Can Gerbils Eat Dandelions? How to Feed Your Gerbils Dandelions


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Mostly, gerbils should eat pellets from the pet store. These are well-balanced nutritionally. This is not to say that your gerbil cannot have a snack. Can Gerbils eat dandelions? Because they are free and in plentiful supply.

There are many plants, veggies and fruits that gerbils can indulge in safely, and this includes dandelions! As with any food, feeding the proper amount to your gerbil is key. 

Whilst dandelions are not harmful to gerbils in small quantities they should not make up the main part of a gerbils diet. Feeding your gerbil a few dandelion leaves is perfectly fine. Ensure they are clean and pesticide-free.

All plants should be administered to gerbils with care. First off, some are toxic to gerbils, and second, even plants that are not toxic can do harm to gerbils in portions that are excessive. ]

Too many plants will make a gerbil prone to what is called ‘wet tail,’ an unpleasant illness that often proves deadly. Luckily, this and other risks can be prevented with a little know-how. 

Following are some common plants, fruits and veggies you may wonder if you can feed your gerbil. Indeed, gerbils can consume a few. 

can gerbils eat dandelions

Gerbils Can Eat Dandelions in Small Amounts

While gerbils can eat dandelions, they are not recommended very highly. Dandelion leaves here and there should not affect them too harmfully.

These should not become a staple for your gerbil dietarily. A few in spring, when dandelions grow aplenty, should be fine. When it comes to plants for gerbils, however, there are several that are more healthy. 

Dandelions should only be consumed if they are pesticide-free, and they should be washed thoroughly. Advised is to pick dandelions only from your own lawn, to ensure there is no pesticide or the like.

Give your gerbil only a couple of small leaves and part of a flower, no more. 

A pro tip is to offer your gerbil foods like this once they have eaten a normal meal of pellets already. The high fiber content in gerbil pellets will help them digest more easily. 

gerbil sitting on a hand

A Better Choice Than Dandelions for Gerbils is Chicory

Chicory is another green that gerbils can have. In fact, it may be a better choice for gerbils compared to dandelions, because it is lower in sugar, and pesticides are less of a possibility – still give the chicory a wash to be absolutely sure. 

Any plant, fruit, veggie or the like should be offered to your gerbil in a tiny serving initially. A sliver will do. This allows the body of a gerbil to adjust to the new food accordingly. 

Give your gerbil one food at a time, so you can watch for a possible reaction to each, respectively. Diarrhea and bloating are signs that your gerbil is not tolerating it properly.

To keep your gerbil from getting wet-tail, cease feeding them the food responsible entirely. 

Apples Make An Okay Gerbil Snack

Rodents seem to love apples of every variety. Luckily for them, apples are one of the healthier fruits a rodent can have. Gerbils can give apples a try without much need for worry. All you need to do is use moderation, as always. 

For gerbils, apples are one of the snacks that are more healthy. This is thanks to their high fiber content, mostly. An apple can also offer a lot nutritionally. 

The biggest danger that apples pose is in the seeds. These contain cyanide. While the amount in the seeds is tiny, gerbils are rather teeny themselves. This means that the dose from a seed or two can affect them harmfully. 

Remove all seeds from an apple before offering them to any small creature. People are even advised to remove these before eating apples themselves, as clearly, cyanide is not good for anybody. 

Once the seeds are removed your gerbil may enjoy a small slice of apple, no larger than a thumbnail, ideally. 

dandelion seeds

Gerbils Can Consume Carrots Safely

Carrots tend to be a favorite among gerbils. They are better for gerbils than dandelions because they are higher in fiber and contain more nutrients comparatively. 

Carrots are also high in sugar for gerbils, surprisingly. Luckily the high fiber content in carrots helps the sugar in carrots hit the bodies of gerbils more slowly. 

A few tiny slices are more than enough for the little guys. Do not offer this more than 1-2 times weekly. 

Your Gerbil Can Give Broccoli A Try

Broccoli is a common household veggie that gerbils can consume. They savor the florets and stalks alike. 

Some don’t know that gerbils, like most rodents, have teeth that constantly grow. Crunchy veggies are one of the main ways they keep this growth in line. Broccoli has stiff stalks that, for gerbils, are perfect for this. 

Broccoli is also high in fiber and nutrients. Gerbils should still have a very little serving of broccoli only. A couple of stalks with florets will do nicely. 

While most gerbils tolerate broccoli well, there are exceptions. Watch for signs of gastrointestinal distress, such as bloating or gas. One tiny piece is a good place to start when feeding broccoli to your gerbil for the first time. 

Gerbils love Broccoli storks

Offer Your Gerbil A Blueberry 

Blueberries, like fruit in general, are like a healthy gerbil candy. These can make a much better choice than dandelions for a snack. The relatively high sugar content is balanced out by the fiber, partly.

The sheer amount of antioxidants in the fruit, however, is the main draw. Both humans and gerbils can benefit from blueberries greatly. 

A blueberry or two, 1-2 times a week, should be plenty. 

Conclusion: Can Gerbils Eat Dandelions?

As you can see, dandelions are far from the only plant that gerbils can enjoy. In fact, many of the plants, fruits and veggies listed here are much better for gerbils comparatively. 

Do not fear to let your gerbil give a few new foods a try. There are some risks, it is true, and it is important to be aware. But if you give your gerbil the proper, really tiny portions that they require, and don’t feed them these overly frequently, you should not have to worry. 

Making sure that the rest of your gerbil’s diet is quality will make their digestive system stronger and able to tolerate new foods, whether it be dandelions or blueberries, more easily

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