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How Much Do Gerbils Cost? ( Complete breakdown )

Gerbils are relatively cheap pets. Even with all of their shelters, bedding,  toys, and food they are still much cheaper than a dog, cat, bird, or serpent. Well, how much do gerbils cost? Gerbils themselves cost between $5 and $40 each. The initial cost for everything you need can be anywhere from $200 to $250, […]

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Can gerbils eat carrots?

All gerbil owners want to ensure that their pets are healthy with fluffy and reflective shine hair. For this to happen, proper nutrition is paramount for healthy gerbils. But can gerbils eat carrots? The short answer is, yes, but occasionally. Gerbils cannot live on carrots alone. Indeed, even if they like it when they are […]

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Can Gerbils eat celery? You need to know this!

Gerbils like to chew on different vegetables, including celery. Celery is a vegetable of the apiaceae family, composed of long, fibrous stems and small green leaves. It reaches a height of about 80 centimeters and has leaves with a typically serrated edge. The root is taproot, that is, narrow and long and penetrates deep into […]

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Can Gerbils Eat Dandelions? How to Feed Your Gerbils Dandelions

Mostly, gerbils should eat pellets from the pet store. These are well-balanced nutritionally. This is not to say that your gerbil cannot have a snack. Can Gerbils eat dandelions? Because they are free and in plentiful supply. There are many plants, veggies and fruits that gerbils can indulge in safely, and this includes dandelions! As […]

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