7 Items That Must Be On Your Hamster Supply List

hamster in a blue cage

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Hamsters are distinguished from other rodents by their little ears, stubby legs and short tails. Adorably, when they eat, they stuff their cheeks, much like squirrels. But what 7 Items must be on your hamster supply list?

Let’s find out.

A little known fact about hamsters is that they are nocturnal. Much like cats, they will still go out of their way to hang out with you during the day. Hamsters are fairly sociable and like to be a part of things, so long as they feel safe. 

7 must have hamster items-supply list

A well cared-for hamster is sociable, playful, clever and affectionate. They have simple needs, and will reward you with love and entertaining company. Hamsters are highly sought-after as pets, and you can see why! 

If you are one of the many looking to welcome a hamster into your home, there are some simple things you must do to prepare. 

Following are 7 items that must be on your hamster supply list: 

1. First Off Your Hamster Will Need a Cage 

The most important things to consider when it comes to a hamster cage are the material, and the size. At the pet store, cages are often much too small, and made of plastic. 

Hamsters need plenty of space. They are also inclined to chew anything they are able to, including plastic cages. This in mind, a cage of metal or glass is recommended so that they will not chew. Basically, the bigger the enclosure, the happier your energetic pal will be. 

Glass cages for hamsters are typically made from fish tanks. Fish tanks are a great choice, as they come in a variety of sizes, and your hamster will not be able to chew. The ideal size is no less than 40-Gallon tank. However, they do have their drawbacks. You will need to carefully consider where you place you fish tank-Hamster cage. It’s in direct sunlight the temperature can become too extreme and cause harm to your hamster.

hamster on a work surface

A metal cage can also make a fine option. Just make sure that the bars are spaced closely together, so that your hamster does not escape. Hamsters are escape artists. The closer the bars are together, the better, really. Needless to say, as with glass, metal is something hamsters do not find appealing to chew. 

A nice, big cage will give your hamster plenty of room to burrow and play. A cage or tank is probably the most costly item on this list, but investing in a quality hamster home is well worth the price. 

Plenty of space and a safe place to be are some of the key ingredients to keeping your hamster happy. The tank or cage will also last a very long time if it is a material they cannot chew, saving you money ultimately.

The perfect hamster cage has to be on the 7 must have hamster items list. 

Here’s a few suitable Hamster cages – Top 5 Hamster Cages:

Favola Hamster Cage | Includes Free Water Bottle, Exercise Wheel, Food Dish & Hamster Hide-Out | Large Hamster Cage Measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 11.8H-Inches & Includes 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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  • Hamster Cage Includes 2 Spacious Floors; First floor is a deep 4.75 height inches to promote playful borrowing w/ a Hamster friendly plastic ramp (no pinched toes) for easy access to the plastic top level where their food dish, water & hide away preside
  • Fully equipped & modular designed hamster cage; Favola includes a food dish, water bottle, hide away, 5.5 inch exercise wheel & a connecting port for play tubes to connect to other hamster cages
  • Easy Maintenance Hamster Cage: Top panel features an access door & entire wire portion & middle plastic section of the cage disconnects from the transparent base for easy cleaning access
  • Large Living Space: Hamster cage measures 23.6 length x 14.4 width x 11.8 height inches, deep base measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 4.75H (approx. 340 square inch base), wire top mesh is 1/4 inch wide, exercise wheel is 5.5 inch diameter
  • Quality Guarantee: Favola hamster cage includes a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all parts

Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: the cage comes with lots of accessories including tunnels, exercise wheel, two houses, a penthouse, a water bottle and more.
  • HUGE SIZE: The hamster heaven metro cage lets you build a heavenly home for you hamster. The cage measures 80cm x 50 cm x 50cm with 9.5mm bar spacing.
  • LARGE BASE: The large lower area ensures your pet will have lost of frolicking and tunneling fun.
  • EASY TO MOVE: the cage comes with two large handles so you can move the cage to any location. The large door gives you easy access to your hamster.
  • The cage is proudly made in Belgium. Additional tubes are available to customize you hamster house.

