Best Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Review 2019

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Keeping pets isn’t cheap and pet food prices have risen over the past few years. So, ensuring the pet food you buy stays fresh for longer we suggest using an Airtight Pet Food Storage Container.

Most pet food, as you will know, has a strong odor and can attract insects and flies. These will quickly attack you fresh pet food if not stored in an airtight pet food container to prevent contamination.

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Many pet owners choose to keep their pet food in Tupperware containers. These are certainly better than keeping it in the paper or plastic bag that it comes in. However, they are not 100% airtight and will not work as well as some of the pet food storage solutions we have for you below.

In the long run, the small cost of purchasing one will save you money by ensuring that your expensive pet food is kept fresher for longer. Airtight pet food containers will increase the shelf life dramatically and save you money.

In a hurry? Here are our Top 5 Picks!

Why Should You Buy And Use An Airtight Storage Container?

Why should you buy an airtight pet food storage container? Firstly, to stop the smell. There’s nothing worse than the smell of some pet food which, by the way, will attract unwanted pests like mice and rats.

No one wants to come into your home and notice a horrible smell like a dirty hamster cage. Right!

By simply storing your pet food in a suitable airtight container you will eliminate the smell and improve the overall quality of the pet food stored inside.

All foods exposed to the air will deteriorate quickly, become unusable and could, potentially harm your pet. As responsible pet owners, we have a duty of care to feed our pets the best possible diet and if you’re reading this then you care about your pets. That’s for sure, Right?

Did you know? Food can start to deteriorate within 24 hours after being left open to the air. Once Bacteria starts to grow it will be unusable within hours. Read more here!

Food not stored correctly will also not taste nice for your pet and they will often refuse to eat it. This again can be costly and potentially harmful to your pet.

For a small investment, this can be avoided by purchasing an Airtight Pet Food Container for your small pets. Pet foods like rabbit food, guinea pig feed and hamster foods can be particularly smelly if not stored correctly.

Here Are The Best Airtight Pet Food Containers

Vittles Vault Outback 50 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

 in stock
6 new from $45.99
4 used from $47.01
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as of January 3, 2023 08:43


  • Airtight Pet Food Container: This pest-proof pet food container for dry food keeps food fresh with our patented airtight sealing system that locks moisture out. Design is stackable for space efficiency. Includes scoop
  • Food Storage Container: The pet food pail is made of food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic that won’t shatter if dropped & can be kept in garages, barns & outdoors. Perfect for dry food, treats, bird seed & horse feed
  • Airtight Engineering: Our Gamma Seal technology makes for a controlled moisture balance & features a threaded locking system with reliable double gaskets for freshness & controlled moisture
  • Made In America: GAMMA2, Inc. created & patented an airtight container in 1989 & has always been committed to manufacturing in the USA. Our storage containers provide a solution in pet food staleness&ensures dry pet food stays fresh & protected from pests
  • GAMMA2: Dog & cat dry food stays fresh & nutritious with our collection of airtight food containers. Features wall mounted containers, travel, pantry & kitchen containers & larger containers for large dogs & horses

The Vittles Vaults range of airtight pet food storage containers is by far the most popular container to use. They come in a full range of sizes from the smallest Vittles Vaults Jr that holds 4-6 lbs of pet food to the huge outback80 which, as you can imagine from the name, holds 80 lbs of pet food.

I have used one of these storage containers for many years and I keep mine in the yard, undercover. It is about 5 years old now and the seal is still good and keeps the food fresh for longer. It has never attracted any unwanted pests so it has proven itself to contain the smell within the container.

These containers have premium features and heavy-duty construction allow these containers to last for decades–literally! Airtight Heavy Duty Easy Spin On / Off lid Lock-Down Double Gaskets Molded handles Stackable Made from High-Density Polyethylene, FDA Approved Food Grade Plastic. BPA free.

They have been designed to be the market leaders and if you read the reviews from customers over on Amazon, they seem to have hit their target of being the leading seller of airtight pet food containers online.

IRIS USA, MP-8/MP-1/SCP-2, 3- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo, Chrome, 1 Pack

$29.99  in stock
4 new from $29.99
as of January 3, 2023 08:43


  • This plastic airtight container is the ideal solution for storing dog or cat food, other pet food, and more
  • Pet food bins have airtight seals and snap lock latches to keep out moisture and pests for secure dry food storage
  • 12 QT storage container stacks on the 33 QT storage container, and included scoop makes measuring food easy
  • BPA free rolling storage bins come with casters for easy mobility
  • Dimensions: 16.50″L x 10.83″W x 18.63″H. Built-in airtight seal locks in freshness

The Iris 3-part food storage container has two compartments to store food and comes with a food scoop. The first container is the larger of the two and can hold up to 25 lbs of food. The second container holds 10 lbs of food.

