Are Almonds Safe for mice? (Food & Nutrition for Mice)

can pet mice eat amlonds

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Ludo is a beige pet mouse. You can find him nibbling away on a whole roasted almond on YouTube. He’s a cute little guy who’s happy and content to munch away on his almond that appears roasted.

I came across this video when I was looking for more information on the types of nuts that are healthy and suitable for pet mice to eat.

As most mice love a variety of foods like nuts, are they actually safe for them to eat? What goes into a mouse’s diet will help you understand either how to care for your pet or rid your premises of these pesky rodents.

Almonds are one such food that is an iffy consideration for a pet mouse or one you consider a pest. Yes, you can feed it to them, but there are some things of which to be aware.

What Is Your Purpose ; Motive for the Mouse?

Some people keep mice as pets. Some scientists and medical researchers use them in the lab for many types of studies. Other people attempt to save them from a horrible circumstance in the wild.

And yet many others look for ways to exterminate them without the use of harsh chemicals.

We of course love our Pet mice and in fact have had one since my early school days when I was asked to look after the schools pet mouse during summer vacation time.

Can Mice Eat Almonds?

Yes, mice can eat almonds but you should be sparing in your feeding it to them. Unsalted and raw is better than roasted, but roasted is okay for them to have. Make sure there is no salt though as this can kill them.

But if you’re going to feed your little furry friend almonds, make sure they are Sweet Almonds and avoid Bitter Almonds at all costs.

A Bit About Baby Mice

If you have a baby mouse, milk should be your first food consideration. Almond milk is a decent choice that’s most like mice milk they’d get from their mothers.

They’ll love the taste of it and it’s light enough to not cause them any stomach or digestive issues.

Even here, though, it’s not as nutrient rich as their mother’s milk and you’re going to have to find other means to satisfy their food requirements. Kitten formula is best for baby mice.

What Kind of Almonds & How Often Should I Feed Them to Mice?

Almonds should not have any amount of salt because they can and will kill them. If you have any doubts, contact a vet to help you with your mouse’s specific needs and nutrition.

In general though, almonds should be organic, non-GMO and free of chemicals and preservatives. Giving roasted or raw almonds will have to be up to your own discretion and upon the trusted, wise advice of a vet.

almond nuts
Are Almonds safe for pet mice?

If it’s a baby mouse, then give them almond milk once or twice per day. Once again, your vet will be a better judge and can give you more solid advice on this, especially if the baby is a rescue.

Only give adolescent and adult mice almonds as a treat once per week, no more. And then it should only be a crumb, tiny piece or sliver of an almond. Don’t give them a whole nut or a pile of pieces.  Although Ludo seems just fine eating a whole one.

What Are the Dangers In Giving Mice Almonds?

Almonds have a tendency to be a bit carcinogenic and the reason why raw almonds are better rather than roasted. This is because roasted almonds contain acrylamide.

Acrylamide is a carcinogen that develops during the roasting process in most carbohydrate-rich foods.

Lab animals eat roasted almonds when researchers study cancer. This is why it’s an iffy situation. It’s probably best to give your pet mice the raw, organic, GMO-free kind to be on the safe side.

But if your purpose is for extermination, then you’re going to want the almonds to be as toxic as possible to the mice.

How Do I Rid My Home of Mice with Almonds?

Mice, like people, have different tolerances to certain foods. Some are allergic, some are sensitive and others won’t survive after eating things like almonds. But many won’t experience any adverse effects at all. So, it’s a toss-up.

The general rule it to test new foods in very small portions and watch for any side-effects. You should always consult your local vet before trying any thing that you’re worried about.

If you’re unsure then simply stick to foods you know are safe for you mouse and will not put them in harms way.

Final Thoughts

Many nuts can form part of a suitable diet for pet mice. But you may want to simple stick to pre-packed foods supplied from your local pet store or online outlets.

We have listed some suitable options which sell well online.

They are tried and trusted products so you know you’re giving your pet mouse a good staple diet. Then throw in the odd treat ( safe treat ) here and there.

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