Cutest Pet Rabbits | Which Are The Cutest Bunny Breeds In The World?

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We love all rabbit breeds but it has to be said some are simply too cute for words. In this article, we’ll show you 11 Cute Rabbit Breeds which are perfect as pets and are the cutest pet rabbits.

There are many different breeds of rabbits which come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Many are available to buy as pets but some are much rarer than others and are difficult to purchase from your local pet store.

Nevertheless, they are all very cute but we have narrowed it down to 11 Cute Pet Rabbit Breeds in the World.

cute rabbit

And here they are:

11. Holland Lop

holland lop rabbit

The Holland Lop rabbit is straight out of a kid’s imagination of everything that is cute. The droopy-eared furry buddy is what happens when you breed a Netherland Dwarf and French Lop. It has featured in pet lineups racking up impressive numbers on account of its looks, body size, and demeanor. 

This breed of rabbit originates from Holland. It is recognized as a friendly breed with females being more aggressive than males. At only four pounds maximum, its small body and cute face have made it one of the most popular breeds of rabbits world over, even earning it the moniker, Hallmark Breed.

It has an average height, rollback fur which goes back to its original position after being brushed backward. Its diverse color diversity can be placed in 8 categories. Some of the colors include Chocolate Chinchilla, Gold-Tipped, Ruby-Eyed White and  Sable Point. 

10. English Angora rabbit

English Angora rabbit

Warning: This rabbit breed might make you laugh. It is a woolly breed with a scrunched up face and small ears. It is one of the oldest rabbit breeds in the world, originating from Turkey. Its fur makes it one of the most unique breeds, as its entire body is covered in fur. 

It is mostly used for wool production or for show. It exhibits an impressive wool production. You can shear it up to four times per year. The wool comes at a cost, though. Failure to groom it can make its fur get tangled and you may need to disentangle it by shearing. 

If you are going to keep it as a pet, you will need to provide large housing quarters. They are also easy to maintain outdoors. You also need to make sure they’re getting the right foods. They are a high-maintenance breed and they require some expertise in handling. 

9. Lionhead Rabbit

black lionhead rabbit

If you had to imagine the offspring of a rabbit and a lion, the Lionhead Rabbit would be it. This breed was officially recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 2014. Its lion mane fur around the head earned it its name. 

This breed originated from Belgium. The wool around the head is suspected to be a genetic mutation that occurred during breeding. In terms of pet care, this breed loves its pellets. You’ll need to supplement its diet with about 3 servings of vegetables and fruits every week. Also, keep plenty of hay and water. Grooming needs to be regular. Failure to groom this fluff ball can lead to skin infections. 

This breed can live up to 10 years with proper care. Adults can grow up to 3 pounds, which meets the requirements for Lionhead show bunnies. They are an excellent pet for both kids and adults. They’re known to be particularly good around kids. Read more about the Lionhead Rabbit here.

8. Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly rabbit

If you are looking for a low-maintenance yet super friendly pet rabbit, this is a perfect fit. It originated from the United States and up to date, it is still one of the most popular breeds. They’re known for their small stature, with both does and bucks growing up to 3.5 pounds. 

The ‘mud head’ loves cuddling up to their handlers’ laps and is extremely calm and docile. They only require adequate indoor housing and weekly brushing. With proper handling and care, they can live up to 10 years. 

These small rabbits are susceptible to reproductive system cancers and tumors. To reduce the risk of these issues, consider having them neutered or spayed. They are also easily scared and can develop lasting fear around people if they are hurt. Still, they are a playful breed and you can expect to see them playing with common household things such as toilet rolls. 

7. Mini Rex Rabbit

mini rex rabbit

The Mini Rex originated from the United States. It is popular among pet owners for its soft lush fur. Some people go as far as describing the fur as velvety. Despite its small size, they can weigh up to 4.5 pounds and live up to 10 years. The bigger breed, Regular Rex, can weigh up to 10 pounds. 

It has one of the most diverse color sets, a range of up to 20 colors. As a pet owner to one of these, you can get the best out of their personality by letting them play outside for a while. You will still have to supervise them since they’re a fragile breed. 

Food-wise, they love their hay, freshwater, vegetables and dry pellets. The hay is particularly important in keeping their teeth in check. During playtime, avoid picking them up as they are susceptible to injury if you drop them. It’s also an acquired trait to avoid anything hovering above them.

