Do Raccoons Eat Bananas? (Is That Their Favorite?)


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Raccoons are notorious for eating just about everything, including both meat and plant-based foods, and this includes all types of fruits and vegetables.

But if you’re wondering if raccoons eat bananas and if this fruit is their favorite, the answer is “yes.”

Because bananas are sweet and easy to eat, not to mention nutritious for the raccoons, they are a very popular food item for raccoons and many other animals. Keep in mind that raccoons prefer easy-to-get foods such as nuts, berries, and veggies, rather than hunting for birds and other mammals to eat, making bananas the perfect food for them.


Raccoons Eat Bananas and Other Foods That Are Good for Them

To survive and thrive, raccoons need a varied diet, which generally includes nuts, eggs, insects, protein sources such as shellfish and reptiles, and which includes fruits such as bananas.

For raccoons, bananas are easy to eat, easy to find, and packed with the nutrition they need to be healthy.

The sweet taste of bananas makes them a food that is indeed one of a raccoon’s favorite foods, but they also get the benefit of eating a food that is good for them and helps them grow.

Bananas are also never bad for raccoons, especially if they are already eating a varied diet filled with all types of foods.

And if you’re wondering what some of the other foods are that seem to be favorites for raccoons, the list includes fruits, nuts, frogs, and crawfish.

They have also been known to hunt and eat vertebrates such as ducks and chickens, but remember that raccoons are opportunistic eaters, so they always prefer foods that are easy to find rather than foods they have to hunt and kill first.

In fact, raccoons’ favorite foods all tend to be plant-based, even though they are certainly not strict vegetarians. In addition to fruits such as bananas, they also love berries, walnuts, and acorns.

Should You Feed a Raccoon Bananas?

Now that you know that bananas are good for raccoons, does that necessarily mean that they should be fed bananas regularly?

Bananas are certainly not bad for raccoons and other animals, but they are also not native to the raccoons’ habitat. Think of it this way: raccoons love bananas partially because they taste so good, and they believe bananas are a great treat to enjoy whenever they can.

Most raccoons, in fact, do not always get the opportunity to eat bananas, so they look forward to eating them whenever they can.

raccoon eating a banana

But keep in mind that raccoons, like all of us, need a varied diet that includes not only bananas but a lot of other foods as well.

Raccoons also won’t be able to eat bananas all year long, so at the end of the summer they will eat many different fruits as often as they can.

When it comes to the fall and winter months, raccoons start eating acorns, nuts, walnuts, and similar foods, in part because they need to get fat before they go into hibernation.

This means that during the latter part of the year, raccoons may have to resort to hunting and eating mice and squirrels, among other animals, to make sure that they are ready once winter time arrives.

What Do Raccoons Dislike?

Keep in mind that humans should not try to feed raccoons themselves because they will likely become unhealthy and even obese.

If you’re trying to get rid of raccoons that come into your yard, here are a few things that will likely do the trick:

  • Put a flashlight outside in your yard because raccoons love the dark
  • Play a small radio because they hate any type of strange noise
  • Leave a saucerful of ammonia outside because they hate the smell (you can also leave an ammonia-soaked rag outside)
  • Consider putting out items with scents that raccoons hate, such as onion, garlic, hot pepper, and peppermint

Also, while raccoons don’t dislike chocolate, this food is toxic to them just as it is with dogs. Other than chocolate, however, raccoons will eat just about anything, even though not everything they eat is necessarily good for them.


So, we’ve determined that raccoons eat bananas and love them, even considering them one of their favorite foods. And if you actually enjoy having raccoons in your yard and you’re interested in feeding them, make sure you don’t give them processed foods or a diet that isn’t varied.

Most experts recommend that humans not feed raccoons because they can become somewhat domesticated, which can be dangerous for both the animals and humans.

In fact, if left alone, raccoons usually do get a varied diet that helps them grow and thrive the way they’re supposed to, so they don’t need any help from us.

Raccoons do love bananas, and even though they eat them because they’re sweet and tasty, it’s good to know that these fruits are also good for them.

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