MidWest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage | Awesome Arcade Hamster Home | 18.11" x 11.61" x 21.26"

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  • Fun Arcade Hamster Home features a cool multi-level play space to watch your hamster in action 18.11 length x 11.4 width x 21.5 height inches, 6.1 pounds
  • Hamster Home includes free accessories to get you started. Exercise wheel, water bottle, food bowl, nesting nook and interior play tubes
  • Arcade Hamster Home features a deep base to contain hamster bedding, a convenient top door for easy access to your pet and a removable upper cover for easy cleaning
  • Hamster Home is modular in design and includes connector pieces to fit standard play tubes if you want to connect to another hamster habitat

GNB PET Large Hamster Cage & Habitat DIY 20''x12''x15'', with Tunnels Tubes Toys, for Gerbil Mouse Mice, Pink

 in stock
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Super big habitat and playing areas for hamsters, Teddy bear hamsters, gerbil and exotic pets.
  • Included tubes for pet exercising and playing to get the Ulimited DIY fun.
  • Plastic base and upper wire net structure with added safety, they are Non-toxic material, safe for your little buddies.
  • It' s easy to assemble. And it' s easy to clean thanks to its removable base.
  • Extra tunnels available for purchase (search B0792923CZ)

Prevue Pet Products SP2003BLUE Hamster Haven, Small, Blue

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  • Provide your pet with a safe, active and colorful haven
  • Satisfies your small animal's natural instincts to explore and hide
  • Tri-level cage features two access points
  • Includes platform, slide ramp, hideaway dome and exercise wheel
  • Measures 14" Long, 10 1/2" Wide and 16" High

2. Fill the Cage With Bedding to Make Your Hamster Cozy 

There are a few materials that can work as bedding nicely. The cheapest and perhaps most popular is toilet paper or (non-scented) tissues, torn to shreds. 

Wood shavings will also do. Just be sure to use aspen shavings rather than cedar or pine. Shavings of these types can otherwise get into the lungs of your hamster, as they are very dusty. 

Avoid cotton bedding entirely. Cotton can be hard for a hamster to digest, can get caught in their teeth and body, and is generally a risk. 

Fill your hamster cage liberally with the hamster-safe bedding of your choice. You will be rewarded with the sight of your hamster enthusiastically burrowing and making little hills and dens. You may even find them buried in the shreds or shavings, sleeping cozy. 

Some bedding is not only recycle friendly and ethical but also more hygenic than others.

Here are a few suitable hamster bedding materials- TOP 3 HAMSTER BEDDING CHOICES

Small Pet Select Jumbo Natural Paper Bedding, 178 L

$45.99  in stock
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as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Only the Best for You and Your Furry Friend: The ideal Bedding for your rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, chinchilla, rat, or mouse; Small Pet Select Premium Small Animal Bedding Paper comes in the biggest sizes out there; Each bag expands 3x in volume from its packaged size; A high quality product at an affordable cost that will last
  • 100% Unbleached Virgin Fiber: Made In The USA without any harmful chemicals or additives; The virgin Never Been Printed paper breaks down easily and organically for safe disposal in your garden, compost, or organic waste bin
  • Comfy Is Key: Super cozy and soft but still super absorbent; We have developed this product for optimal absorbency which aids in odor control without any added artificial scents; Safe for your pets and for you!
  • Recommended Use: Line the bedding inside the pet's habitat; Remove and replace as used; Damp bedding can cause urine scald, so we recommend removing damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replacing the paper bedding every one to two days (or fluffing to prevent large damp areas where your animal stands); Store in a dry place
  • Pawtastic Products for Your Pet: When it comes to pet care, quality should never be compromised; Small Pet Select is a family-owned company that handpicks each of our products with love; We aim to deliver the safest, most effective, and highest-quality pet essentials

Kaytee Critter Trail Bedding Tray Habitat – 3 /Pack

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as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Contains soft and absorbent Kaytee Clean & Cozy bedding
  • Provides fast and simple cage cleaning
  • Fully disposable and recyclable
  • Fits standard rectangular CritterTrail Habitats
  • Comes in a 3-pack

