7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages

indoor guinea pig cages

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Your home can be the perfect place for your guinea pig to live! A house will provide them shelter from extreme temperatures and the elements, as well as predators, poisonous plants, and the like. 

When they live indoors with you, your guinea pig will be around to interact with frequently. This will effectively socialize them, and help them feel happy, comfortable, and at home.

Of course, an entire house is a bit large for a tiny guinea pig to roam! Not only that, but predatory pets and small children can prove a real risk.


Your curious guinea pig may even get lost, or get into a poisonous houseplant accidentally. 

The solution? An indoor guinea pig cage! A quality cage will allow you to create the perfect living environment for your guinea pig, in the safety and convenience of your home.

What To Look For To Find The Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

Fortunately, there are many excellent indoor guinea pig cages available now! To find the best one for you, there are some aspects you will want to take into consideration.

These include the amount of space in the cage, the cage material, its level of security, how easy it is to clean, and more.

The Amount of Space In The Cage

When it comes to finding the proper cage, its size is one of the most important aspects of all.

Guinea pigs are active little creatures naturally. In the wild, they travel in herds. They spend their days grazing, grooming, frolicking, and the like. 

In captivity, they should be able to do the same! For a single guinea pig, the cage should be no smaller than 7.5 square feet in size. Closer to 10 square feet is ideal. 

With a multi-level cage, you can give your guinea pig more room to climb and explore. You can also separate guinea pigs that do not get along particularly well. 

The Cage Material

The best indoor guinea pig cages are crafted from a combination of plastic and metal. Plastic is the ideal material for the cage bottom. It is easy to clean, due to its slippery surface. Plastic is also durable and waterproof. 

The bars, on the other hand, should be made from strong metal, such as iron or steel. This is because your guinea pigs may decide to give them a chew.

Metal will be much more difficult for them to sink their teeth into, and discourage them from gnawing at the cage itself. Even the most willful chewer will not be able to get through iron or steel!

Metal bars also serve to keep out predatory pets, small children, and the like.

Make Sure Your Guinea Pig Will Be Safe and Secure

Some cages are more durable than others. This will often be mentioned in reviews and the like. 

However, when it comes to larger pets, like dogs, most cages will not be up to the task. You should always endeavor to keep predatory pets and small children away from the cage, as they can prove a very real risk.

Cleaning The Cage

As you probably know, guinea pig cages must be cleaned quite often. A spot-clean a day is recommended, along with a deep-clean once to twice a week. This in mind, you will certainly want the chore to be easy and quick! 

First off, the cage should have a bottom that is water-proof. The cage itself should not absorb odor or liquid in any way.

To streamline cleaning, some cages come with a removable tray. This is ideal. Other cages have wide access doors, to allow you to easily swab every corner and nook.

What Should You Put In Your Guinea Pig Cage?

Needless to say, a guinea pig cage is not much use if it is empty! There are a few key items that every proper guinea pig cage must have.

First off, any cage would be a cold and lonely place without bedding in which to burrow. Bedding is a necessity in order to keep the cage hygienic, warm, and comfortable!

Luckily, there are many bedding types to choose from. Quality paper and aspen wood shavings make a great pick. They are absorbent, affordable, and safe (toxin-free, allergen-free, etc.).

Your guinea pigs will next need a fresh water supply. A water bottle and steel spigot is recommended, as they will almost always make a mess of a water bowl. 

Guinea pigs must also have constant access to fresh hay. This is what the primarily eat in the wild, as it contains many of the nutrients that they require (such as fiber).

Frequent chewing also helps keep the continually-growing teeth of a guinea pig in check.

This in mind, your playful guinea pigs must have a few good toys as well!  Pet stores will often sell aspen wood sticks or blocks that are perfect for them to chew.

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages

1. Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 2

The Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest is a #1 best seller! The cage is crafted from wire mesh. This allows you to watch your little pet go about their day, and promotes optimum airflow as well.

The top of the cage allows for multi-access and is foldable and removable. In fact, the adaptability of this cage is perhaps its most noteworthy feature!

The modular design of the Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest allows for various configurations, which enable you to expand and customize according to your whim. 

Another unique feature is the cage bottom, which is covered in PVC-lined canvas. Most cages have flooring made of plastic or mesh.

This canvas alternative provides exceptional traction and cushioning for guinea pig feet, which are delicate and sensitive. It is also durable, removable, washable, and leak-proof.