We really like the fact that the container is on wheels. We buy our pet food for instance for our rabbits in bulk as its cheaper. This food can weigh a lot and having it stored in a container with wheels really makes it easier to move around.

The containers feature airtight seals and snap-lock latches to keep out moisture, humidity and pests. Its translucent body allows you to check food levels at a glance. 

Vittles Vault Outback Stackable 40 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

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as of January 3, 2023 08:43


  • Airtight Food Storage Container: This pest-proof pet food container for dry food keeps food fresh with our patented airtight sealing system that locks moisture out; Design is stackable for space efficiency; holds 40 pounds
  • Heavy Duty BPA-Free HDPE Plastic: Can be kept in garages, barns and outdoors; Perfect for dry food, treats, birdseed and horse feed
  • Airtight Engineering: Our Gamma Seal technology makes for a controlled moisture balance and features a threaded locking system with reliable double gaskets for freshness and controlled moisture
  • Gamma2: Keep dry dog and cat food fresh with our collection of airtight food containers; We have wall mounted containers, travel, pantry, and kitchen containers, plus larger containers for large dogs and horses
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends; Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, PetQwerks and more

These containers are built to last. Store them indoors or outdoors. They’ll keep out pests! The Gamma2 range is stackable which is handy if you have different pet foods to store.

The materials they use are High-Density Polyethylene which is BPA and BPS-free. All the containers are food grade and use an airtight screw lid to keep your food fresh for longer.

It is 12″ wide. The angled lid at the top is 16 1/4″ tall while the back is 15 1/2″ tall. It’s about 20 1/4″ deep. The flat area on the top is 9″ x 9″. The inside diameter of the opening is 8 1/2″. You can easily fit 35-40 lbs of food inside.

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container, 12.5-Pounds, Almond

$17.99  in stock
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as of January 3, 2023 08:43


  • FOOD FOR ALL: This plastic airtight container is the ideal solution for storing dog or cat food, other pet food, and more. Don’t let unwanted pests and rodents eat your pet food. The airtight seals with snap-lock latches make them rodent proof storage containers.
  • CAPACITY: Airtight containers for food hold up to 12.5 Lbs of dry pet food.
  • CLEAR CONTAINER BODY: The translucent body allows you to check the food level in just one glance. Quickly check the remaining amount before you head to the pet store.
  • MADE IN USA: Produced by a Japanese company. Made in the USA. Used all around the world. BPA Free & FDA Compliant. Safe for you and your flurry friend.
  • DIMENSIONS: 13.8″L x 8.3″W x 14.8″H

The Iris Premium container is perfect to store smaller quantities of pet food like hamster food or gerbil food.

Each container holds approx 8-10 lbs of pet food and can keep it fresh for months thanks to the airtight lid and seal. The snap-tight latch confirms that the lid is shut tight. Its wide lid offers easy access for scooping dry pet food. 

These containers come in all different sizes but the one above is the 12.5 lbs one with the dimensions: 13.8″L x 8.3″W x 14.8”H. We found even though it says it’s a 12.5 lbs container, 10 lbs seemed to be the correct amount without overflowing.

These containers are perfect for storing pet food in the home. No odors will come through the container and they are the perfect size to store in the kitchen.

TIOVERY Pet Food Storage Container, Small Dog Food Container Airtight Plastic Dispenser with Graduated Measuring Cup, Pour Spout and Portable Handle for Cats Birds Seed

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as of January 3, 2023 08:43


  • ★SMALL PORTABLE DOG FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER: Measures 6.7″L x 3.15″W x 11.82″H which can hold around 3.5 pounds dog food. The small shape is really good for putting it in a small area for storage and easy to handle or take for travelling
  • ★AIRTIGHT with SEAL BUCKLES: we design it with 4 Seal Buckles to make it airtight. It can keep the food dry, fresh and still keep the odor from spreading through the rest of the home. It also keep away from any mice, bugs as well as ants
  • ★WONDERFUL SPOUT and MEASURING CUP: the Measuring Cup with a scale which can easily keep on your pets steady diet by measuring same amount and not over feeding. If you are not worried about giving your animal exactly one cup or half cup of food you can simply use the spout
  • ★BAP FREE FOOD GRADE PLASTIC MATERIALS: it was produced by safe high quality materials which can also keep human food fresh. No smell and no pollution, safe and healthy. Tapered shape from top to bottom easy to clean
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you or your family member aren’t satisfied with it, please go to your order page and CONTACT US. We offer free replacement or full refund upon your demand

The Tiovery Pet food storage container is one of the smallest we featured Measuring 6.7″L x 3.15″W x 11.82″H which can hold around 3.5 pounds.