Carefresh Complete Confetti Pet Bedding, 23 L

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  • Small Pet Bedding: Our colorful confetti natural paper fiber bedding makes the softest, driest most comfortable home for small pets
  • Pillowy Soft: Comfyfluff natural paper bedding made from scratch is gentle on sensitive feet with perfect texture for burrowing, tunneling, nesting, or creating a hamster hideout; ideal rat, mice or guinea pig bedding, rabbit litter or for small pets
  • Exceptional Odor Control: Ideal for use as hamster bedding, guinea pig habitat lining, or bunny bedding, our pet-safe, proven odor-control formula suppresses ammonia odors for up to 10 days
  • Ultra-Absorbent: 2X more absorbent than shavings, our natural paper bedding keeps small pets and their homes warm and dry with no more soggy messes to clean up
  • 99 percent Dust-Free: Free of harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes, our high performance bedding is virtually dust free so your pet can enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. Biodegradable and compostable means better for the planet too

3. Provide Your Hamster with Food and Water Aplenty 

Your hamster should have lots of food and constant access to water every day. 

Some opt to feed their hamster a loose hamster food mix. While hamsters do enjoy these loose mixes, they are not the best idea. This is because hamsters are able to leave the pieces they do not like behind, and eat only the bits that are their favorite. The result is all too often malnutrition and even obesity. 

A loose mix should be administered only occasionally, as a snack. The far better choice and pellets of a high quality. You can find these at a pet store. As with any pet food, keep an eye out for fillers and the like, and avoid them duly. 

You may also treat your hamster with fruits and veggies. Hamsters are known to favor carrots especially. They also like cauliflower, cucumber, broccoli, chicory, bananas, peaches and pears. 

Here is a list of suitable foods for your Hamster:

Safe Vegetables
Salad PeppersBasilCabbage
CarrotsCauliflower leaves and stalksCelery
Romaine LettuceTurnipsWatercress
hamster eating

Administer only a tiny piece of the fruit or veggie. For the herbivorous hamster, fruits and veggies are actually pretty high in sugar, kind of similar to a natural candy. Simply use care, and your hamster is sure to thank you for goodies like these. 

hamster water bottle
Available on Amazon

While larger rodents tend to prefer a water dish, for hamsters these will not work. This is because they will get bedding and other things in their water dish swiftly. Rather, hamsters should have access to a hanging water bottle, with a spout and ball of stainless steel. This should be changed out frequently. 

Entertain your hamster by hiding treats here and there in the bedding, in tunnels, and in hard-to-reach places. Remove undiscovered foods before they go bad, of course. You are sure to be impressed when your clever little hamster sniffs out most of the treats promptly. Unsurprisingly, hamsters delight in this rewarding game. 

Note the little food stashes your hamster will doubtlessly create. In nature, they store food for later, so some of these behaviors remain instinctively. This is a charming little quirk. 

Here are some of the treats we feed to our hamster-Top 3 hamster treats:

ULIGOTA Crunchy Chew Treats for Hamsters, Small Animal Food and Chew Toy for Gerbils, Rats

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as of February 24, 2024 19:46


Binding Misc.
Color 12 PACKS
EAN 0692232254636
EAN List EAN List Element: 0692232254636
Manufacturer ULIGOTA
Package Dimensions Height: 170; Length: 840; Weight: 26; Width: 630
Package Quantity 1
Product Group Pet Products
Product Type Name PET_SUPPLIES
Publisher ULIGOTA
Title ULIGOTA Crunchy Chew Treats for Hamsters, Small Animal Food and Chew Toy for Gerbils, Rats
UPC 692232254636
UPC List UPC List Element: 692232254636

Ware Critter Pops/Rice Pops Small Animal Chew Treats – Large

$7.89  in stock
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as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Crispy, crunchy chew that is irresistible to small pets
  • Wholesome combination of crunchiness and flavor – Made of rice and corn
  • Promotes clean and healthy teeth
  • Helps overcome cage boredom
  • Ideal for hand feeding or fits on the WARE Treat-K-Bob (B000HGB8NA)

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Carrot Treat, 4-Oz Bag

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as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Supports dental health through natural chewing activity
  • Ideal for bonding and playtime
  • Makes a great training aid
  • Contains no artificial colors or flavors
  • Provides added nutritional variety

4. A Wheel for Exercise is a Necessity 

Hamsters are very active creatures, and have a lot of energy. This means that they must have ways to get out their wiggles. One such is a wheel for exercise. An exercise wheel is, in fact, a must-have. This will allow your hamster to run to their heart’s delight, night or day. 

