of trace elements and minerals that birds require as a healthy diet. That is why they are considered one of the healthiest foods birds can consume.

feeding birds

Can Birds Eat Chocolate? (Read Before Serving!)

Should you feed birds chocolate? What are the risks and pitfalls of feeding the treat to wild birds.

bird eating

Can Birds Eat Raisins?

Birds have an expansive diet that consists of small insects, seeds, worms, nuts, and small fruits. Birds can eat raisins as well. They eat raisins the same way they eat similar dried fruits like currants and sultanas. If anything, wild birds are known to be very fond of raisins. Raisins are grapes that have been…

birds eating Chia Seeds

Do Wild Birds Eat Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are obtained from the desert shrub Salvia Hispanica. The plant is native to Central America. Chia seeds have long been used by wild birds traveling through deserts and for birds that live in dry and semi-arid environments. Chia seeds are safe for birds to eat since they are high in omega-3 fatty acids,…


Budgie Temperature Range | Indoor & Outside Temperatures

Something that many fishkeepers and dog owners are constantly aware of is the temperatures of the pet’s environment. It’s well documented that certain fish need certain temperatures and that dogs can be prone to overheating (hence leaving the window down in cars).  One thing that many pet owners take for granted, however, is the ideal…

prevue parrot cage

Prevue Parrot Cage Review 2022

A market-leading parrot cage with superb craftsmanship and performance Parrot owners who want to invest in a high-quality cage for their Macaw or another large parrot can purchase the Prevue Pet Products Empire Bird Cage, by birdcage manufacturers Prevue Pet Products. This is one of the largest parrot cages on the market and designed to…

parakeet toys

7 Best Parakeet Toys (2022 Picks)

Parakeets or budgerigars are enchanting little birds, full of character and great company. To provide the very best environment for these colorful little creatures you need to provide suitable activities and entertainments that will fill their hours productively.  If you are not sure where to start in selecting suitable toys for your parakeet, were here…


How much does a parrot cost? (2022 USA and UK prices)

The color, vivacity, character, and flair of parrots mean that they will always be in demand as aspirational pets. These engaging creatures, from the psittacine family, come in a range of sizes with a kaleidoscope of color and temperaments to suit most owners.  However, buying a parrot to keep is a significant investment with ongoing…

Types Of Hawks Found Living In The US

Types Of Hawks Found Living In The US (With Images)

Here are listed 15 types of hawks you can see in the United States. These are well-known wild birds across America. Which one do you like the most?

Do Robins and Cardinals Get Along?

Do Robins and Cardinals Get Along?

Do robins and cardinals get along? Find out how these two types of birds interact and how their personalities affect their relationship.

What Do Baby Cardinals Eat?

What Do Baby Cardinals Eat? Baby Cardinal Diet Explained

In this guide, we explain a baby cardinal’s diet, including what types of insects and seeds they eat and how they get their food before becoming fledglings.

When Can You Knock Down Swallows Nest?

When Can You Knock Down Swallows Nest?

Not sure if you can knock down a swallow’s nest yet? Read this first.