Black Palm Cockatoo Price – Why Are They So Expensive?

Black Palm Cockatoo

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Black palm cockatoos are regal black or grayish majestic-looking birds. Their natural sounding voices make them perfect companions. 

While getting a black palm cockatoo might be an exciting prospect, their price will make you think twice. But why are they so expensive? Let’s find out. 

Black Palm Cockatoo Price

The price of a black palm cockatoo can range anywhere from $15000 upwards. The average price is around $16000 in the United States. 

The price of the black palm cockatoo tends to be higher when you’re buying a young adult bird. 

black palm cockatoo

Baby cockatoos will cost considerably less, plus you may get a lower price for a much older bird. 

When you are looking for a palm cockatoo, remember not to jump at every bargain.

It may be possible that the pet owner may genuinely be looking for a good home for the bird.

However, more often, if you find a cheap palm cockatoo, it probably has some issues. 

The bird may be too loud (they tend to be rather loud) or have underlying health issues. 

Plus, palm cockatoos can be quite temperamental if they are not well trained (the training process is usually taxing). The owner may be trying to offload a problematic bird to you. 

That said, verify the facts before you commit to buying a palm cockatoo based on a lower price. 

The price of a palm cockatoo is quite shocking, especially when you compare it to other cockatoo species.

Generally, cockatoos range between $1000 to $3000 depending on the particular species and age. 

Compare that to the $16000 worth of a palm cockatoo, and it sounds extreme. But there are some valid reasons why palm cockatoos are priced like that. 

Why are palm cockatoos so expensive?

Here’s what makes the regal birds so shockingly expensive. 

They are a rare species

Black palm cockatoos are a very rare breed of birds. Their population is on the decline because they have been hunted for many years for sport and sale. 

This means their supply far outweighs the demand. It’s basic economics, really; if something is in short supply, the price goes up. 

The palm cockatoo is now rarely encountered in the wild. It may even be considered an endangered bird.

Most available birds are now mainly for breeding purposes. Because of that, you won’t be able to go out and find one by yourself, that’s why it costs so much. 

Maintenance costs

The black palm cockatoo is a high-maintenance bird. Just the start-up costs alone can average more than $20000 before you start even thinking about food. 

With the palm cockatoo’s size ( it’s the giant among the cockatoos), it eats up a storm and tends to be picky about what it eats. 

Not to mention the costs of medications which may run into a few thousand dollars.

The birds need regular medical care from a tender age as they are more vulnerable before they reach young adulthood. 

All these costs usually mean that breeders use a considerable amount of money before they sell the birds. 

Sellers will factor in the cost of keeping the birds into the final price they charge, especially if you are buying from a breeder who wants to make some profit. 

If you buy from an ordinary seller trying to give the bird a new home, they’ll still want a higher price to get back a portion of what they spent. 

They are slow breeders

Black palm cockatoos are slow when it comes to breeding. They don’t lay many eggs, usually just one egg every year or once in two years.

The eggs take about a month to hatch, and the fledglings need about 100 and 110 days until they grow. 

This slow rate of reproduction means not many new palm cockatoos are born in any given year.

And as the species in the wild keep on dwindling, their supply remains limited, making the price keep going up. 

black palm cockatoo


Palm cockatoos tend to live for a long time. On average, they live up to 60 years. Some reports have even said they can live for more than 90 years. 

Their long life span contributes to their high price. Buying a palm cockatoo is usually a lifelong investment especially considering how long these birds live.

pet birds

Emotional investment

If you’re considering buying a black palm cockatoo, be prepared to part ways with a lot of money. But apart from the steep cost, you will pay heavily in emotional investment too. 

You will need to spend a minimum of two hours playing with your bird outside the cage and stay in for the bulk of the day (palm cockatoos have major separation anxiety). 

On the bright side, you’ll make a great friend who will never leave your side.

What’s more, black palm cockatoos have been known to have advanced syllable grasp, and they are highly intelligent birds which makes them good conversation partners. 

Where can I get a cheaper black palm cockatoo? 

As we’ve said before, be careful of buying a cheap cockatoo. However, look around some animal rescue shelters, you may be able to find a bird that needs a home. 

Remember to do lots of research and get all the right supplies before you bring the bird home. 

Also, prepare yourself for a long and difficult adjustment period before the bird settles in.

If you have no experience with birds, you’d rather start with a less taxing cockatoo breed. 

Final thoughts

Black palm cockatoos are very expensive birds; they will require over $16000 to buy. Not to mention the high maintenance expenses that taking care of one entails. Plus, they will also cost you a lot in emotional and time investment. 

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