Be aware that hamsters are partly nocturnal, and will therefore run at night as well as day. This means that the cage and exercise wheel must be placed somewhere you will not be kept awake.

Really, this is a wise move in any case, as hamsters tend to make little shuffles and squeaks even between exercise. If you are a light sleeper, you will doubtlessly want the cage elsewhere. 

If you are not likely to be bothered by small sounds, or if you simply prefer to have your cage nearby, try using a bit of canola oil on the exercise wheel. Sometimes this helps it spin more smoothly and quietly. 

A tip is to avoid cross-supports when picking out an exercise wheel. These can catch on the head or neck of a hamster all too easily. Ensure that the running surface is sturdy. This is an item you will particularly want to be of quality. 

Once you’ve found the right wheel, place it against the side of the cage. An exercise wheel will assist in keeping the weight of your hamster in check. It will also prevent restlessness, and help make your hamster happy. 

Once the wheel is ready to go, watch your hamster run each day. This can be amusing to see. Your hamster will have lots of healthful fun on an exercise wheel. 

Alternatively you could buy your hamster a hamster ball. These are small plastic balls with air holes that you can place your hamster inside and seal the ball. They can then run around inside the ball having fun and at the same time exercising.

Here are some great hamster wheels and hamster balls – Top 3 hamster balls:

Hamster Wheel 8" Pet Comfort Treadmill Running Quiet Wheels Large and Easy Attach to Wire Cage for Small Animals Under 3.5 Oz / 100 Grams Weight Syrian Hamsters Rats Guinea Pig Ferret – Premium PP

 out of stock
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


Binding Misc.
Brand Love Hamster Wheel
Color Yellow
EAN 6892478384843
EAN List EAN List Element: 6892478384843
Item Dimensions Weight: 106
Label Love Hamster Wheel
Manufacturer Love Hamster Wheel
MPN unknown
Package Dimensions Height: 390; Length: 880; Weight: 110; Width: 860
Package Quantity 1
Part Number unknown
Product Group Pet Products
Product Type Name PET_SUPPLIES
Publisher Love Hamster Wheel
Size 8 Inch
Studio Love Hamster Wheel
Title Hamster Wheel 8" Pet Comfort Treadmill Running Quiet Wheels Large and Easy Attach to Wire Cage for Small Animals Under 3.5 Oz / 100 Grams Weight Syrian Hamsters Rats Guinea Pig Ferret – Premium PP

Kaytee Giant Run-About Exercise Ball, 11.5-Inches, Clear

 in stock
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as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Encourages healthy exercise in a secure and safe way
  • Makes a great temporary holding area to keep your furry friend while you clean their home
  • 11 1/2 Inch diameter
  • For pet rats and chinchillas
  • Fits perfectly with the Hamtrac raceway

Ksruee Wooden Exercise Wheel Mute Hamster Running Wheel Eco-Friendly Pet Toy Wheel for Hamster Mice Gerbil Small Animals

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as of February 24, 2024 19:46


Binding Misc.
Brand Ksruee
EAN 0760280927076
EAN List EAN List Element: 0760280927076
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Manufacturer Ksruee
Package Quantity 1
Product Group Pet Products
Product Type Name PET_SUPPLIES
Publisher Ksruee
Size M
Studio Ksruee
Title Ksruee Wooden Exercise Wheel Mute Hamster Running Wheel Eco-Friendly Pet Toy Wheel for Hamster Mice Gerbil Small Animals
UPC 760280927076
UPC List UPC List Element: 760280927076

5. Your Hamster Will Want a Place to Hide 

Even the most sociable hamster will wish for somewhere to hide. This is instinctual, as hamsters live in dens naturally. While some make hamster houses out of various plastic or cardboard containers and boxes, these are not actually the best idea. Hamsters will chew and dirty them quickly. 