For one guinea pig, this cage has a good amount of room, at 8 square feet, with sides that are 18” high.

In a nutshell, this cage is both extra versatile, and extra comfortable, with great ventilation and airflow!


  • Great ventilation and airflow
  • A good size for a single guinea pig, at 8’ with walls that are 18” high
  • Versatile
  • Multi-access
  • Modular design
  • Exceptional traction and cushioning for guinea pig feet, which are delicate and sensitive
  • Canvas floor is durable, removable, washable, and leak-proof
  • Strong wire mesh


  • Once this cage is set up, it can be hard to move
  • Predatory pets may pose a risk (place the cage out of reach)
  • The canvas is something pets may chew


2. Living World Deluxe Habitat

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 3

The Living World Deluxe Habitat has a classic, mesh design. In all good cages, mesh or bars are a necessity, to promote optimum ventilation and airflow. 

The cage features a unique little balcony, where your guinea pig can relax. On the balcony is a handy, tip-proof, affixed bowl. You can fill this with pellets, treats, or the like. The space underneath serves as a cozy hideaway nook.

This cage even comes with a hay guard and a water bottle that is drip-proof. Indeed, it is clear that, in this cage design, convenience is the goal! Every aspect of the cage is designed with practicality and simplicity.

Even the assembly is easy: just snap some clips on and off. Fill the generous base with fluffy bedding, and your guinea pig will have a comfortable, ultra-classy place to live.


  • A perfect starter cage
  • Hay guard
  • Balcony
  • Hide-Away 
  • Water bottle that is drip-proof
  • Convenience
  • Easy assembly
  • Tip-proof affixed bowl
  • Good ventilation and airflow


  • Determined predatory pets are a risk (place the cage out of reach)
  • The bars are something some pets can chew


3. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, Dark Gray

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 4

This indoor guinea pig has an extraordinarily large bottom (6 and ¼”), designed to hold plenty of bedding, toys, and more! This cage will also give your guinea pig lots of room to play, burrow, and relax.

As a bonus feature, the Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, Dark Gray comes with an additional platform, which is 18’’ long and 12 ⅜ wide.

This creates a lovely spot for your pet to lounge and offers them a better view. A little (14 ½” long and 4 ½”) ramp grants critters access to the platform, and is safely slip-proof. 

Tight ⅜” wire spacing will prevent your little buddy from escaping, or becoming stuck. The spaces between the bars also allow for the proper ventilation and airflow.

The theme of this indoor guinea pig cage is definitely space-efficiency! Fill up the generous cage bottom with fluffy bedding, a water bottle, chew toys, and other necessities, with room to spare!

Cage set-up is simple: the mesh is clip-on, and can easily be attached and made secure. 

Reach your guinea pig through one of the two large entryway doors, which are located on the top and side. The plastic bottom is durable and waterproof. Each door has a latch lock. 

All in all, this is a very roomy, high-quality cage, and a solid buy!


  • Exceptionally large bottom
  • Platform
  • Ramp
  • Good ventilation and airflow
  • Cage set-up is simple
  • Bottom is plastic, and durable and waterproof
  • Each door has a secure latch lock


  • Cleaning beneath the platform is said to be a bit tricky
  • Predatory pets may prove a risk (place the cage out of reach)


4. AmazonBasics Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 5
7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 6

The AmazonBasics Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories has a wireframe and PP plastic base. The frame is ultra-strong and can help protect against small predatory pets, like cats, ferrets, and the like.  

The frame has precise bar spacing, to contain your guinea pig and create the proper ventilation and airflow.

The strong bars are chew-proof, and the PP plastic bottom is durable, flexible, and water-proof. You can access your guinea pig simply and without hassle, through the large front doorway or fully opening roof. 

One of the most-mentioned aspects of this cage is how easy it is to clean! The bottom effectively contains bedding, litter, and the like. 

With the AmazonBasics Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories, your guinea pig can enjoy access to a hay guard, a balcony, a hideaway, and a water bottle that is drip-proof.

Affixed to the balcony, there is even their very own stationary bowl. 

This indoor guinea pig cage will provide your little buddy everything they need to get started, and more!


  • Has successfully repelled cats (still try to place the cage out of reach) 
  • Non-drip water and food bottle


  • The standard cage option is a bit on the small even the large model
  • The hay guard sometimes comes loose


5. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 7

This deluxe indoor guinea pig cage is, in a word, enormous! At 47.16L x 23.62W x 19.68H, it provides a large living space, with plenty of room for fluffy bedding, toys, and more. 