The container also comes with a Measuring Cup which opens when you turn it right. It will close when you turn left. Not only can you control the food for your pets but also can use as a bowl to feed your pet directly.

This is the perfect small pet food storage container for the home. You don’t need to worry about the shelf life of your pet food if you use one of these.

Plus it’s made from 100% recyclable material which is good to know!

Best Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Review 2019 1

Will A Pet Food Container Increase Shelf Life Of The Food?

Yes, Whilst oxygen is essential for all lifeforms, it can have a deteriorative effect on the foods we and your pets eat. Basically, oxygen can cause food spoilage in many different ways. To make this short (without boring you) air encourages the growth of microorganisms which will damage the foods you and your pet eat.

Moisture is also another factor to consider. Moisture forming on the surface of food can also provide an environment for bacteria and molds to grow and multiply. For more information on water, air and their effects on foods read this in-depth article. Click here.

To not overwhelm you with technical facts about microorganisms, bacteria, molds, and yeasts, just take our word for it. Storing your pet food in an airtight container will increase the shelf life, often by 3 months.

What To Look For When Buying A Pet Food Storage Container

Size matters! There’s is no point buying a pet food storage container that will not hold all your food. If you buy your rabbit food in 20 lb bags then it needs to be able to hold the full amount so you don’t waste any.

Secondly, hygiene is another big point for you to consider. At some point, you’ll want to wash and clean out the container. So, consider how you’re going to wash and clean it out. Little hard to reach parts can hold food debris and make it unhygienic and hard to clean.

All the containers within this review are perfectly suitable for storing pet foods. However, if you choose to buy one that’s not on our list then select one that is made from non-toxic plastics or metals. Choose one that’s easy to clean and lastly fits your needs perfectly.

Remember the old saying ‘You get what you pay for’. It is often better to pay that little bit extra in the first place and buy one that has a guarantee and will last longer.

Why Use An Airtight Storage Container?

Simple, to reduce the amount of pet food smells which will attract unwanted pests and also to increase the shelf life of your pet food.

The added bonus that it will taste better and stay fresher which will make your small pet very happy. Storing your pet food in a neat and tidy container is also much better than keeping it in plastic bags and paper sacks that they are often purchased in.

Metal Or Plastic – Which Is best?

Metal containers are not airtight or waterproof and they often rust. They certainly won’t prevent smells and odors being released into your home.

Non-toxic food-safe plastic containers are by far the best storage solution for your pet foods. All the containers in our review are plastic for one reason, they’re the best material to store pet foods in, simple!

Food grade plastic is used in many kitchens and is scientifically tested to be the safest material to store foods for consumption. Hence, we recommend using one to store your pet food.

Cleaning Your Pet Food Storage Containers

We recommend cleaning your storage solution at least once every 2 months. Make sure when choosing a new pet food storage solution that you pick one that is easy to wash and clean and more importantly, easy to dry.

As mentioned above moisture is bad for any foods, including pet foods. So, ensuring your pet food container is perfectly dry before you fill it back up is very important.

We wash ours out in hot soapy water then air dry it and if we’re unsure, we use an old hairdryer to make sure it’s 100% dry and safe to re-fill with pet food.


  • How long can you store pet food in a storage container? We always recommend following the Best Before dates on your pet food. Storing food in an airtight container can help increase the shelf life of your pet food but we still follow the expiration date on the bag. Most pet foods have a shelf life of 2-6 months from purchase and once opened should be used within 6 weeks. However, if stored in an airtight container this can increase to 6-10 weeks.
  • Will I smell my pet food through the container? No, these pet food storage containers have fantastic lids that seal perfectly to ensure they are airtight and will not release odors when in use. You will still smell the food when opened but the smell will not come through the plastic like it does when using plastic bags which are non-food safe.
  • Which size will I need? Look at the size of the pet food bags you buy. See how many pounds of food you buy at any one time. Then add 2 extra pounds onto the total. Example: If your Guinea Pig food comes in 10 lbs, buy a 12 lbs pet food storage container to allow a little room at the top which makes it easier to scoop out the food without spilling it.
  • How much will one cost? This depends on the make, size and model you choose. We estimate between $20-$40 will buy you a top-quality container which will be perfect for your needs.

Conclusion: Best Airtight Pet Food Storage Containers Review 2019

Rest assured that all the airtight pet food storage containers we have featured in this review are perfect for your needs. It’s just a case of choosing one that fits your needs the best.

All of them have great reviews online from places like Amazon and large online retailers like You can click the links provided above and read honest customer reviews to make your own mind up before purchasing one.

If we had to pick a winner which one would we choose?

The winner would be Vittles Vault Outback.

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