The ideal alternative is a ceramic hamster house. These can be found online and at the store. Ceramic hamster houses are arguably the best option. This is because your hamster will not be able to chew or damage the house. Ceramic is also fairly easy to clean if it becomes dirty. These can be a fun pick, as there are many cute hamster house designs out there. 

You need not offer only a single hamster house. Aside from the primary one, you can include little caves and the like. 

Here is a link to some of the best and funniest ceramic hamster houses on Amazon.

6. Keep Your Hamster Happy With Toys 

Hamsters delight in all kinds of toys. Chew toys are perhaps the favorite. Hamsters not only enjoy gnawing on these, but they aid in keeping their teeth healthy. This is because, like guinea pigs and many other rodents, hamster teeth always grow. Gnawing and chewing is how they gradually grind their teeth down, to keep them in check. Because of this, chew toys are a necessity. 

Along with chew toys, you can include swings, tunnels, ladders, bridges, and more. Feel free to get creative. The more dynamic the cage, the more fun your hamster will have. 

Many use cardboard to make tunnels. Replace items like this as soon as they become dirty. You can also use toilet paper rolls, either hung on wires for a makeshift swing, or on the ground for your hamster to roll and hide. 

To test the intelligence of your hamster, and to really get the gears in their brain going, construct a maze. Use cardboard to create walls. Cut holes. There are plenty of practical and fun ideas. 

hamster in a hamster house
Hamsters love to play and hide in their homes

Here is some great fun hamster toys – Top 3 hamster toys:

ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys, 10 Pack Natural Wooden Pine Guinea Pigs Rats Chinchillas Toys Accessories Dumbells Exercise Bell Roller Teeth Care Molar Toy for Birds Bunny Rabbits Gerbils

 out of stock
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • 12 PACK WOODEN CHEW TOYS: Include Bark Watermelon Balls, Bell Roller, Dumbbell, Unicycle, Squared molar block with rope, Bell Swing, Rattan Ball, Climbing Ladder, Seesaw, Carrot, Pine Cone and Molar String.
  • NATURAL and NON-TOXIC: High-quality wood origin of wooden chinchilla toys, selected first-class wood, natural sun drying, strict control of dehydration rate, toys with the taste of the sun, which is more comfortable to use.
  • MSDS APPROVED: All guinea toys are MSDS approved, this is the first choice of 2022 gift for your lovely pets.
  • DURABLE MOLAR TOOLS: Hamster toys with exquisite and beautiful shape, after special anti-corrosion technology, not only are eco-friendly toys, but also are bite-resistant molar tools, ensure the healthy growth of small pet teeth, wholeheartedly care for your favorite.
  • APPLICABLE and FUNCTION: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Birds, Rodents and other small pets. Entertainment, decompression and grinding teeth for small pets. Gives your small rodent the prefect opportunity to play and work out!

BWOGUE Pet Small Animal Hideout Hamster House Deluxe Two Layers Wooden Hut Play Toys Chews

 out of stock
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Provides small animals with a hideout, promotes nesting and chewing instincts
  • All natural wood is safe for animals
  • Ideal hide-out for pet rats, hamsters gerbils and sugar gliders(see the measurement below)
  • Pet house size: 17 x 7.5 x 15cm / 6.7 x 3 x 5.9inch (L x W x H), hole diameter: 4cm / 1.5inch .Net weight approx.: 220g
  • Fully assembled .Double layer design and with feeding trough, besides, it can be folded to save the room when storage.

Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System, Small Animal House

 out of stock
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


Binding Lawn & Patio
Brand Niteangel
EAN 0701485068911
EAN List EAN List Element: 0701485068911
Item Dimensions Height: 866; Length: 1850; Weight: 309; Width: 591
Label NiteangeL
Manufacturer NiteangeL
MPN 03806
Package Dimensions Height: 675; Length: 1375; Weight: 345; Width: 725
Package Quantity 1
Part Number 03806
Product Group Lawn & Patio
Product Type Name OUTDOOR_LIVING
Publisher NiteangeL
Studio NiteangeL
Title Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System, Small Animal House
UPC 701485068911
UPC List UPC List Element: 701485068911

7. Hamsters Love Sand Baths for Hygiene and Play 

A unique behavior of the hamster is sand-bathing, which they seem to relish. Hamsters use sand baths for fun, and for hygiene. A nice plus of a sand bath is that it will help prevent your hamster from becoming smelly. 