The 5.5” base has ample room for holding bedding and litter, so they will not accidentally spill. 

You can even expand this cage further, as it is compatible with extensions to create a bigger enclosure.

There are two extension options available: an add-on wire litter and nesting area, and an add-on wood hutch. You can attach these to either side of the cage, as you desire (both are sold separately). 

The MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit will ensure that your guinea pig has plenty of room to stretch, play, and relax! 

The front of the cage has two wide doors that can be lifted entirely. This grants easy access for cleaning, interactions, and the like.

Powder-coated wire makes up the top of the cage, with 1-inch mesh spacing for optimum ventilation and airflow.


  • Extra spacious so that your guinea pig can stretch, play, and relax
  • Deep base
  • Expandable 
  • Two extension options: an add-on wire litter and nesting area, and an add-on wood hutch
  • Optimum ventilation and airflow
  • Sturdy, powder-coated wire mesh


  • Possible durability issues over time
  • Predatory pets may prove a risk (place the cage out of reach)


6. Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 8

This 30-inch long guinea pig cage is another fantastic starter choice. The cage comes with a platform, a hideaway, a hay guard, a water bottle, and a bowl. Just stock the hay guard with hay, fill up the water bottle, make the cage comfy with bedding, and you are ready to introduce your guinea pig to their new home!

The front and side doors open fully, to allow you to interact with your pet easily, and to make cleaning simple. 

The deep 6-inch base holds bedding and litter effectively, so it will not accidentally spill. Your guinea pig can access a hideaway through a cute little tunnel located under the platform. There are latches on the side that are easy to lock. 

In a nutshell, this is a classic indoor guinea pig cage that will help keep your guinea pig secure and taken care of!


  • A great starter cage
  • Deep 6-inch base
  • Platform
  • Hideaway
  • Hay guard
  • Secure latch lock


  • On the small side (you will need to let your guinea pig out often for exercise)


7. Prevue Hendryx 522BLUE Small Animal Tubby

7 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages 9

The Prevue Hendryx 522Blue Small Animal Tubby, Blue is true to its name, with a tubby 6 and ½” bottom. This is great for containing bedding and litter, as it will make sure that they do not accidentally spill. The tubby bottom also creates more room for toys, tunnels, and the like. 

To assemble, all you need to do is attach the wire mesh to the base. Thanks to the handy plastic clips, this is easy and quick! 

The cage is colorful blue. A top opening and a front opening door make interacting and cleaning a simple task.


  • Powder-coated mesh
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to clean
  • Tubby bottom
  • Easy assembly
  • Colorful blue
  • Cleaning is simple


  • On the small side (you will need to let your guinea pig out often for exercise)


two guinea pigs
Where possible always provide an outside area to play


Q: Can you keep guinea pigs indoors?

A: Yes! Just make sure that they have a proper cage, and set it up somewhere protected from loud noises, pets, and so on. In fact, keeping your guinea pig in an indoor cage can be ideal.

Q: Will guinea pigs use multi-level cages?

A: Yes, guinea pigs love to climb and explore! They can do this more in a cage that is multi-level. Additionally, in some multi-level cages, you can block off each level separate guinea pigs that don’t get along well.

Q: Do guinea pig cages need a top?

A: That depends. In a home without predatory pets or small children, this can be okay! Otherwise, your guinea pig will be at real risk. To protect from the elements, predators, and the like, outdoor cages or hutches must always have a roof.

Q: How big of a cage do I need for two guinea pigs?

A: 7.5 square feet is the smallest cage any single guinea pig should have. You will want at least 10.5 square feet for a guinea pig pair, though more space is sure to be welcome!

Our Winner: Editor’s Choice

There really are some cages that have it all! Of these 7 fantastic guinea pig cages, we have a clear winner: the MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit!

This huge guinea pig cage (at 47.16L x 23.62W x 19.68H) has all of the space that an energetic guinea pig could dream of.

You can even expand it further, with two extension options: an add-on wire litter and nesting area, and an add-on hutch. These are both practical, and adorable! 

The big front doors make cleaning the cage and interacting with your guinea pig easy. Finally, this cage has a 5.5” inch base, deep enough to hold all of the accessories you desire!

You can stock this cage with bedding, toys, tunnels, a guinea pig house, and more. Your guinea pig will still have room to play, groom, and relax.

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