Guinea Pigs

Group of Guinea Pigs Called

What is a Group of Guinea Pigs Called?

A group of Guinea Pigs is called a ‘Herd’. However many people give Guinea Pigs their own names like ‘a muddle of guinea pigs’ and even ‘ a blessing ‘ of Guinea pigs. In the past, guinea pigs lived primarily in the wild, and they would travel in groups called ‘herds.’ These adorably tiny herds […]

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guinea pig

Can Guinea pigs get fleas? ( You have to know this )

Is your guinea pig scratching just that little bit too often? You may think that fleas are a problem for cats and dogs and your fluffy pristine little friend could never be a target for those bloodthirsty suckers!  However, (you have to know this) fleas can and will go for anything warm-blooded and that will […]

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guinea pig in the dark

Do guinea pigs like the dark? ( Facts )

One of the best things about owning guinea pigs is the amount of time you can spend enjoying their antics day or night. They love good company too and you may even have encountered them up, about, and ready to play at all sorts of crazy hours! But for any household, the time for fun […]

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skinny pig

How Big Do Skinny Pigs Get ( Why so small? )

If you happen to be looking around for a new pet to bring some joy into your life, you may have considered adding a Skinny Pig to the family. The size of a pet can really make a difference to the impact they can have on your life and what you need to take care […]

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Baby guinea pig pup

Raising and Caring for Young Guinea Pigs

You may have already been taking care of an adult guinea pig. That experience will come in handy, but you will need to learn to care for pups.  Just like you would care for human babies, you need to give special care and attention to the pups so that they not only survive but thrive.   […]

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Guinea Pig Worms or Mites

Guinea Pig Worms or Mites (Spot the Difference and Treat)

When looking after a Guinea Pig, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is that your pet gets infected with a parasite, causing stress for both you and your animal. So, it is important to be in the know in all the ways that you can spot a potential parasite in your Guinea […]

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can guinea pigs eat oranges

Can Guinea Pigs eat oranges ( Too much sugar? )

Just about everyone can appreciate the refreshing flavor of ripe orange on a hot summer’s day. And it is no different for your pet guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can eat oranges safely and love this sweet and succulent fruit as a special treat, so you can feel free to prepare them a serving. However, as […]

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guinea pig hideaway

Guinea Pig Hideaway ( 5 Hideaways Reviewed 2021)

If your Guinea Pigs anything like ours, they love to run away and take shelter in a quiet shaded place in their hutch or run. We have a homemade shelter made out of an old wooden fruit and veg create. But there are some lovely cute ones available online if you just want to purchase […]

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Best Guinea Pig Hay

Best Guinea Pig Hay 2021 (Is There a Difference? )

Do you have a guinea pig and you’re unsure which type of hay is best to feed them? Guinea pigs are cute, small animals that make great pets. We should know we have 4 at home. They need hay to eat and live in order to stay healthy. But what type of hay is good […]

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Guinea Pig Bed

Best Guinea Pig Bed 2021

Do guinea pigs need a cozy bed? Guinea pigs are social animals and enjoy living in groups. They also like to be warm, so they often sleep together for warmth. A cozy bed is an excellent way to provide your pet guinea pig with the comfort it needs. You can find many different types of […]

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Best Guinea Pig Pellets

Best Guinea Pig Pellets 2021 ( Top 5 Popular Brands )

So, You’re looking for the best food for your guinea pig? Pellets or Flake food. I know I was always unsure when I bought my first Guinea Pig several years ago now. Guinea pigs are herbivores and need a diet that is high in fiber. They also need to be fed at least twice a […]

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guinea pig carrier

Guinea Pig Pet Carrier (Top 5 Reviewed 2021)

Have you ever been to the vet with your guinea pig? It can be a little tricky. You need to make sure that they’re comfortable, but also safe and secure. That’s where you need a good pet carrier! There’s a wide variety of styles for different types to choose from, so it can be hard […]

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