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rabbit eating hay

There are several great rabbit complete pellet and flake foods we love. There are 5 main points to look for when purchasing a suitable rabbit food.

  • Fibre: Look for a minimum of 18% fibre content.
  • Protein: An adult needs a protein level of 12-14% and a Young rabbit 16%
  • Calcium & Phosphorus: Calcium should be 0.5 – 1.0% and phosphorus 0.4-0.8%.
  • Fat: 2.2-5%
  • Vitamins: Vitamin D 1000 IU/kg, Vitamin E 50 IU/kg, Vitamin A 10,000 IU/kg

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rabbit sat on straw

There are two very important parts of keeping a rabbit that people often get wrong, diet and their bedding!

Remember Hay is one of the most important part of a rabbits diet. Then you need to make sure they are comfy and you use a suitable hygienic bedding that will keep them warm, cosy and clean.

We have tried many types of bedding from Aspen Wood Chips to Newspaper ( Yes, We have all tried it ) and finally found one that we really love. We use it for most of our small pets not just rabbits. 

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Space, Space and more space! That’s what you rabbit needs to have a long and happy life. A rabbit hutch must have a couple of things to ensure your rabbit will be happy.

  1.  Height. You rabbit must be able to stand up within the hutch.
  2. An outside area that they can freely roam around that can also be locked away at night to prevent threats from foxes and other animals.
  3. A separate sleeping and eating area away from their main living space.
  4. Protection from the elements.

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two rabbits drinking milk

Contry to belief rabbits don’t like drinking from a plastic bottle strapped to the side of their cage. In the wild rabbits will drink from pools of water and prefer drink from bowls or a suitable dish.

Choose a heavy ceramic bowl which will not tip over ever two minutes and is easy to clean.

An adult/medium sized rabbit will drink between 75 and 350ml of water a day so ensure you have a large bowl full of fresh clean water in their hutch every morning. 

No one likes drinking dirty water… Not even rabbits.

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Guinea Pig Products we use!

two guinea pigs

A guinea pis diet is vital for their care. Giving your Guinea pig a balanced diet containing pellets, Fresh Fruit and Veg is all part of being a responsible pet owner. 

We have some great article on the site regarding diet and which foods to avoid but we always start off with a good quality pellet of dried flake food as their staple food.

The one we use is available on Amazon and we have included a link below. We have tried many types and brands to ensure we’re giving or Guinea pigs the best food and settled on this one.

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cute guinea pig

Every pet deserves a treat form time to time and Guinea Pigs are no different. There are many Processed and mass produced Guinea Pig treats on the market. However, not all of them are healthy snacks and treats. 

We have found some that are perfectly fine and which we feed to our own guinea pigs once or twice a week.

These treats are exactly that… a treat and should only be given once or twice a week. They should not form part of their daily diet plan.

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Backyard Chickens

Pet Products we use and recommend! 2

Our Favorite Chicken coops are the amazing Eglu Chicken Coops from ( I know not a great name for a company that sells chicken coops ) 

Well, we love these because they are easy to clean, simply to construct and moveable. They can easily be moved around your garden.  This prevents the chickens from digging up your lawn.

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