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rabbit being stroked

Why Do My Rabbit’s Teeth Chatter When I Stroke It?

As rabbit owners, it is important to understand the things that you pet is trying to tell you through it’s subtle body language. The thing about rabbits is that they cannot communicate in the way that other animals, like dogs can. But once you get to know your bunny, you will learn to understand how…

names for groups of animals

What is a Group of Animals Called?

There are so many different types of animal group names. Let’s show you some popular ones.

rabbits drinking milk

Can Rabbits Drink Almond Milk?

For humans that cannot or do not wish to drink cow’s milk, almond milk is a great substitute. It is vegan friendly and very sweet. Since rabbits are herbivores, you might think that this vegetarian option is a good drink to offer your bunny as a treat; but can rabbits drink almond milk? Rabbits have…


What is a Group of Ferrets Called?

Fittingly, a group of ferrets is called a business. This is because they are so very busy, hunting, playing, or exploring new territory. Ferrets are very inquisitive and fun-loving animals, and they make lovely pets. They prefer companions and should live in a pair (or more). Are Ferrets Sociable With Each Other? Ferrets are extremely…

ducks and rabbits

Ducks And Bunnies (Can They Live Together?)

If you’re an avid animal lover, it is likely that you will want more than one pet. That’s great; there should be more people who are willing to take on animals and provide them with a happy home. However, there are some animals that will live together better than others, for example rabbits and ducks….

what is a group of pet mice called

What is a Group of Mice Called?

Adorably enough, a group of mice is called a ‘mischief.’ Mice are group animals, and will groom, play, etc. You’re unlikely to find one that doesn’t belong to its own, and there are about a dozen to two dozen mice in each mischief. Are Mice Sociable With Each Other? Mice are highly sociable creatures, with…

group of parrots

What is a Group of Parrots Called?

A group of parrots creates a lot of noise and color. Doubtless, for this reason, a group of parrots is called a ‘pandemonium’ as well as a flock! Are Parrots Sociable With Each Other? Parrots are some of the most sociable birds out there. They’re sociable not only with each other but with people with…

automatic chicken coop door

Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door by Omlet

Keepers of backyard hens are very familiar with the well-worn routine of rising early to open the coop and hitting the backyard at twilight to ensure everybody’s in and the roost is properly secured. For the humble backyard chicken, predators abound so you must be confident that your roost security is up to the task…

group of gerbils

What is a Group of Gerbils Called?

A group of hamsters is called a clan, and it’s made up of the family of a primary, mated pair! Are Gerbils Sociable With Each Other? While hamsters are notoriously territorial, gerbils are actually very sociable with one another. In fact, they are much happier in a group or pair. A solitary gerbil will be…

group of chickens

What is a Group of Chickens Called?

A group of chickens is called a brood, and a group of baby chickens is called a clutch. Females are known as hens, and the male chicken is known as a rooster! Are Chickens Sociable in a brood? Chickens can indeed be sociable and friendly with each other. In fact, they will become quite lonely…

rabbit looking at water

Can Rabbits Swim? (Is Wet Fur Safe For Rabbits)

Rabbits are wild animals and as such, you may think that they would have the ability to survive in any way they need to. This might include swimming to get from point A to point B. However, it isn’t very often that you would see a rabbit taking to the water and you have to…

ring neck parakeet

Rose-Ringed Parakeet Complete Care Guide

Having a pet is one of the most significant commitments that you could undertake. It requires a lot of time, dedication, and care, regardless of the type of pet you have.  And although caring for pets can be time-consuming and expensive, you will have a life-long companion. Bird keeping has become very popular in modern-day…