6. Silver fox Rabbit

Cutest Pet Rabbits | Which Are The Cutest Bunny Breeds In The World? 1

What do you get when you breed Checkered Giants, Champagne D’Argent, and English Silvers? The Silver Fox rabbit originated from the United States, thanks to the work of Walter Garland. The rabbit is kept for its meat and as a pet. However, most people keep the rare breed for its appealing fur. 

It is a low-maintenance breed and it does fairly well healthwise. It is not as susceptible to cancers and tumors as some rabbits. However, you need to be careful about grooming and feeding. Sugars and some vegetables will not do well with this breed. Hay, however, will keep its teeth at a manageable level.

It is a playful breed that interacts well with other pets. It requires large quarters if you house it indoors. It would be best if you also let it outside to play around. This breed can weigh up to 12 pounds making it one of the bigger breeds on this list. 

5. American Fuzzy Lop

American Fuzzy Lop

It took a lot of breeding to get the American Fuzzy Lop. The intention was to get a small breed with lop ears and the Holland’s rollback fur. They are a regular at shows and do exceptionally well as pets. Its coarse wool makes it a good choice since it is not prone to tangling or matting. 

It’s grouped into two color groups. The breed has unique facial features that give it a distinct look. If you get one of these, you won’t have too much work on your hands in terms of maintenance. Groom their fur occasionally by using your fingers. However, keep your American Fuzzy Lop indoors and let them have their playtime outside when it is warm enough. 

Make sure you can meet their dietary requirements to maintain their 4 pounds weight class. With enough food, water, and personal care, your bunny buddy can enjoy up to 8 years of being a cute pet. 

4. Miniature Lion Lop

Cutest Pet Rabbits | Which Are The Cutest Bunny Breeds In The World? 2

This lovely little bunny is the result of a Lionhead and a Mini Lop rabbit. It is a fairly new breed that captivates pet owners with its fur, small compact body, facial features and of course, the mane. Although it remains unrecognized by ARBA, the British Rabbit Council recognized it in 2006. 

It is a gentle breed that loves playing with toys and humans. It loves attention and thrives off being petted and getting human contact. However, in some cases, you can expect different reactions from the breed. 

For a compact breed, this little hopper has a pair of powerful hind legs. 

3. Cashmere Lop

Cashmere Lop

Big doll eyes, small face and droopy ears are a recipe for immense cuteness. And the Cashmere Lop checks all these boxes. The ARBA is yet to recognize this breed but the BRC recognizes it. It is a short, stocky breed with powerful muscles and even more powerful hind legs. 

This breed is known for its long and silky coat. The coat does not puff up, it retracts to its original state if you brush it upwards. The coat only tends to mat up and tangle from when it’s born to when it’s about 5 months. However, as it grows into adulthood, grooming should get easier. Grooming can be done twice a week. Watch out for the nails as well. 

A steady diet of hay, vegetables and clean water should keep your furry friend reactions. Keep the rabbit’s cage litter-free and place it in a place that’s protected from direct weather elements. They are great pets for kids. They can learn names and they are touted as some of the most intelligent rabbit breeds. 

2. Flemish Giant Rabbit

giant flemish rabbit

These rabbits are not called Giant for anything. The Flemish Giant can top weights of up to 4 pounds in just a few months. By adulthood, they’ll tip scales at 22 pounds. If you fancy big pets, then this 2.5-foot rabbit is right up your alley. 

Due to their size, they are kept for their meat. However, when you factor in their exorbitant feeding costs, you might not be making that much from it as a commercial venture. Their diet should consist of a minimum of 16% protein. 

You’ll need a dog kennel to house these humble giants. You also need to allow them ample playtime outside. Read all about the Flemish Giant here.

1. English Spot

english spot rabbit

This rabbit breed might make you remember 101 Dalmatians. This big beautiful bunny is one of the best pets to keep. They are not too vulnerable to genetic disorders. However, be very watchful of their teeth and ears. Their ears are hotspots for ear mites and their teeth do not stop growing. 

This breed can weigh up to 8 pounds and live up to 8 years. Their regular diet consists of fiber-rich foods, pellets, freshwater and plenty of hay. This breed is a sight to behold especially with the dark ring around the eyes, black streak on the back-arc and the black spots on the side against their pure white fur.  

We could have listed lots more of the cutest pet rabbits and they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Just because a rabbit is small doesn’t automatically make it cute. Yes, I would agree rabbits like the Mini Plush Lop are very small and cute but I also think one of the biggest rabbit breeds is the Flemish Giant rabbit which can weigh over 22lb is also very, very cute. 

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