Make a sand bath out of a dish that is large, and round; this will give your hamster space to wallow, and prevent them from bumping or wedging themselves in corners. Round dishes are also easier to clean when necessary. Change out the bathing sand in the dish frequently. 

hamster in sawdust

So that your hamster does not knock it over or spill the bathing sand, ensure that the dish is also tall and heavy. As with the food dish, choose a bathing dish that is ceramic. This way your hamster will not be able to chew holes. 

Choose the bathing sand wisely. Do not mistake this with bathing dust. The latter is comprised of small particles that will get into the lungs of your hamster, which is not good, clearly. Make sure to choose a quality sand, so that it is not dusty. 

Some opt for chinchilla sand, though finding this can be tricky. 

Here are 3 suitable hamster baths

Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath

 in stock
13 new from $9.89
Free shipping
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • Made of durable chew proof ceramic material
  • Critter-shaped bath house comes in four colors
  • For dwarf hamsters and gerbils

SatisPet Hamster Sand Bathroom Large in Blue- Plastic Sand Bath Container with Scoop Hamster Sandbox

 out of stock
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


Binding Misc.
Brand SatisPet
Color Blue
EAN 0605757855608
EAN List EAN List Element: 0605757855608
Item Dimensions Weight: 26
Label Tyrande Limited
Manufacturer Tyrande Limited
MPN 43349-1592
Package Dimensions Height: 400; Length: 560; Weight: 25; Width: 430
Package Quantity 1
Part Number 43349-1592
Product Group Pet Products
Product Type Name PET_SUPPLIES
Publisher Tyrande Limited
Size Large
Studio Tyrande Limited
Title SatisPet Hamster Sand Bathroom Large in Blue- Plastic Sand Bath Container with Scoop Hamster Sandbox
UPC 605757855608
UPC List UPC List Element: 605757855608

Hamster Dust Bath House, Plastic Sand Bathroom Container with Scoop Hamster Sandbox Protective Gloves for Small Animals Chinchilla Golden Bears Black Bear Hamsters Gerbil Mouse.

 out of stock
as of February 24, 2024 19:46


  • QUALITY MATERIAL BATHTUB AND GLOVES — Hamster bathtub is made of premium plastic material. Bite-resistant gloves are made of 100% natural rubber. The material is gentle and it won't hurt small animals. Having such a sand or powder bath is a great way to relieve your pet's stress and naturally clean his fur.
  • PRACTICAL, CLEAN & CONVENIENT — Placing a sandbox in your pet¡¯s environment makes it much easier to maintain it clean and tidy. This handy plastic sand bath container in particular is extra lightweight and designed to fit in almost any pet cage.
  • KEEP HEALTHY — Hamster sand baths are not only sanitary and beneficial to your pet¡¯s health, they also offer them a great way to have fun and entertainment! Rodents enjoy digging and burrowing, so this will go a long way in keeping yours happy!
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR YOUR PET — This premium plastic container makes for a perfect sand bath for your hamster. Your pet will love it right away
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES — A hamster bath Sandbox with sand shovel and a pair of pet protective gloves.Sandbox size is 4.3×5.1 inch(L*H).Ideal for Syrian hamsters and other small animals.

Once you have installed the sand bath, you can observe your hamster acting adorably. They will roll in the sand, burying themselves, diving, wriggling, etc. Keeping the sand clean is important; clean sand will likewise clean your hamster nicely. 

As you can see, hamsters do not need a lot! Just a cage, some cozy spots to hide, some toys, a place to bathe, a place to exercise, and some love. These things will keep your hamster feeling looked-after and secure. Captivity can truly be a luxury for animals of all kinds when it is done the right way. 

Conclusion: 7 Must have hamster items

With the 7 hamster supply list items above, you can create the perfect hamster setup, giving your little buddy the best quality of life.

It is our responsibility as pet owners to provide the best equipment and care for our hamsters and small pets.

Ensuring they have everything they need for them to live a happy life is a part of being a responsible pet owner.

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