Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Bananas? Plus 7 Safe Foods For Dwarf Hamsters

old hamster eating bananas

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Perhaps when you eat a banana, your Dwarf Hamster begs for a piece. Or maybe you are just curious: can Dwarf Hamsters eat bananas? In fact, bananas are not toxic to Dwarf Hamsters. So, yes, bananas are something a hamster can consume. 

Can dwarf hamsters eat bananas? Bananas contain vitamin B and C which Hamsters find difficult to obtain in the wild. Bananas are the perfect fruit for Hamsters to receive Vitamins and fiber. Small portions of banana should be served to your hamster as part of a balanced diet.

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Bananas? Plus 7 Safe Foods For Dwarf Hamsters 1

Keep in mind, however, that Dwarf Hamsters are prone to diabetes, and high sugar fruits -like bananas- can increase the risk if they are not administered properly. 

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Dwarf Hamsters Can Have Bananas in Small Amounts 

Although bananas, as far as fruits go, are rather sugary, they also contain vitamins B and C, which are difficult for Dwarf Hamsters to get enough of naturally. Along with this, there is a decent amount of fiber in a banana; one of the staples of the Dwarf Hamster dietarily. 

Of course, Dwarf Hamsters are tiny creatures! A serving of banana should be no larger than ¼ tsp, which can be offered to your Dwarf Hamster once or twice weekly. Pick just one treat to offer your Dwarf Hamster once or twice a week. Otherwise your Dwarf Hamster could still ingest too much sugar ultimately. 

Pro tip: whenever possible, give your Dwarf Hamster fruits directly after a meal. Because a quality Dwarf Hamster meal contains a great deal of fiber, this fiber will cause the digestion of sugar to slow. This in turn
prevents an unhealthy blood sugar spike. 

Fortunately, there are plenty more fruits and other foods that Dwarf Hamsters can enjoy safely. 

Here are 7 safe foods for Dwarf Hamsters, as follows:

1. Apples are a Fine Dwarf Hamster Snack

Popular among humans and rodents, apples are fibrous, non-toxic fruits that can make a fine Dwarf Hamster snack. Simply make sure that there are no seeds in the apple. Apple seeds contain cyanide, which harms most animals but hamsters especially. This is because they are so small, making the cyanide a potent dose. 

Remove the seeds from the apple, dispose of them, and cut your Dwarf Hamster a tiny slice of apple. Like most fruits, apples are high in sugar and should be offered in little portions; ¼ tsp, ideally. 

hamster eating broccoli
Hamsters love Broccoli

2. Dwarf Hamsters Can Have Some Berry Types

Watching a Dwarf Hamster eat berries can be very cute, so it is lucky that they can have some of these. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are all said to be Dwarf Hamster-safe. 

Feed your Dwarf Hamster 1-3 blueberries, a small blackberry (or half a berry), and only a tiny slice, roughly ¼ tsp, of strawberry. Dwarf Hamster sweets like these should be offered only once a week. 

Diabetes in hamsters of all kinds if a very real risk. Treat your hamster, but do it wisely. You will probably find the sight of your hamster happily staining their face with berry juice both adorable, and funny. 

Pro tip: Veggies are Healthier for a Dwarf Hamster Than Fruits

Veggies are healthier for Dwarf Hamsters than fruits because they contain as much and often more fiber compared to fruits, with a fraction of the sugar. This in mind, when it comes to feeding your Dwarf Hamster fresh produce, think veggies, mostly. Of course, balance is key. 

3. Timothy Hay is Very Healthy for Dwarf Hamsters

The value of Timothy Hay for Dwarf Hamsters lies not in the nutrients it contains, but rather the fiber. For Dwarf Hamsters, Timothy Hay promotes a healthy digestive tract and aids in dental health. The low-calorie green can also assist Dwarf Hamsters when it comes to keeping their weight in check. 

hamster eating

4. Broccoli is a Dwarf Hamster Favorite 

Not only are hamsters quite fond of broccoli, the veggie can also make a snack that is very healthy. You see, broccoli is beneficial to Dwarf Hamsters in a couple of ways. 

First, broccoli is nice and crunchy! Like most rodents, the teeth of hamsters are growing constantly. Crispy vegetables are one of the primary ways that hamsters keep this in check. They grind their teeth down as they chew. 

Broccoli is also rich in nutrients, and full of fiber as well. Feed your hamster broccoli only 2-3 times per week. Offer a tiny piece, ¼-½ tsp. Tearing off a little florette with a bit of stalk intact can do nicely. 

cute picture of a hamster
Please feed me!

5. Carrots Make a Sweet and Crunchy Dwarf Hamster Snack

Carrots are a fantastically crunchy veggie, making them perfect for a Dwarf Hamster to chew. Carrots are one of the vegetables you may wish to offer a 2-4 times a week, to keep your hamster healthy.

If you are feeding your hamster large carrots, as opposed to baby carrots from a package, clean them thoroughly. You would not want to expose your Dwarf Hamsters to pesticides, mold or the like. 

Carrots are also a bit high in sugar, so this is one of the foods it may be wise to feed your Dwarf Hamster shortly after they have eaten a meal. The fiber in the carrot, and the fiber in the meal, should keep the blood sugar in your Dwarf Hamster under control effectively. 

6. Dwarf Hamsters Gain Nutrients and Hydration from Bean Sprouts 

You can feed your Dwarf Hamsters a few bean sprouts at a time, 2-3 times a week. These sprouts can be a good source of both nutrients, and hydration for a Dwarf Hamster.

Simply be sure to feed them these in moderation. Also do not cook bean sprouts or other produce for your Dwarf Hamster. This eliminates the crunch, which -as mentioned earlier- is important for hamster teeth. Cooking produce for your hamster will also lose some of the nutrients available. 

7. Your Dwarf Hamster May Have Eggs for Protein

A small amount of protein is indeed necessary for a Dwarf Hamster. Your hamster should get enough protein from a quality hamster food, but they may have boiled egg supplementally.

Never season a boiled egg, or any of the food of your Dwarf Hamster, with salt or the like. Offer little cubes of the egg, portioned accordingly. 


  • Which fruit is best for hamsters to eat? Ours love blueberries and blackberries.
  • Which fruits should you not feed to hamsters? Lots of citrus fruits are too acidic for hamsters and it can upset their digestive system.
  • Which soft foods can I feed to my hamster? Cooked rice and pasta is a favorite for my hamster.
  • Can hamsters eat nuts? Some nuts have skin on them that is not suitable for hamsters to eat like Almond nuts. Check before feeding any nuts to your hamster.
  • My hamster is old, what should I feed him? Soft foods like pasta, cooked rice and good quality hay.
  • Can I feed my hamsters cheese? Whilst cheese in not the main source for a hamsters diet in captivity or in the wild they do love it.

Top 5 Recommended Hamster Foods

Conclusion: Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Bananas?

As you can see, Dwarf Hamsters can eat a range of foods safely, from fruits to veggies and even certain proteins. Dwarf Hamsters have also been known to partake of root vegetables, such as potatoes, safely -skinned and cleaned accordingly. 

No, Dwarf Hamsters are not picky eaters. Just pay close attention to portioning, and the physical reaction of your hamster to the food provided daily. Each hamster is an individual. Get to know them and what they like to eat; apply this to the knowledge you already have, and offer your Dwarf Hamster the best dietarily.

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