Can Hamsters eat bread?


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Hamsters are picky rodents; they eat with pleasure what the owner gives them. They like to gnaw dried bread to sharpen their teeth. Fresh white bread is delicious, brown has a pleasant acidity, cookies are sweet and attractive, and pasta is a great lunch option. But despite the hamster’s taste and preferences, it’s important to know that not all bakery products are healthy.

So can hamsters eat bread? Yes, hamsters can eat bread. But not all types of bread. Bakery products differ significantly from each other in composition, degree of freshness, starch, and fiber content. People also choose them to their liking: some like white from wheat flour, others prefer black from rye, and others prefer wholemeal bread.

hamster eating bread

Is it possible to feed a hamster with bread? Should it be fresh, soaked, or callous, and which of them will lead to the development of inflammatory processes in hamsters? Let’s try to answer these questions.

White bread

Bread is traditionally made from white flour, water, and yeast. White flour is a source of starch. How can it be harmful to a hamster? Starch is a heavy carbohydrate. With one-time feeding, its excess in the hamster’s intestines can lead to bloating and fermentation.

If bread is included in the rodent’s diet on an ongoing basis, this will lead to metabolic and digestive upsets. Also, during the production of flour, the bleaching process takes place (the flour is stripped of fiber, vitamins, trace elements), which increases its shelf life.

As a result, instead of wheat flour, one starch will fall into the dough. If you feed hamsters with such bread, then the development of pathologies is inevitable:

  • Renal tubule necrosis;
  • Thyroid disease;
  • Pathology of the pancreas;
  • Adrenal gland failure.

The next dangerous component is yeast. For young hamsters, pieces of bread, cause increased gas formation in the stomach. The process of yeast fermentation in the digestive tract can lead to alcohol intoxication. Some serious consequences are possible:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Flatulence (bloating). For a hamster is a very serious disease. With flatulence, a bloating occurs due to an excess of gases in it. Gassing in the colon can lead to respiratory failure, asphyxiation, or cardiac arrest.
  • Refusal of food.
  • Diarrhea. Accompanied by a watery, fetid stool, bloody discharge is possible. Diarrhea leads to the prolapse of the rectum. Contact your veterinarian; otherwise, death is possible.
  • Lack of attention.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Disorientation in space.
  • Fatal outcome.

Since bread is a strong source of carbohydrate, its consumption threatens the development of obesity in your pet. Being overweight can lead to diseases of the bones, joints, heart.

Thus, we answered the question, is it possible to give a hamster a white bread? – No, you can not.

Can Hamsters eat bread? 1

Rye bread

Is it possible to give a hamster brown bread? Consider the components that make up this type of product: rye flour, yeast, water. Rye flour is a source of vitamins and many useful trace elements. For a rodent, the consumption of such bread is harmful and dangerous.

Although rye flour contains minimal starch, it is present there. A small hamster has enough of a piece to upset digestion. Also, rye bread is more acidic than wheat bread. Increased acidity can lead to the appearance of diseases of the stomach in the animal:

  • Ulcer;
  • Chronic colitis;
  • Gastritis;
  • Heartburn.

If you feed your pet with bread, then the following consequences are possible:

  • Diarrhea or constipation. The rodent stops pooping, or the feces become dry and hard. This is a serious illness. Due to constipation, toxins enter the bloodstream through the stomach, which can cause poisoning and even death.
  • Bloating
  • Behavior change, lethargy, apathy, and irritability

The yeast in rye bread, as well as in wheat, causes a fermentation process in the intestines and leads to the same diseases.

Is it possible to give a hamster brown bread? – You can’t.

rye bread

Dried bread, or crackers

Let’s talk about the benefits and dangers of crackers for a rodent. Crackers are finely chopped and dried wheat or rye bread. Breadcrumbs contain fiber, as well as some trace elements necessary for the hamster’s body: calcium, magnesium, iron.

The product is considered dietary. Restores the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes metabolism. Unlike bread, it does not cause fermentation in the animal’s stomach. From crackers, there is never flatulence, and the carbohydrates in them are easily absorbed by the body.

On the shelves of the store, you can find a wide selection of various crackers. But they contain flavorings and other harmful substances. Such crackers cannot be given to animals!

Any chemical additives can cause irreparable harm to the pet. Crackers made at home can be given to hamsters. For this, ordinary wheat or rye bread is suitable.

pair of hamsters

It’s no secret that hamsters suffer from a disease such as abnormally growing teeth. Remember that the teeth of a rodent constantly grow, therefore, in its cage, it should always have a mineral or chalkstone. A piece of dry bread can serve as a replacement for this stone. 

Is it possible to give hamster crackers? – Yes. In addition to the benefits, eating a cracker will bring great pleasure to your pet.

When choosing a pet diet, remember that hamsters should not be fed with prohibited foods. If you have already given it fresh bread, do not panic. The main thing is not to repeat such a mistake. Remember that the life span of an animal depends on how you care for it. 

Can hamsters get bread? – It is possible if it is home-dried bread.

Conclusion: Can Hamsters eat bread?

We have answered the question of whether it is possible to feed a hamster with bread: pets should not be given fresh white and black bread. The best option would be crackers, prepared independently.

It is forbidden to feed young hamsters with crackers purchased in the store and seasoned with various flavors of a non-natural origin. Remember that a properly designed pet diet is the main condition for its good health and longevity.

A well-groomed and healthy hamster will not cease to amaze the owners with its activity, curiosity, as well as give warmth and love to warm hearts.

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